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  • nevermind

    The break up of the so called Jamaica coalition talks in Germany, the liberal FDP walked out, now marks a period of instability the EU has not expected, neither did the largest opposition party, the SPD who are now talking to each other as to whether contemplate a grand coalition, or whether to accept that only a new election can bring time to think.

    The fascists AFD, modelling their response to newly arrived refugees, on a certain middle east state’s Apartheid policies, are jubilant as they expect to get even more support from the public who can’t stomach a weak Government at present.

    An election during the xmas period, as much as they/we need it, not just in Germany, would mean to mobilise people when they are at their lowest ebb, not a good prospect for those power ego’s who demand that we re elect them, they have got too many parties to go to.

    • laguerre

      A new coalition round of talks is not excluded. I would think that the most likely solution, particularly if the president doesn’t grant a new election.

      • nevermind

        The SPD has said that it is not prepared to contemplate a Grand coalition, whilst der Bundespresident is urging all the parties to be prepared to talk to each other and respect the voters mandate.

        Looks like the EU is stifled as long as this power deficit at the centre exists.
        The president does not want another election because that would bring the fascists closer to governing Germany, expect much flag waving and nightly rebel rousing with flares…


        “None of the parties really made a positive case for the Jamaica coalition. And that is troubling. After all, the German economy is thriving, meaning that the new government will be in the enviable position of having the financial means to develop projects and undertake reforms like never before.”

        German business is left to its own affairs and they don’t mind relishing the moment.

        At least now people here can see what coalition talks involve, preliminary talks and the real nitty gritty that is to follow. Its not a one week speed dating affair that leaves everyone wanting, especially the voters.

    • Loony

      I note that you do not explain exactly how the AfD are “fascist” but you imply that their opposition to mass migration is a sign of their fascism.

      Did you know that the constitution of Mexico prohibits the Mexican state from adopting immigration policies that would alter the demographic balance of Mexico. Is the Mexican constitution an example of a fascist constitution.

      Did you know that the US government pays a kind of insurance policy to such countries as Australia and Brazil? The idea is that if the US suffered a large scale natural disaster then Brazil and Australia would provide refuge to displaced US citizens. The US offered the same deal to South Africa – but it was turned down because the South Africans were concerned that it could alter the racial characteristics of the country. Is the government of South Africa a fascist government?

      • nevermind

        Yes I did explain why they are fascist, you just didn’t read it and I shan’t repeat it for you.
        Did I know about the Constitution of Mexico? No just because I know a bit about Mexico’s problems with corruption does not mean anybody takes much notice of the Constitution, but its ignored, Mexico is a transit state and always will be, however high the Trump monument along the border.

        It is not surprising that the US has got emergency agreements with other countries in the event of catastrophe, the potential is there, i.e. a Yosemite eruption. That would send many of us visiting the Falklands on a one way ticket, just to keep up the island characteristics within us…..

        Don’t think that SA people are fascist, most of their mine workers are immigrants, but those who pull the strings and corrupt it are fascists.

        I hope that levels your morning porridge.

  • reel guid

    The transition from hunter gatherer societies to agricultural settlements which facilitated the development of specialist skills, writing and administration is dated to around 10 500 B.C.

    Thank you Scottish Labour for making it happen.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      As can be confirmed by actually reading the 9/11 thread. Can’t help wondering if ‘Derek Giles’ knows J.W.Simon.

  • laguerre

    Um, what was wrong with that article? It’s like much of the stuff that Weiss writes, and this one is quite true as it happens. People don’t want to stay in a frontier society, which is dedicated to permanent war. They’d rather get on with their lives in peace.

  • Shrift

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    • reel guid


      The Tory MPs who were put on the wanted style poster front page of the Telegraph should band together and sue the paper and the editor for bringing about this situation. Much as I don’t like the politics of the MPs concerned, they are human beings who should have been treated with more respect and consideration by the Telegraph. There are a lot of very unpleasant far right people in GB – it has to be said, the vast majority of them in England – and the paper was encouraging them.

      • Republicofscotland

        reel guid

        The right wings rags are all the same, some of the worst offenders are the Telegraph, Daily Mail and the I hesitate to call it a newspaper, the Express.

        They cause division on many levels, and if a complaint is upheld, against them they begrudgingly print a tiny retraction or apology, after the damage has been done.

        • Republicofscotland

          “E.U. Elite

          House of Lords, unelected undemocratic, a billion quid bung to the DUP, to stay in power.

          Although I don’t agree with the EU’s stance on Catalonia and to a certain extent the handling of the Greek debt.

          The EU collaboration has in my opinion been a good thing, and for Scotland still can be.

      • Stu

        “Much as I don’t like the politics of the MPs concerned, they are human beings who should have been treated with more respect and consideration by the Telegraph.”

        They are a bunch of arseholes who abstained on Universal Credit and don’t care a jot that this disaster of a policy will see people cold and hungry through Christmas.

        Hell mend them.

    • Macky

      Correct: Chris Hedges was not fired, but more like forced to leave;

      “The New York Times, his employer, criticized his statements and issued him a formal reprimand for “public remarks that could undermine public trust in the paper’s impartiality”.[26] Shortly after the incident, Hedges left The New York Times to become a senior fellow at The Nation Institute, and a columnist at Truthdig, in addition to writing books and teaching inmates at a New Jersey correctional institution.[26][27]” Wiki

  • Republicofscotland

    “Scottish Labour leader would support England against Scotland”


    I don’t know why they’d be any fuss over this anti-revelation, the whole Labour branch office in Scotland is of the same mind.

    Infact the Tories and Libdems at Holyrood are in agreement as well.

    One just has to watch and recall there actions to see this is as plain as the nose on your face, and has been since the inception of the new parliament.

  • BrianFujisan

    It’s With a large dose of knunbness that we are forced to watch the Yemen Catastrophe unfold –

    Paul ( Scott ) summed up the situation at the beginning of his article:

    ” Absent a rapid turnaround, we are likely to witness in Yemen an extraordinary level of devastation, the likes of which most of us have never lived through.

    The deliberate starvation of Yemen is the most important story in the world, and it has been that for the last two years, but until very recently it was probably the most neglected major story. It is encouraging that this is beginning to change and more attention is finally being paid to what has been done to Yemen’s civilian population, but it is almost too late. The crisis demands an urgent, coordinated international response to put intense pressure on the coalition and to stave off massive loss of life, but there is no sign that there is sufficient political will or pressure to make that happen in time. The greatest crime of the twenty-first century is being perpetrated in front of us, and it is happening with Washington’s approval and the indifference of most of the world.”


    • Clark

      Done with British weapons. Let’s see that Sword Dance again, your Royal Highness:


      The term ‘ardah’ is thought to derive from the Arabic verb ard meaning ‘to show’ or ‘to parade’. It was so named because its purpose was to publicly display the fighting strength of a tribe and boost morale before an armed engagement. Although there are regional variations of the particular rendition of ardah, the purpose it serves is nearly identical throughout the Arabian Peninsula.

    • giyane

      Mrs May told the Lord Mayor’s banquet that Russia was breaking the International rule of law. That’s USUKIS double dealing with Saudi Arabia who have squandered a lot of money on jihad in Syria, which has been thwarted by Russia. USUKIS also support Iran under the table against the interests of the Saudis.

      Islamic government ought to be conducted by the most knowledgeable of the religion of Islam, not by Kings in hereditary succession. but Saudi Arabia defines its own illegitimate monarchy through the prism of the UK’s illegitimate monarchy. i.e. I scratch your back, you scratch mine. Everybody else can go hang.

      it is not conceivably possible that a country which is defined by murder, rape and terror, can be governed by Muslims or Christians. That applies to USUKIS as much as it applies to Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Nobody should feel guilty about condemning royalty as an inappropriate component of a nation state. it is a totally bogus leftover from a medieval way of doing things that we look up to most successful at being ruthless of human beings.

    • nevermind

      Thanks for that reminder of the ongoing inhumanity Brian, brings us back on to the carpet. Everything about this massacre with British Arms is an abomination not one of our governing MP’s seem to be concerned about.

      Despite Saudi pilots being directed and steered towards their targets by UK mercenaries/officers/military advisers, they still manage to hit civilians by the dozen. left to their own devices, Saudi Arabia would not be able to carry out these missions, despite the myriads of arms purchased around the world.

      Now that they have embargoed all ports, the Houthis are being starved of arms and humanitarian aid, it is a deliberate massacre.

      All these mercenaries who all learned how to slit throats, who come back here to their families should be/are closely observed, so they and their children, as well as their friends, don’t get any ideas of creating any cells, or causing terrorist acts here, Shirley.

  • giyane

    UK diplomats should take note that although you can convince some of the people some of the time….
    The internet has blown the lid on the USUKIS war criminals who have maintained a continuous battering against Muslim countries over our lifetimes. We did not get a seat at the ICJ because our recent labour and Conservative governments are noted internationally for their deep lack of justice and their criminal deceit.
    End of.

    • nevermind

      warm bath, soak for five minutes, important, then slowly pull your left knee up towards your chin, I suggest three times. Repeat with the other knee and then pull both of them right up to your chin. be careful not to flip over backwards, you swallow a load of water.

      If that does not work to loosen the muscles around your spine come back to Dr. nevermind for another consultation, at worst we have to undertake the ‘reverse throw’…..:)

    • joel

      How many of these incidents would you describe as falling in love, or even consensual sex?
      People have had their careers and reputations ruined over recent weeks for things that wouldn’t even warrant a mention on Bill Clinton’s rap sheet. Yet he continues as one of the revered figureheads of neoliberal globaliism, delivering high-profile speeches all over the world for multimillions. Untouchable, with an army of apologists, rationalizers, and excuse-makers.


      • Ba'al Zevul

        Much as you may rightly despise both Clintons, the Mail describes these four as ‘low-level employees’ of Burkle’s, and in their ‘late teens.’ Which rather begs the question of why they were aboard AF1. Sweet young innocents? Chloroformed and smuggled aboard as hand luggage? Vainly struggling to reject the unwanted advances of the President? Or was the story closer to this?

        “I made a pact with the devil in exchange for excitement and glamour. I was only a college student. I was hard-up and foolish.”


        Still and all, I seriously doubt whether Trump would stand up to scrutiny any better than Clinton. The use of girls is part of the currency employed by seriously rich bastards to ingratiate themselves with each other. Face it, they’ve all got far too much money already….what’s left as an incentive?

        • joel

          Tbf, all of his best-documented assaults have been on powerless girls who weren’t hookers. See the Jacobin article I posted (rightly titled ‘The Clinton double standard’).

        • Ba'al Zevul

          My point being that they weren’t hookers and they migh thave questioned why they were being employed before signing the contract. And it’s not just Clinton, who I readily agree is a POS.

        • joel

          Daniel Lazare is a highly respected American historian (Frozen Republic well worth a read). Who do you recommend for a more accurate take on neo-nazis in Ukraine?

        • Ba'al Zevul

          I respect the fact that you are obliged to say that. My suspicion concerned the Jacobin, and you turned to Lazare. Who seems well enough aligned with Jacobin editorial policy, being identifiably an apologist for the Russian oligarchy, and to pretend that Russia is untroubled by influential far-right nationalists, very similarly to Ukraine, is absurd.

          And is he an historian at all? He has no qualifications in that field as far as I know. If he were, would that give him any greater authority to judge the Clintons than you or me? His published work is highly contentious – maybe the mere appearance of its being anti-establishment makes it unassailable?

          Your roubles are probably in the post.

        • joel

          My roubles? Blimey, pal, if you’re a grown-up man then you’ve got problems. I’ll just leave it at that.

  • Deepgreenpuddock

    One aspect of the sexual indiscretions of Weinstein, Clinton, etc is that for various reasons (and these almost certainly require a huge level of analysis), the ‘west ‘(or much of it-especially the english speaking part )went from a period of sexual repression, in the fifties and early sixties (I suspect this was largely related to the terror of an irreversible pregnancy, remediated only by a hurried marriage, unlikely to offer long term satisfaction and the thought being emotionally and economically trapped trapped within a highly patriarchal and working class where ones life was governed within a form of tribe or clan. That qnd the development of the contraceptive pill.
    I clearly remember that terrible ‘choice’ in the sixties and actively and desperately scrabbling to make sure I got enough passes to get to university and to escape the prospects of ‘working life’.
    This was all explored in much of the fifties literature -the unravelling of the sexual and social shackles of the fifties working class mentality.
    The interesting thing is that initial period of sexual freedom was revealed to have a rather bleak and dark interior by the shock of the Manson murders, and possibly by the strange, toxic, relationship, and the potential for a sexual fantasy and involvement to take a murderously perverse turn-as revealed by the Myra Hindley and Ian Brady atrocities.

    What is interesting is that this welcome release from the social straitjacket of earlier era mutated into a sense of ‘freedom'(swinging sixties) and into (largely male) predatory mentality, when it could easily have developed (more beningnly) into a greater exploration of the potential for human emotional fulfilment and successful relationships, with all that benefits that that entails. I suspect that these developments are mirrored by the political developments of the time, and the breakdown of the so called social contract and its replacement with Thatcherism.
    My own feeling is that the greatest element of this sexually predatory mentality resonates with and was contingent on the idea of Thatcher’s ‘loadsamoney’ and defining of success as as the greatest degree of consumption, including the greatest consumption possible of sexual partners.
    Again sexual matters of the seventies and eighties were brought into sharp focus by the AIDS epidemic which, while many are reluctant to accept this, was propagated created by extremely exploitative behaviour and economically abusive and personally abusive practices such as the Gay and other sexual tourism associated with Haiti (this was the common factor in the San Francisco aids fiasco, and disaster) and straight equivalemntas in many other places.
    The ‘curiosity’ is that women were as much part of buying into this dominant thinking and the irony of course is that Thatcher, although personally a disapproving, morally sanctimonious, prudish and hypocritical individual was perfectly content with the entrepreneurial spirit of tourism that was making so much dosh for her mates. That she was the foundation on which this anomaly was built.
    She was a believer in social darwinism., in effect-that nothing (much) should impede the moneymakers.

    Many of the most outraged women now demanding a reversal or revision of this state of affairs forget that many women, some very prominent, were complicit in, and were curious about this development of sexual freedom and were somewhat more inclined to accept the abusive elements of it, that seemed to be part of the package, or perhaps the price to pay for acquiring more instrumentality or agency in their personal life.

    It might be worth remembering that people like Clinton and Weinstein and indeed many others were behaving pretty much in the same way (if more extremely) that many others were behaving, but had a greater degree of success, and that was almost as perverse point of honour and merely a symptom of the cult of the superman. They were the at the vanguard of such a mentality-the ‘go- getters’ and uber-consumers, driven by their self -justified greed and sexual urges, the expression of their released, rampaging ego. It is not long ago that Blair was schmoozing with, (and essentially endorsing his lifestyle) that great Italian stallion Berlusconi with his parties of young women( and now attempting a political comeback!)
    I am not trying to excuse such people, but the virtue of many of us was assured more by the absence of opportunity.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      DGP –
      Pure sense. Agree, and endorse your perception of the 60’s-80’s moral climate. It may be difficult to understand for someone under, ohhh, 40 (?) but the conventions have changed as much since then as they did between the war and the 60’s. Or between the two wars. Or between the twenties and the end of Victoria’s reign, even. And similar protests have attended each little revolution.

  • reel guid

    Scottish Tory MP John Lamont tweets that the budget has an extra £2.5 million funding for PoppyScotland to help Scotland’s forces veterans and he says it’s because there are now 13 Tory MPs in Scotland. Implies that there will be other things on offer as a result of Scotland having Tories at Westminster and implies that such extra funding would be lost if SNP MPs had been elected instead of that group of Tories.

    So basically Scotland is being told that things will be funded if we comply with what the powers that be want, i.e. vote a certain way. Isn’t that purely and simply an attempt at extortion? Yes it is.

    A con also since Holyrood’s block grant keeps getting reduced.

        • Rob Royston

          I’m sure everyone in Scotland (including Fred, if he lives here) would know what “Poileas Alba” means. I’m also sure that it would cost no more money for the stickers than “Police Scotland” would, in fact it should be 78.5% of the cost of the English version if you count how many letters you would need to buy.

      • Republicofscotland

        Yeah the Tories are a paragon of of virtue, when it comes to providing.


        Oh and with regards to the poppy funding if consecutive British governments had given a flying f*ck about ex-servicemen and women, there wouldn’t be any real need for the funding.

        • Ba'al Zevul

          Nice to see your interest in economics slowly developing. But you’re still a long way from costing, let alone funding, independence. Here’s something to add to your very light portfolio on that: Weir Pumps are thinking of relocating their manufacturing to the UK if and when Brexit happens…due largely to the huge boost to our export chances given by the weakened pound. I’m sure Alloa (see Budgie jest) will then be in a better position to pay for Gaelicising stuff, even should 0.01% of the population actually speak the language, which having lived there, I doubt.

          • Republicofscotland

            “But you’re still a long way from costing, let alone funding, independence.”

            How so?

            It would also appear that like Ruth Davidson who was obsessed with the SNP doing the day job. Even though Ruth never has.

            The SNP have saved BiFab, Fregusons and Prestwick for now at least, other are obsessed with Gaelic, a language not a dialect like old Scots, and the SNP’s promotion of it.

            How shocking to some that the Scottish government should promote the Scottish language, get over it.

          • Ba'al Zevul

            The SNP-majority government has put a sticking plaster on Bifab’s problem, by offering an interim loan. The UK taxpayer would have funded a default on that, and was already committed to a loss if Bifab went under.

            “You had a situation where SHL, part of a multinational company called Subsea 7, had taken out a performance bond -in effect an insurance policy – to insure itself against the prospect of the order not being completed.

            “Surprise surprise SHL, having changed the specification of the order on several occasions, claimed that BiFab hadn’t performed to its expectations, therefore cashing in the bond. I will tell you it is a lot of money.

            “You might also be surprised to know that substantial part of that bond is underfunded by the UK Government, in other words, us as the taxpayers.

            “If BiFab went to the wall and fell on the contract, SHL would have immediately pocketed the money at the expense of 1,400 jobs at BiFab at a big chunk of taxpayer money.”

            That’s capitalism. Private profit, public loss.

            Ferguson. Funny how the peaceloving SNP encourages the arms industry, ennit? The UK arms industry…




            Yup, Telegraph and DC Thomson. Couldn’t find any of that on Bella Caledonia…

          • Republicofscotland

            So it’s now fashionable to have ago at a government that’s attempting to save jobs. Well according to the unionist press it is.

            BiFab has been given a helping hand by the S&G, there’s a few big contracts on the horizon to build off-shore windfarms, Bifab nows has the chance to bid for them thanks to the SNP.

            Prestwick airport again has been saved yes it costing to keep it open, it to is in the running for a potential spaceport.

            Fergusons also builds duel-full ferries.

            But lets not mention the 1000’s of jobs saved and the potential for further contracts.

            However I see you conveniently dodged the main point.

        • reel guid


          Well done Walter Wilson for speaking out against “right wing extremists” in the Scottish Tory Party. It’s just what independence supporters have been trying to tell everyone, despite the BBC’s refusal to report it.

          Of course Moray is the constituency of Douglas ‘Arrivederci Roma’ Ross.

      • Phil the ex-frog

        Imagine my disappointment when I clicked your link to find some news, rather than a video of gaelic speaking budgies.

      • Rob Royston

        When I was a young lad I had this old neighbour who bought a young sheepdog to his croft from Ayrshire. He found it impossible to get the dog to answer his Gaelic commands but instead he would have to instruct him in his best English.
        Budgies, now they were easy to teach as they probably did not need to know the meaning of what they were mimicking anyway.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      So basically Scotland is being told that things will be funded if we comply with what the powers that be want, i.e. vote a certain way.
      As opposed to the powers that wannabe…

      Isn’t that purely and simply an attempt at extortion? Of course it isn’t. It’s your reading of something you think is implied And would be unremarkable if the SNP had done it.

      • reel guid

        Scotland has de facto colonial status. We didn’t elect a Tory government. And that government is not saying to Scotland ‘vote for us we’ll do this and this for you’. As John Lamont’s remarks make clear, they’re saying ‘vote for us or else you’ll be penalised’.


        • Republicofscotland

          reel guid.

          Sturgeon was at a dinner in Glasgow last night (500 in attendance) she told them, the SNP are on the verge of publishing key documents setting out a fresh case for independence.

          We already have the mandate.

        • MJ

          “We didn’t elect a Tory government”

          That’s because it was a general election incorporating the whole country. The political complexion of Holyrood is of course a matter for Scots alone.

  • Republicofscotland

    A unelected, undemocratic lord, wants Westminster to scrutinise Holyrood on devoved matters making them more accountable.

    Jeez, this unelected lord, who receives £300 quid a day just for showing up at the HoL, and who enjoys subsidised food and drink at the taxpayers expense, wants to hold Holyrood accountable.

    What hypocrisy, the Westminster bubble grows bigger by the day.

    Roll on indy.


    • reel guid

      Scotland has and is being pushed and pulled by arseholes like May, Fox, Corbyn, Cable, Farage, Johnson and this no user Empey.

      Out the EU. Out the single market. Trident upgrade. Reduction of block grant. Downgrading of devo. You didn’t vote for any of that Scotland but it’s what you’re getting because of Better Together. Tory. Labour, Lib Dems, DUP, UUP and UKIP all decide what Scotland gets. Because Better Together lied, cheated and scaremongered their way to 5% over the winning line.

  • Phil the ex-frog

    ROS and Reel Guid post the party line relentlessly and unquestioningly. They never err, they never debate. Has anyone explored the possibility that Craig is running a Russian financed bot team to destabilise Westminster?

  • Sharp Ears

    You must have been replying to my now deleted post on Yemen and the atrocity of British made weapons being supplied to Saudi Arabia to kill and maim Yemeni people.

    Yesterday’s ‘debate’ (mostly hypocrisy and waffle) is now available to view on Hansard Online. Only Richard Burden expressed true concern.

    ‘Richard Burden (Birmingham, Northfield) (Lab)

    All of us condemn the missile attack on Riyadh, but may I express some surprise at the Minister’s reluctance to use the word “blockade”? When the UN is warning that diesel and petrol will run dry within a month, when we know that in that month 150,000 already malnourished children will die and when Save the Children is saying that 130 die every day now, as well as pushing for the political solution, which the Minister rightly says is necessary, is he indicating in any way to Saudi Arabia that it could be accountable for the deaths of potentially millions of people?:

    • reel guid

      A government is an executive .We talk of the executive branch of government. As distinct from the legislative and judicial branches.

      But to try and stop Holyrood administrations being referred to as governments is more than mere pettiness. It’s part of the concerted attempt to downgrade the Scottish Parliament.

      • fred

        Questions in the Scottish Parliament were taken by the Deputy First Minister last week, the First Minister was off pretending she was a Head of State.

        • Republicofscotland

          She also entertained officials from northern countries in Edinburgh recently in the Arctic Circle Forum. Reinforcing bonds between Scotland and the Arctic forum nations.

          She and the SNP are reaching out and creating links, pre-independence, a wise move.

    • Republicofscotland


      It wasx originally called that, but I’m pretty sure it Alex Salmond who decided to replace it with the title Scottish government a wise decision.

  • Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile Google is preparing to take action against you guessed it, RT and Sputnik, even though both news sites have not broken any of Googles rules.

    The Graun, also adds it tuppence by claiming multiple Russian trolls have affected news websites such as Buzzfeed the Metro and the Telegraph.


    I think people are fed up just listening to onesided propaganda, and have decided to listen to the other sides propaganda as well.

        • Republicofscotland

          The BBC is established under a Royal Charter and operates under its Agreement with the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.

          The fee is set by the British Government, agreed by Parliament.

          The BBC is a statutory corporation.

          n the United Kingdom, a statutory corporation is a corporate body created by statute. It typically has no shareholders and its powers are defined by the Act of Parliament.

      • K Crosby

        RT is shite compared to three years ago but is still the only broadcast news worth a damn (in between crap talk shows).

    • Courtenay Barnett

      Propaganda = the other man’s truth.

      The really shameful part is that when a news agency does as good a job as the BBC or CNN from their alternative perspective – they are condemned for saying the cup is half empty and not half full as you would like us to believe.

      So – face the corner and back to the class and do not show your face again until you think like the rest of us and use the same language.
      Duh…huh…yes teacher…

  • reel guid

    Labour’s Ian Murray tabled an amendment to the Brexit Bill that would have kept the UK in the EU customs union. Not only did the Labour front bench – including Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell – vote it down, but some Labour MPs, who would have backed Murray’s amendment, were told by Labour whips that there were to be no more important votes and they could go home. Wes Streeting is saying he was told he could go home and is very annoyed.

    The SNP and Plaid voted for Murray’s amendment.

    Corbyn and McDonnell are pursuing hard brexit for some misguided idea that they’re dealing a blow to the mighty corporations. All they’ll succeed in doing is making things harder for the people on the breadline they’re supposed to be looking out for.

    Not to mention Corbyn completely ignoring the democratic wishes of the people of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

      • Phil the ex-frog

        “oooh Westminster doesn’t like kittens” whined the Scottish nationalist with the fat of murdered pig on his breath.

      • Phil the ex-frog

        You are laughably clueless if you think for one second I in any way defend the British state. IFuck the British state. Fuck the Scoittish state. Fuck all states. It’s you who can’t escape grovelling to nationalism.

      • Phil the ex-frog


        You see I have been fighting the British state and animal torture all my adult life. Even some of my childhood. You don’t fight anything. You whine on the internet.

      • Republicofscotland

        That’s it Phil get your wee childish rant off your chest..feel better now? Good.

        Incidently re your last comment on fighting the British state on animal cruelty, I would have thought that you would’ve been pleased, the pointing out of the stance of your government on animal sentience.

        Apparently that’s not the case.

      • Phil the ex-frog

        “Those heartless cruel westmonsters don’t love wee kittens” said the nationalist, exhaling the waft of a dead pig that had spent it’s entire life cramped in a cage.

          • Phil the ex-frog

            The bullingdon club? WTF does some toffs club have to do with animal welfare?

            You assume any critic of Scottish nationalism is another type of nationalist. Hell, you even seem to assume a critic of animal cruelty is another type of nationalist. Laughable.

            All states support industrial scale animal abuse and murder. All meat eaters do. For a meat eater from Scotland to complain about some law in Westminster seems a tad, oh I don’t know, opportunist and hypocritical.

          • Phil the ex-frog

            OK, I get it now. Is that a reference to cameron? I didn’t make the connection. Sorry to have misread.

          • Phil the ex-frog

            “Those cold hearted westmonsters don’t love wee foxes” said the nationalist, his words full of a deformed chicken which had died of a heart attack after forty days life in a cage unable to even turn.

          • Phil the ex-frog

            “Those nasty evil westmonsters don’t love wee puppies” said the nationalist, his lips retaining the milk from a cow who mourns every calf snatched from her at birth.

      • What's going on?

        Since the b*stards have decided that humans have no emotions and feel no pain is anybody surprised by this?

    • Stu

      Ian Murray can’t propose an amendment that keeps us in the customs union. The government and the EU negotiating team would need to agree this.

      Ian Murray proposed an amendment which would mean the UK government couldn’t put tariffs on goods from the EU. It would have no effect on UK exports. It was a stupid amendment.

    • Dave Lawton

      “Corbyn and McDonnell are pursuing hard brexit for some misguided idea that they’re dealing a blow to the mighty corporations. All they’ll succeed in doing is making things harder for the people on the breadline they’re supposed to be looking out for.”

      Corbyn is just following his mentors policy Tony Benn towards the EU which he knew was run by a corrupt organisation and that the British people were manipulated to vote to remain in the EU by
      IRD headed by Norman Reddaway. “What goes around comes around”

      • K Crosby

        Are you under the impression that EU membership prevented the re-colonisation of the Working Class?

    • What's going on?

      That’s disgusting about Corbyn. However, the vote was meaningless as the EU IS a customs union. Therefore it’s not possible for us to leave the EU and remain in the EU Customs Union.

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