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  • Dreoilin

    LIVE UPDATES: Israeli man killed by shrapnel near Gaza border
    Security cabinet to meet at 9 P.M.; Lieberman: IDF must end operation with control of entire Gaza Strip; Netanyahu orders IDF strikes on Gaza after rocket fire; Two rockets intercepted over Tel Aviv; Israel accepts Egyptian cease-fire proposal, Hamas still debating.


  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    The Egyptian dictatorship – installed by the Americans, at the expense of the democratically elected, Muslim Brotherhood’s Mor -, is just trying to get rid of Hamas, opening the door to Gaza while the Israelis are pounding it in the hope that its leadership will simply disappear.

    Little wonder with such totalitarian moves against it that it has no interest in a ceasefire to innate its demise.

    The phony war will continue until one side changes its strategy.

  • خاله ووسو

    You might as well say:
    UK’s bloodthirsty military dictatorship, installed with CIA and Israeli support
    France’s bloodthirsty military dictatorship, installed with CIA and Israeli support

    Let’s take the ‘bloodthirsty military dictatorship, installed with CIA and Israeli support’ bit as read.

    Egypt was subjected to the same UKUSIS false-flag sniper assaults as Syria in an attempt to kindle a civil war like Syria’s. The miltitary government is better for Egypt than the false-flag Islamic Jihad ricocheting round Syria and Iraq and indiscriminately murdering very large numbers of civilians.

    Sorry UK deception and great game policy has failed for you this time Craig. Gaza is fortunate to have a big brother to lean on at all.

  • DoNNyDarKo

    The Sissi puppet follows orders from Tel Aviv and pushes for a ceasefire…. which is certainly not to Gaza’s advantage.
    I do believe that Israel has been causing mayhem for weeks due to the kidnapping of 3 teenagers which killed over 20 Palestinians, injured god knows how many and imprisoned countless others, and that was in the West Bank before they started on Gaza.
    How many ceasefire’s have Israel broken in the past ? When did they ever keep their word ?
    Gaza asked for UN peacekeepers. What happened to that request ?
    Liebemann was a bouncer from Moldavia and no soldier. Netanyahu knows that a ground assault will mean as near to a fair fight as the Palestinians will get and that is no advantage to the fascists of the IDF.
    If Israel kill 1000 with their American bombs it will still be less than Cast lead and they’ll say they showed restraint.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    The Israelis have now murdered Sheik Ahmed Yassim, the spiritual leader of Hamas, showing they are set on getting rid of it, one way or another, and the ceasefire bit is just a tactical ploy in a campaign of assassination.

    It’s just a showdown between the jihadists.

    The Israelis are counting on the Gazans settling for force peace at any cost.

  • AlcAnon/Squonk

    Harry Fear’s latest update for RT


    Gaza human shields: Foreigners protect hospitals from IDF airstrikes

    Israel has resumed its military offensive against Gaza, just several hours after unilaterally agreeing to a ceasefire. The deescalation plan proposed by Egypt was initially supported by the Israeli government but rejected by Hamas militants, who continued firing rockets.Harry Fear visited a hospital in Gaza which continues working amid the strikes.

  • Kempe

    ” Israelis have now murdered Sheik Ahmed Yassim ”

    This happened in 2004, ten years ago.

    Whatever you’re on Trowbridge can I have some?

  • Dan Huil

    Meanwhile that noted Scottish unionist, Tony Blair, “Middle East peace envoy”, continues to rake in the millions.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Your are right, Kempe, just checking to see if anyone reads my posts.

    Have looked for current Hamas leaders killed in the current onslaught, but have found none listed.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Glad it got you laughing, Dreollin. but it underlines that the Israelis have not killed many significant Hamas leaders in the past decade, showing that the Israelis are just killing Gazans by the hundreds in the hope that they will expel them or overthrow their regime – what the Anglo-Amercans are attempting by much more subtle disasters to get rid of those they hate.

  • Mary

    The Channel 4 News report was supposed to be ‘sympathetic’ to Gaza’s plight, so I was told. I will put a video up if it appears on their website. In the meantime:

    Tuesday 15 Jul 2014 Live from Gaza: Israel bombing continues after truce plan fails Channel 4 News Foreign Correspondent Jonathan Miller is reporting on the bombardment of Gaza from the ground, where Egypt’s attempt to broker a truce between authorities in Israel and Gaza has failed. Israel began bombing again on Tuesday afternoon, while Hamas said earlier that it had not been contacted over the plans. http://blogs.channel4.com/miller-on-foreign-affairs/live-gaza-bombing-continues-ceasefire/802

  • Dreoilin

    @Trowbridge H. Ford

    “Glad it got you laughing, Dreollin. but it underlines that the Israelis have not …”

    You know perfectly well that’s not what I was laughing at. I quoted what I was laughing at.
    i.e. your attempt to say, “I was just testing you”.

  • Mary

    Israel has resumed ….

    Israel had earlier accepted….

    Israel says it launched Operation Protective Edge to stop militants firing rockets into Israel….

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said….

    The Israel Defense Forces said militants had fired 125 rockets into Israel on Tuesday….

    Timeline of attacks Source Israel Defence Forces…. – graphic

    Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev told the BBC….

    Middle East Quartet envoy Tony Blair said ….

    40 uses of the word ‘Israel’ in the report
    17 uses of the word ‘Hamas’ in the report
    3 uses of the word ‘militant’ in the report

    A few photos of wrecked buildings in Gaza and that’s the BBC’s version of events. Loaded.

    Gaza conflict: Israel restarts air strikes amid rocket fire

  • Is Sisi ISIS?

    Looking at this evening’s news it is clearly Hamas (created by Israel) that are responsible for Israeli war crimes. If only Hamas (created by Israel) would call a ceasefire and end the poor Israelies existensial threat for good. Hamas (created by Israel) has been no better for the Palestinians than Israel (created by Rothschild = the world’s only trillionaires, and it’s funny you know next to nothing about them, isn’t it?)

  • John Goss

    “Israel (created by Rothschild = the world’s only trillionaires, and it’s funny you know next to nothing about them, isn’t it?)”

    But they know everything about you.

    By the way, what kind of a name is: Is Sisi ISIS? ?

    It’s not a palindrome. But it is a puzzle.

  • Fedup

    Gaza: Israeli commandos ‘running like chickens’

    Israel reports that 13 Naval Commandos landed on a beach in Northern Gaza to “take out” a Hamas long-range missile battery. Israel’s own reporting is that they suffered four wounded and that two Palestinians died in the attack.

    Clearly the oh so powerful uniformed zionist mercenaries are not used to fighting any real fighters in a hand to hand combat and are finding it tough going when they come across any fighters. After all shooting unarmed grannies, children, old men, babies and pregnant women and dropping bombs and firing shells and rockets from far are their speciality.

  • Fedup

    iphone, ipad, imac, i sis, isis

    Those SIS are funny aren’t they?

    Anyone noticed similarities of the bokoharam flag and the isis flag?

    Seems caliphate is already going strong, today Iraq, Syria, and Nigeria tomorrow the world!!

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    I did not attempt to say that i was testing posters on Israeli killing Hamas leaders, I said it, falsely, deliberately stating that it had just assassinated Sheik Ahmed Yassin , its spiritual leader, in the forlorn hope that posters would talk about their situation a decade later.

    They are in good shape, rejecting the unilateral ceasefire when they heard about it – what the Israelis adopted without even discussing it with them, much less adopting their pre.conditions for one, the release of its political prisoners, and opening access to Egypt.

    The Israelis continue to act as if officially Hamas simply does not exist.

  • kashmiri

    It is not that much US or Israel that are playing the cards in the Middle East. The Saudis and, recently, Qataris have been a tremendous (albeit invisible) force with well-defined interests that included fighting the reformist Islamic parties/movements across the region (i.e., the Muslim Brotherhood).

    I’d rather see the hand of the Saudis in the Egypt military takeover. CIA presumably has much less interest in what is going on there. I can’t comment on Israel, but its cooperation with the Saudis is well known.

  • DomesticExtremist

    Could it be that Israel only has about ten days supply
    of warheads for the Iron dome system, and now they are
    running short they want a ceasefire, before the Hamas
    rockets start doing any damage?

    More than a handful of casualties on the Israeli side would
    severely damage Bibi politically…

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