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There are times when political considerations must give way to the relief of immediate human suffering. The current refugee crisis is one of those times and the UK must take genuine refugees on the same scale as Germany, starting immediately.

In the long term the influx of determined young people and families will in any event benefit our economy. We are strong and wealthy enough to shoulder the short term cost. Besides which, we bear a massive share of responsibility for the current disorder and devastation in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf despots, so beloved of the Blairs, also bear a great responsibility. They have been waging war and proxy war against non-Sunni Muslims at a high level of intensity all over the Middle East. Concerted diplomatic pressure must be put on them to provide funding on a massive scale to the European governments who are picking up the pieces. That pressure to include the threat of confiscation of assets.

Finally, Russia has been notably silent. Russia would benefit more than any other country from the potential immigration, given it is only just starting to recover from population decline and has massive natural resources. Russia must also be pressed to offer to take in very large numbers.

I met murder on the way
He had the mask of Theresa May

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123 thoughts on “When the Politics Has to Stop

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  • fred

    “Fred, their are people living on Dartmoor just now all 7160 of them.”

    Okehampton is a town and civil parish in West Devon in the English county of Devon. It is situated at the northern edge of Dartmoor…

    So not actually on the moor then.

  • fred

    In further news that heartless bitch Sturgeon used the tragic death of a 3 year old boy to try and make political capital. It wouldn’t matter how many refugees we take the poor kid hadn’t even reached Europe so it’s no use blaming Cameron. Then she apologised for the tragic death of two young people left three days in a car at the side of the M9 after a report said that staff shortages, hence the Scottish government, was to blame.

  • Giyane

    wsar against non=Sunni Muslims eh?

    What about the fact that Assad’s army is made up mostly of Sunni Muslims who do not want USUKIS Turkey/Saudi’s Al Qaida?

    Typical toeing of FCO bollocks by CM

  • RobG

    These Labour leadership debates have increasingly looked like a school teacher having to deal with three petulant 4th formers.

    Thankfully the final debate was this evening, hosted by Sky News. Here’s a short section where Corbyn answers a question from Cooper about People’s QE…


    And getting back on topic, here’s another short section from the leadership debate about what’s still referred to as the ‘migrant’ crisis…


  • Dave Lawton


    “As Kipling said in 1901, “Now I shall go far and into the North, playing the Great Game.”

    “Addressing the Ambassador directly, Prince Andrew then turned to regional politics. He stated boldly that “the United Kingdom,Western Europe (and by extension you Americans too)” were now back in the thick of playing the Great Game. More animated than ever, he stated cockily: “And this time we aim to win!”

    I don`t know about the Great Game I go along with Bill Hicks “It’s Just A Ride”

  • Giyane


    “it is Saudi Arabia whose wahhabism is used to galvanise the armies roaming the middle east.”

    Wahabism does not teach takfirism. The scholars of Islam in Saudi Arabia hold very little influence in the Saudi government. They are told what to say and do. They have if anything less political control than voters in the West. We are not executed for speaking against the regime and every five years we get to put an X.

    Takfirism in both its Muslim Brotherhood and its Saudi form is a twisted perversion of Islam that states that collaborators with a dictator should be killed. They omit to mention that they themselves collaborate with the appointers and funders of the said dictators i.e. USUKIS. If they followed takfirism to its logical conclusion , they should kill themselves.

    Al Alqaida in Aleppo executed all the Sunni Muslim men who went in to the government controlled quarter of the city to sell hot dogs etc, and concealed their bodies in the river. They did this according to the USUKIS dogma mentioned above, at the behest of their USUKIS Saudi funders to give them an excuse to bombard Assad.

    The Sunni Muslims of Syria eventually realised that USUKIS was making war on Sunni Islam itself, using the USUKIS creed of takfirism that does not exist in Islam. They joined the dictator Assad against USUKIS with assistance from USUKIS. USUKIS backed both sides. Dumbo, you can’t have a war which brings a population to submission if you don’t have two equally balanced opponents.

    David Cameron initiated the war using UK army snipers who shot police and demonstrators in cold blood during a peaceful demonstration. His behaviour now in front of the world’s media, knowing full well that he broke Libya and sent the weapons to Syria to be used against the Syrian people, is starting to look like the stressed out zombie Blair. In a just world David Cameron would be lynched and space made in the House of Commons for housing victims of his tyranny and violence.

    Any level of suffering endured by Muslims is a bonus for zionists. The extraordinary patience of the Syrian and Libyan peoples in the face of David Cameron’s violence is an example to the whole world. If the UK parliament were to face justice, no one would be alive to support Israel’s pogroms of Muslims.
    Politics has to stop? – sounds like a good idea to me.

  • BrianFujisan


    Yes my lady friend and i were talking to the Prof…He landed in Scotland at 7;30, From NY…and then due back on the Plane before midnight.. We were asking him why Such Short visit..but he seemed coy to answere… A joy meet him ..very decent guy…sharp indeed.

  • Macky

    @Brain, I’m glad you met him; yes he made reference to his very short stay, and I think it may have something to do with his comments that he is not nor wants to be considered as some sort of VIP Superstar; he realises that he is more effective & useful as a scholarly powerhouse of knowledge in order to expose all the sophisticated propaganda the Israelis put forward, and he literally said he needed to get back to his books ! Of course this may not be the whole reason, and something else also may be a factor.

    When I saw him in Lodon, there was two Israeli hecklers, who kept being cut down to humilating size everytime they dared open their mouths, which added to the enjoyment of the event, did you have any such luck ? ! 😀

  • Beth

    I do find it a bit strange that everything has to end with a dig at Russia. If I read back all the posts would I find any digs about the turmoil the US has created around the world ? As a well known Scottish comedian said—Is it possible the US gave the world a safe word and we’ve just forgotten it.

  • Old Mark

    The underlying assumption of the MSM’s reporting of the events unfolding in Hungary today is that Viktor Orban and Fidesz are both isolated, and well to the right of the European mainstream, in their responses to the current migration crisis. Tomorrow however will see the ‘Visegrad’ group of countries attempting to hammer out a common approach to the issue- and it is isn’t likely to be sweet music to Brussels’ ears-


    The Visegrad group are also likely to be joined, in their objections to mandatory quotas for sharing out the migrants now wandering across Europe, by the Baltic states.

    Meanwhile the Balkan members of the EU (Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia)are also, in Craig’s words about Russia,’notably silent’ on the question of refugee burden sharing. So the likelihood remains that western Europe in general, and Germany in particular, will be left to sort out this problem on their own.

  • From the Wild Wood

    @ Domestic Extremist 2.28pm

    …. too busy tending to the wounded Isis/Al Qaeda terrorists, I fear.

  • BrianFujisan

    did you have any such luck ? !

    ….Zero Honestly..i kept lookin around ..It wore on a bit ..but in the Grand scale of things…………………..

  • BrianFujisan

    Sorry No..Macky Zero Heklers… i am Trained to Watch… we see Eyes…It was a Beautiful Event with Palestininan Food

    Off Te Bed Had My Drams…

  • Mary

    Criminalising Refugees
    The Disgrace of Britain’s Immigration Detention Centres
    by Graham Peebles / September 3rd, 2015

    Fleeing war, persecution and acute poverty, men, women and children have been arriving in Britain for generations. They come in search of peace: for work or education, and to build a decent life in a country were the rule of law is observed and human rights are respected.

    Currently the largest numbers, according to Mary Bosworth, (author of Inside Immigration Detention), arrive from the sub-continent: India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. They also come from Nigeria and Jamaica, and from current and recent war zones: Syria, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq. Many of those making the hazardous journey have been the victim of violence, sexual abuse and exploitation; some have mental health issues, all need to be shown tolerance, compassion and understanding. However, a significant number arriving in the UK are being incarcerated in the country’s ten ‘Immigration Detention Centres’ (IDCs).


  • Resident Dissident

    “There is a certain joy to come upon some fine posts continuing on this thread.”

    Yes I daresay you get joy from the work of your friends Assad and the supplier of much of the ordinance that did this which is the source of much of the current misery of those who have fled Syria. You are beneath contempt.


  • Suhayl Saadi

    I note that to their credit, both the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Chief Rabbi publicly have urged the Government to take immediate steps to admit many more refugees. The Chief Rabbi drew a comparison between Jewish refugees from continental Europe in the 1930s and Syrian refugees today. That was a very powerful parallel for him to make. The Government has been completely obsessed with its inward-looking, xenophobic PR agenda and so has been completely wrong-footed. It finally has been shamed into doing something on this matter. yet they persist in the propaganda about those already in the EU/at Calais. It really is despicable.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    In the midst of all this human misery, with thousands of refugees escaping from Syria, dying on the journey and facing hostility from Fortress Europe, it is absurd that there are a few idiots from Britain who are trying to get INTO Syria to join the NATO allies known as ISIS/ISIL/IS.

  • Jemand

    Funny how our resident Jew-hatin’ witch calls Pat Condell a racist for rejecting a hate-filled, violent ideology. Mental health problems to be found with that old girl.

  • Mary

    The racist troll from the Antipodes is now stealing another troll’s script. He should try to be more inventive.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita e' bella)


    Care to respond to my post of yesterday?:


    “Speaking of the CoE, surely Her Maj could donate just one of her many palaces to accommodate refugees.”

    Good idea.

    I was just wondering whether you would be minded to take in an asylum-seeker or refugee – only temporarily, of course? Just one.

    You have enough room in your house, after all.”


    That post came, entirely coincidentally, just after a post from Rose asking what people (including, presumably, commenters on here) could do to help.

    Well, Mary – are you up for it? Or are you just all mouth and keyboard?

  • Mary

    BLiar received the Dan David award in 2009.


    The accolade is sickening and also laughable.

    ‘Anthony Charles Lynton (Tony) Blair, former British Prime Minister, is one of the most outstanding statesmen of our era.

    From the time he assumed leadership of the British Labor Party in 1994 until he stepped down as prime minister in 2007, he showed exceptional intelligence and foresight, and demonstrated moral courage and leadership.

    Tony Blair has consistently asked the important questions and thought deeply about the interconnected world of the 21st century. Early in his prime ministership, he came to two beliefs that guide him to today: first, that it is a mistake for the world to wait for America to solve all of the tough questions, and second, that there are some things a state may do within its borders that justify intervention even if the actions do not directly threaten another nation’s interests.

    Upon stepping down as Prime Minister, Blair was appointed as the Middle East Quartet Representative. As envoy for the united Nations, the European Union, Russia and the United States, his goal is to bring stability and peace to the Middle East.

    Throughout his career, Tony Blair has acted on the basis of what he believes to be right, a hallmark of leadership.’

    In 2012, Martin Gilbert (of Chilcot Inquiry ‘fame’) was awarded one for his historianship!

    Dan David was a Romanian born Israeli who made his fortune from Photo Me booths.


  • Rose

    Habbabkuk at 10.07 – For the avoidance of doubt

    No I was not referring to people on here as “folk like us”. That is a sloppy form of words and refers solely to me and ‘im indoors. I would not presume to describe the people who comment on Craig’s blog as an homogeneous group implied by the phrase; that would be as insulting as it is wrong. I differ with a great many of the opinions expressed here as I’m sure others do with mine. So please don’t try and bully Mary and others with my loose words. I will try and be more precise in future; I don’t know what came over me yer honour.

  • glenn

    Suhayl: In the midst of all this human misery, with thousands of refugees escaping from Syria, dying on the journey and facing hostility from Fortress Europe, it is absurd that there are a few idiots from Britain who are trying to get INTO Syria to join the NATO allies known as ISIS/ISIL/IS.

    Here’s an idea : we’ll trade them ten for one! For every religiously inspired, murderous freak we’ve got in the UK, we will formally exchange them, giving them free passage to Syria, for 10 otherwise rational people who want to come this way.

    Why would our secret services mind? There’s a bunch of freaks they no longer need to bother spying on and worrying about, adios!

    Why should any sensible UK citizen complain – surely we’d rather have 10 people joining us who like us, than have one freak here who’d rather wage war on us?

    Instead of trying to stop these deluded nutcases leaving, we should be encouraging them – maybe throw in an upgraded, free drinks lounge so they can drink to Allah on the way out.

    Even UKIP couldn’t argue against a deal like that.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Glenn, at 1:47am today: What a wonderful idea! You are a genius! Let’s do it! I like the idea of the free drinks lounge – perfect. I’d throw in a karaoke. I see a scurrilous cartoon developing…

    In the face of horror, there is only absurdity.

  • glenn

    Suhayl: Thanks, but steady on now… throw in a karaoke machine too, and these fine observant Muslims [cough, cough] might find themselves having so good a time of it, they might well miss their flights.

    But – between us, and in all seriousness – we simply have to make light of such grim hideousness as bedevils us from every direction. Let us laugh, and make the most joy we can find – even as the most debauched excuse their acts as some sort of religious observance.

    Notwithstanding the utter pointlessness of it all. We’re watching bald men fighting over a comb, while the lifeboat takes on water, or some such combined metaphor.

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