Cui Bono? David Leask, Ben Nimmo and the Attack on Ordinary Scottish Nationalists 1068

We know for certain that the Integrity Initiative targets Scottish Nationalists, because two of its luminaries, otherwise unconnected to each other, David Leask and Ben Nimmo, collaborated on a massive attack piece in the Herald identifying individual SNP supporters as “Russian Bots”.

Ben Nimmo works for the Atlantic Council, funded inter alia by NATO. He is also on a retainer of £2,500 per month from the Integrity Initiative, in addition to payments for individual pieces of work. For his attack on Scottish Nationalists Nimmo was therefore paid by the Atlantic Council (your taxes through NATO), by the Integrity Initiative (your taxes) and by the Herald (thankfully shortly going bankrupt). Leask claims to have received nothing but a cheese sandwich from the Integrity Initiative, but has briefed them in detail on Scottish nationalism, attended their seminars, and they have included Leask’s output in their “outcomes” reports to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (on which more in a few days’ time).

I took apart Leask and Nimmo’s horrendous attack at the time, revealing among other things that one of Nimmo’s criteria for spotting a Russian bot or troll was use of the phrase cui bono.

Nimmo’s role as witchfinder-general for Russian Bots appears very remunerative. His August 2016 invoice to The Institute for Statecraft, apparently the 71st invoice he had issued to various neo-con bodies that year, was for £5,000.

It is interesting that rather than sort code and account number, his invoice gives IBAN and BIC, used for payments coming from abroad.

There is a very important aspect of the detailed minute of David Leask’s briefing for the Integrity Initiative, which CommonSpace cut out of the extracts which they published. Leask says that the Integrity Initiative are “pushing at an open door” with the SNP leadership and the editors of The National, who he characterises as reliably anti-Russian and pro-NATO:

YATA – there would probably be a lot of studenty anti-NATO responses. But that might be more of a reason to do it. But SNP reversed NATO policy when it realised what Russia was up to (under influence of Nordic/Baltic allies)
 Mainstream politicians don‟t want to challenge the fringe normally but they’re starting to. Stewart McDonald (defence spokesman) pitching NATO – “friends in Norway, Balts etc are in it”. SNP foreign policy chiefs have very anti-Kremlin, anti-RT, pro-Ukraine rhetoric.
 Immigration not an issue in Scotland.
 Pushing at open door – allies in Scotland about disinformation. Putin may want to sow discord among Scottish nationalists. Pro-independence sister paper had headline complaining Russian trolls attacking Sturgeon.
Yes campaign had attacks on servers and cyberactivity, thought it was the Brits but then concluded it was probably Russians.
 SNP going to Ukraine – to reassure allies they are not pro-Russian.

I am afraid Leask is not wrong. The continual willingness of the SNP leadership to endorse Britnat anti-Russian rhetoric without question is a nagging worry for many nationalists. Precisely the same department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office which funds the Integrity Initiative, funds the Westminster Foundation for Democracy which paid for this joint Britnat/SNP leadership group event at the last SNP Conference, featuring a Ukrainian politician also used by the Integrity Initiative.

Read that carefully, and note that it is not just a discussion on the Ukraine – no harm in that – but one which is openly anti-Russian. The very title, on countering Russian disinformation, is literally straight out of the Integrity Initative’s handbook. Two SNP MP’s took part, including the foreign policy spokesman.

Remember that meeting was on the conference fringe at which I was not permitted to hold a meeting on preparing for Indyref II. An awful lot of Nicola loyalists tell me that, in appearing at present to be much more interested in keeping the entire UK in the EU, rather than striking for Scottish Independence, the leadership are playing a brilliant tactical game.

Other explanations are available.


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1,068 thoughts on “Cui Bono? David Leask, Ben Nimmo and the Attack on Ordinary Scottish Nationalists

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  • Millsy

    I was going to suggest that Leask and Nimmo and their ilk were a Fifth Column – but a Fifth Column tends to be clandestine whereas these mercenaries are openly against the SNP if not Scotland and its people .

  • Republicofscotland

    Good article Craig, Leask like Hothersall is a well known unionist mouthpiece and treacherous b#stard.

    Hopefully Sturgeon will get her act together and call a referendum early next year. If she doesn’t pressure will surely build from within the SNP, Angus McNeil speaks for those who want indyref 2 soon. Pressure will also build from the members as well.

    Integrity Initiative, are just one of many anti-Scottish taxpayer or privately funded shady outfits we’ll need to counter during the next indyref, if we’re to breakaway from this onesided union.

    As I’ve said before Westminster and its security services are the enemy of Scotland, even more so now.

      • Richard Dido

        Yeh, I remember that; I was gobsmacked by it. There are certain avenues that the SNP need to shine a torch down instead of agreeing with the official line of what lies down them,

      • Tom Welsh


        “Have you forgotten that the SNP backed May to the hilt over the Salisbury Tales?”

        Political capital, dear boy, political capital.

  • Sharp Ears

    What a nest of vipers.

    btw ref Risby from the previous thread –
    ‘He served as a Governor of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy from 2000 to 2009.’,_Baron_Risby
    and note 17 on that Wikipedia page

    Another larger nest endorsed by the toady Bercow on their front page. Mrs Hodge gets everywhere. The BBC in the form of Ms Inglish is on it too. There are/have been many Friends of Israel on the Board.

    p 7 onwards for recent director appointments. The outfit has been going for 26 years, ie since 1992 when Major was PM.

  • john O'Dowd

    I guessed that when the switch of policy to a pro-NATO stance occurred, the fix was in. There are some truly dodgy military-industrial complex types at the top of the party – and liking deep in its policy innards.

    Like the Labour party before it – as soon as the smell of power is in the air – the rightwing entryist sleepers awake, and their fellow travellers pile in.

    It is quite clear that BritNat, neocon entryists and sleepers are now exerting substantial influence in the SNP.

    Not sure its grassroots have the wherewithal to remedy it.

    And yet, continued membership has never been more crucial.

    • John O'Dowd

      “and liking deep in its policy innards.”

      Should of course have been ” and lurking deep in its policy innards”

      Predictive text nuisance!

  • Jack

    Nimmo is triggered for everything, thats the mental state of a person that cannot accept that his propagandized world being challenged.
    People that want to leave the union become “bots”. I mean that article is obviously written by a mentalist.
    But I guess if you work for the regime as Nimmo do, he is set off to work as a “bot” to smear any dissent. What a nutjob.

  • bj

    The IfS/II have a lot of explanatory power.
    But they do NOT explain or shed light on the true nature/veracity of the ‘Skripal’-event proper

    I presume some compartmentalization.
    Could it be that one part of active government (e.g. the active secret services) are now and then the providers of ‘events’, to which other institutions are then to react, the whole of the evet + reactions + being closely monitored and evaluated.

    But the crucial thing is, there are creators of events, and responders, and there is separation between them, for the obvious purpose of plausible –even credible– deniability.

    • flatulence'

      I imagine they are picked because they will naturally follow the the desired line without being privy.

      The modelling could predict obscure desirable events, which are then made real, eventually leading to the desired result. The pieces (clusters/reporters/politicians etc) in place are encouraged/cultivated (vice versa to opposition) because they will respond naturally in line with the modelled outcome without need for inside information, and so true deniability. They are picked because the model knows more about them than they may know about themselves. For example Facebook able to determine political persuasion of someone even if they have never given a thought to politics and have never voted. The clusters, bots etc effective alone, but can also prepare the way for an event/operation, work as a catalyst and also serve as a control to shunt popular narrative and reporting to keep in line with model.

      Just my take, but frightening to think that everyone in a position of influence or power could eventually, if not already, be picked this way (“computer says welcome aboard!”) and so will naturally follow the puppet master’s lead, while natural opposition (“computer says no”) is attacked, suppressed and made powerless… Unless they can be shaped and converted.

  • Clark

    Craig’s quote of Leask:

    “YATA – there would probably be a lot of studenty anti-NATO responses.”

    YATA? The Youth Atlantic Treaty Association perhaps? Their website seems strangely absent, seeing as Google offers a link to it:

    – YATA | – Cached
    – The possibilities are endless as a YATA volunteer: you can write articles, organize events, help with communicating our initiatives or join one of our …
    ‎ – YATA Turkey – ‎YATA Canada – ‎YATA Belgium – ‎YATA Netherlands

    And they have a Twitter account:

    – YATA (@YATAInt) | Twitter – Cached – Similar
    – The latest Tweets from YATA (@YATAInt). The Youth Atlantic Treaty Association draws together future leaders in transatlantic security. RT ≠ endorsement …

    But I do get a feeling I might be following a trail of breadcrumbs…

    • Clark

      From Google’s cache:

      YATA to work with EACEA
      12 Jun 2018

      YATA is excited to announce a new partnership with the European Commission’s Education, Audiovisual and Culture…

      “This is Google’s cache of It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 16 Dec 2018 03:03:19 GMT. The current page could have changed in the meantime. Learn more.

      John Jacobs
      Afdeling: Netherlands
      E-mail: [email protected]
      Telefoon: 0031611799368
      Get connected:

      Roger Hilton
      Secretary General

      Jessica Coffi
      Executive Vice President

      Igor Merheim
      Vice President Public Diplomacy

      Benjamin Patterson
      Vice President Communication

      Board Member
      Andreas Nielsen
      Vice President Finance

      About YATA

      The Youth Atlantic Treaty Association (YATA) is a network of young professionals and academics who are interested in international security policy, NATO and the E.U. YATA consists of 36 member organizations, or so-called national chapters, all of which are the youth wings of established NGO’s in their respective countries – these NGO act as the national chapters of YATA’s parent organization, the Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA).

  • iain

    Seems the strategy is to attack threatening entities where they seem least vulnerable, subverting reality in the most extreme fashion. Hence Britain’s most anti racist politician gets portrayed as its most racist while one of the most strident of the new cold warriors is portrayed as presiding over a nest of putinbots, a useful idiot of the Kremlin.

  • N_

    Psychological Warfare: Lesson 73

    When you’re forced into complaining all the time about your opponent’s psychological warfare efforts, that’s a gain for your opponent and a loss for you.

  • J Galt

    “Other explanations are available”

    Indeed they may.

    They still get my £2 a month, however it’s hanging on an extremely thin thread.

  • John Syme

    Stephen Gethins just happens to be the MP for the area Gatehouse Mills is situated. Pure coincidence? Any help given to the Management Company? Does a little derelict heritage site, housing small businesses attract development funds, grants and the like?
    Just wondering.

  • N_

    Gatwick drones story

    I raised the possibility that a hobbyist might be put in the frame as a patsy. That may now have happened. Paul Gait and his wife Elaine Kirk-Gait have been arrested. Mr Gait, whose hobbies include racing model cars and flying drones, works as a window fitter for Allard Double Glazing in Crowborough, East Sussex. His boss, the firm’s owner John Allard, has said, “I don’t think it can be him. He was busy on site working when it was happening.” That is called an alibi. Interestingly, Mr Allard too is a model aircraft enthusiast. He says that as far as he knows Mrs Kirk-Gait has no interest in drones or model flying.

    Note to any MI5 or military intelligence officers reading this who are on the case: have you checked out any unusual comms traffic or activity at any of the Scientologist, Steinerite or other screwball haunts close to Gatwick, such as at East Grinstead for example? Take a look at Ashurst Wood and Forest Row in particular. Say “N_” told you. Someone could be doing a dry run to test defences, with a payload planned for next time. Of course it could be some of you lot, but then again it may not be.

    • Richard Dido

      Which they won’t. I can just imagine the senior interdepartmental missives flying about at the moment with regard to II/IoS. The ranks will have already been closed.

  • Mark

    I would be interested to hear the opinions of those in favour of independence on the subject of continued NATO membership.
    Should Scotland leave NATO and use the money for its membership bill (set at 2% of GDP) to spend on better hospitals, education, policing, roads etc? Does anyone think that Scotland is at risk of being invaded by a foreign country if we left NATO; other than England /s? And in what way is our quality of life improved by participating in a never-ending adversarial relationship with the various entities on NATOs hit-list?

    • Gordon G

      As a long-time independence supporter, and fairly recent member of the SNP, I must say the party’s views on foreign policy worry me a lot. I hope it’s simply that they feel, in order not to lose votes, they are simply aligning with UK policies, rather than take a principled stance. This applies to Russia, Palestine, etc. I for one do not want to remain part of NATO, which is simply an arm of US aggression. Personally I don’t think we need more than a modest defence force, and I simply can’t believe the total rubbish about the so-called Russian threat. The biggest threat to peace in the world today is the same as it’s been for decades and that is the USA.

      • Neil Anderson

        I’m quite a recent convert to independence for Scotland (1979 when my Dad, rest his soul, asked me how he should vote in the referendum) and no friend of NATO. I’m not an SNP member. It is becoming increasingly clear that the SNP are in the same mould of all other “British” political parties, in that they all parrot the “western democracy” line. Not for me, I’m happy to say. We need an altogether more radical line. If we are to be truly independent, we must plough our own furrow. I’m all for a proper people’s republic. I don’t think the biggest threat to peace is the USA, I think it’s global warming. If we don’t fix our environment, we’re all going to suffocate. And quite quickly I think, together nonetheless.

    • JohninMK

      The 2% is not a membership fee it is the amount that members are expected to spend on defence, a very different thing. Note ‘expectedo’ not ‘have to’.

      Money for defence also includes stuff like fishery protection but as you say, the possibility of Russia (the main adversary for NATO) attacking just Scotland is pretty remote.

    • Andrew Ellis

      I think your views would be fairly untypical of what the majority of Scots would expect and support post indy to be honest. Support for NATO membership and reasonable defence expenditure is likely to be fairly high. Few NATO members actually hit the 2% target, however much the USA & NATO huff & puff about it. The potential plus for Scots post indy is that they can spend much less on their own defence than they currently contribute to the UK’s bloated defence budget, still have credible defence forces more aligned to our needs and desires (like Denmark, Norway or Sweden), and spend more of it within Scotland.

      The risks of Russia (or anyone else) directly invading Scotland may be relatively small, but that doesn’t mean the majority of Scots are going to support having next to zero defence expenditure, or token defence forces. Protecting the latest marine EEZ in Europe requires naval patrol vessels & airborne reconnaissance (quite apart form search and rescue & civil defence requirements in emergencies). Even if our foreign policy is (hopefully) much more enlightened than that of the UK, it is still possible to see Scots forces taking part in humanitarian work and UN peacekeeping missions (as the Irish do at present). Personally I’d be happier with a Nordic/Baltic defence and security co-operation organisation, but Iceland, Norway & Denmark are all NATO members, whilst Finland, Sweden, Ireland & the Baltic States aren’t.

      I know a lot of people think the Russian threat is overblown, but it is real as our friends in Poland, the Baltic States and Ukraine will attest. I doubt an anti-NATO/neutrality stance actually promotes independence, however much folk might wish it were so.

      • grafter

        “I know a lot of people think the Russian threat is overblown, but it is real as our friends in Poland, the Baltic States and Ukraine will attest.” Ridiculous comment. Ukraine ? Our friends ? Go do your history.

        • Andrew Ellis

          Why is it a ridiculous comment? Our aim surely should be for Ukraine to join the rest of Europe as a democratic state, rather than for it to be in Russia’s orbit, or be in some sort of limbo-land forever. I’d rather see Ukraine develop as Poland and the Baltic States have than stay in its current situation, or worse be strong armed into becoming Putin’s puppet. It seems a fairly unexceptional viewpoint.

          • Ralph

            Andrew, you obviously don’t know much about ukraine and its rampant corruption, aided and abetted by the West, with the oligarchs who have taken the money which was due to the people.
            There is NO way for ukraine to develop like Poland, because the amount of money the latter received is totally unavailable to it; it is also not in the eu and in fact, the eu doesn’t want it – especially its people, the eu conned them.
            Since the eu wouldn’t even help one of its own members – Greece – there is NO way ukraine would be helped with the money it needs.
            Also, you clearly don’t know that ukraine is the USG’s puppet. So what you state about ukraine is ignorant and devoid of the true reality.

    • Fanatical Localist

      I’ve voted SNP my whole life, not because I like them but because they seem to offer the best chance of separation from Westminster. I would wholeheartedly support leaving NATO, although doing so would put Scotland on the NATO hit list. Money is not real, I agree that people’s efforts should be directed towards the promotion of love and life rather than hate and death. Historically Scotland has most often been invaded by England, but it seems the USA is the world leader when it comes to invading these days, so it might be them.

  • John2o2o

    This “russian disinformation” trope is never analysed. I might even believe it if they actually bothered to demonstrate how it might be real. I fully believe instrad that it is just a crude way of describing an alternative view, or even (in many cases) a crude way of smearing the truth.

    I suspect that Donnelly buys into it completely. But as I have said before, I think he’s mentally ill, suffering from paranoid delusions about the Russian state which he mistakes for the Soviet Union.

    What I find frustrating is that may in the media manipulate innocent members of the public with this garbage, especially in the United States. Their cynical exploitation of public credulousness for monetary gain is sickening, especially as this shilling for war is so dangerous.

    • Tatyana

      I think nearly the same. My impression is – some elderly people in the West keep kicking the dead horse. Their years of glory and might were the years of Cold War. Now, retired, they try to get income by giving advice, consulting. They have no idea what the modern Russia is. Their last visit to Russia was 20 or 30 or 40 years ago. They think Russia is still USSR, Putin is new Stalin and KGB kills people in the strèets. Their opinions reinforced with their ex-USSR wifes and friends, those who fled abroad in the last decade of previous century, while the times were really hard.
      And they beware the rest of society from visiting Russia.

      • Jo1

        Do bear in mind the fact that there are many, many UK politicians, media and intelligence folk – who are not old – only too happy to positively promote the very impressions of Putin and Russia described in your post.

        • Tatyana

          Indeed, Jo1, I just pointed out there’s the source of rusophobia and discribed what it looks like, to me.

          In every society one can find diversity of opinions, then choose neccessary ones and exploit them.
          Eg. Project Ukraine. I’m far from thinking that all ukranians are nazies, but there’s such a movement and nationalism is supported by state power.
          Eg. Fear of chechens in Russia after Chechen war and terrorism. Developed to fear of muslims.
          Eg. Hatered to gipsy people, believed to be drug dealers, thieves etc. The root of this attitude I cannot trace.

          The same with russophobes in the West. Younger learn from older and spread ideas further, especially if well paid for this activity.
          I think the basis for xenophobia, racism, similar emotions (fear or hatred of ‘another’ ‘potentially harmful’) – it is innate protecting mechanism in animals. We, humans, must have some remnants of these instincts in us. Look, whoever spreads phobias, roughly the concept is “We are peaceful herbivores and those are terrible predators. They will breack in and destroy what is important to us.”
          Archetype of a carnivore must be somewhere in our subconcous. Red = blood, black+yellow = danger, poison, black = danger, lack ov vision; unknown behaviour, unknown signs, foreign clothes=potentially harmful, disguised predator.

    • philw

      ‘This “russian disinformation” trope is never analysed.’

      Exactly. False mainstream media stories (like Manafort-Assange) are constantly being exposed. If there were news outlets that consistently put out fake pro-Russia propaganda it should not be too difficult to expose them.

    • Ralph

      It doesn’t need much analysis. I’ll tell you why.
      The USA likes to think of itself as the SOLE superpower, and wants to stop ANY other power from challenging it, like obviously Russia (& China), for the REST OF THIS CENTURY. This is the US doctrine of PNAC, the Project for the New American Century (read in conjunction with the original neocon wolfowitz doctrine of 1992), formed in 1997, referring to the 21st. The arrogant yanks want to keep Russia in its place, so to speak and NOT to aspire to greater influence etc. Note this is also in reference to Russia’s borders, in other words, the USA, from thousands of miles away, wants to order Russia regarding its borders, and that is why NATO is right there, also having bought off corrupt politicians etc in Poland, Baltic states and elsewhere.
      You can see the madness in this, coming from the warmongering yanks, and they have more than met their match in Putin, who has upset their world domination plans, and has consequently been vilified.

  • N_

    Brexit news latest: Michael Gove ‘to bring in military planner amid fears no-deal could cause food shortages’ “.

    Let’s tell it how it really is: the main reason that most Leave voters voted how they did was because they wanted to get rid of the “Pakis”. That is the f***ing truth, and you won’t read it in any newspaper.

    One of my elderly neighbours voted Leave for that reason. Recently she asked me whether after Brexit we will go back to feet and inches. I advised her to stock up on oatmeal.

    Malthusianism is coming home. Tories and the rich generally are getting massive stiffies over the thought of dealing “finally” with the “members of the public” who – as anybody in Britain with any neurons firing is well aware – they have been raised to view, and they teach their children to view, as parasite good-for-nothing vermin who dirty everything they touch and not just public transport.

    • Sharp Ears

      N_. I don’t agree that the main reason for voting Leave was ‘wanting to get rid of Pakis’. I deplore your use of that racist epithet too.

      • N_

        It is certainly a racist epithet – there’s no doubt about that – but I am attributing its use to other people. Many use it behind closed doors when they think nobody is present who will mind. It also accurately sums up the attitude of many who don’t use it. They might as well say it because they have similar thoughts to those who do. Racism and xenophobia are real, ugly, and widespread, and there needs to be more recognition, beyond the patronising and often crazed or even winking policies and procedures.

        Meanwhile the council official in Lambeth in London who used the word “chav” in a conversation with me was expressing an attitude that I thought was very similar to racial hatred. (How I would have liked to be able to get him sacked!)

    • Dungroanin

      Lol. N_
      I think you should look at how many ‘P****’ voted FOR brexit.

      It Wouldn’t have happened without the west midlands and yorkshire 1st 2nd and 3rd generations of settlers in these areas beliving similar bollocks.

      There were multiple proximate reasons for why people voted brexit but there was an ultimate reason.
      Believing they were being robbed by the EU migrants.
      Years of austerity followed by being told they weren’t getting their fair share of the pie after their sacrifice because of EU migrants.
      Mob madness. Dickens wrote about it. The Gordon riots.
      We are subject to grand mob stirring especially with modern media and PR.
      II is just another mutant offspring of the Pathocracy.
      They are the psychopaths who do the empires work.
      Political Ponerology:
      A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes
      by Andrew M. Lobaczewski

      I came across Lobaczweski via

      Which is well worth a read as a thesis on the science of evil. Proper xmas book.

        • Glasshopper

          And how many people voted Remain because they’re selfish I’m Alright Jacks who’ve benefited from the Ponzi scheme aka Freedom Of Movement?

          • michael norton

            I guess most voted for Brexit because they have had enough of political correctness and perceive the E.U. Elite to be the cradle of this twaddle

    • Ralph

      Rather, too many immigrants, causing unemployment, forcing wages down and rents up, while Brits, in their OWN country, treated as 2nd rate. This was a major factor.

  • Mist001

    LOL!! @ ‘brilliant tactical game’.

    The thing is, the majority of SNP cultists actually believe this to be the case! It’s brainwashing on a massive scale and if Nicola turns around tomorrow and says ‘Well, it’s better for Scotland to remain as part of the UK for the foreseeable future’, they’ll lap it up and accept it without challenge.

    As I’ve said before, the SNP is no longer a political party, it’s a cult by any definition of the word.

    • JOML

      Yes, you repeatedly state this – giving me the perception that you, yourself, have an agenda. ?
      PS. I’m not saying you are wrong..,

      • Mist001

        I have an agenda alright, my agenda is seeing Scotland become independent during my lifetime and that’s all it is. When you get the self declared party of independence doing what seems to be everything against achieving independence and doing so unquestioned by its followers and supporters, that makes it a cult.

        My purpose is to do what I can and where I can to make people realise that all is not what it seems with the SNP. My purpose may be futile, but there we are. I’m doing what I think is the right thing.

  • Tony_0pmoc


    “Other explanations are available”

    Other explanations are that the SNP has long been infiltrated, and these people are not blackmailed, bribed, brainwashed or threatened. They actually believe in their cause.

    They do not want Scottish Independence.

    I don’t know if this is politics 101, but the paid for Trots, who wrote the crap, you have just exposed, seem not as good as even Luke Harding, which is somewhat embarrassing, but maybe reflective, in their low rate of pay.

    Does anyone over the age of 10 believe their complete and utter nonsense?

    As regards The Herald, I thought that was one of your better Scottish rags. They occasionally wrote the truth – but that costs, and they’ve probably been fired.


  • Wikikettle

    I hope the SNP does not get taken over by nationalists ( if you know what I mean) , EU, pro NATO and free marketeers. I recently, found the role played by Kim Philby’s father, H. St.John Philby in Arabia, giving advantage to America over Britain, in the oil deal of all oil deals…very interesting. The secrets his son Kim gave to Russia really helped Russia against Hitler. These modern day third rate hacks have found a funding stream to tap into. More spiv than spy. Throughout history very few principled people have rejected the shilling and risked all. I find great association in finding Craig’s site and those who comment. Thanks.

    • Wikikettle

      There was a geezer from the Atlantic Council on radio 4 yesterday saying they should no longer televise House of Commons. Surprise surprise…He obviously doesn’t want the people to see the shambles of the paid for and bought Mother of all Parliaments.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Looks like the site has nothing to say about the cover up of the Lockrtbie disaster in Scotland on its 30th anniversary. The Scots played a big role in the covert operation.

      • Nick

        CM and THF are working on their joint piece to explain why the US administration pulling out of the ME and bringing Korean peace is a bad thing. We’re waiting.

      • Stonky

        “Well, here’s your chance to reveal your evidence and research. Don’t be shy…”

        For what it’s worth, I have an Honours Degree in Law from a proper university. Two of my Honours subjects were Criminal Law ans Criminology. I don’t practice in the profession, but I’m not blinded by legal terminology.

        One summer I became interested in the Al Megrahi trial (around the time of his release), and over the course of that summer I read all the publicly available documentation on the background to the case and the trial – court transcripts, the lot. (Although I wasn’t aware of the John Parkes material at the time.)

        I started with an open mind. My final conclusion was that a retarded baboon would have been ashamed to convict Al Megrahi on the basis of the evidence that was presented against him. I’m not exaggerating.

        • Tom Welsh

          Stonky, your conclusions look similar to those of Robert Black, and also the UN and EU observers – all of whom said it was a travesty of justice.


        For starters, you can checkout the work of the wee ginger, Morag Kerr, who tried to do a hatchet job on Craig a while back. After all, she’s lined-up the UK Government’s alibi of, “Incompetence”, if and when their current crock on Lockerbie finally collapses.

        All these SNP members who miraculously manage to do the bidding of the UK Government. Amazing, truly amazing!

      • pete

        RE the John Parks statement.
        It’s an extraordinary testimony and flies in the face of the so-called facts as presented in the main stream media. It is very credible.

      • Tony_0pmoc

        Rob Royston,

        Astonishing forensic detail.

        Brave Man.

        His work however does still leave some very important details unanswered.

        Who was Responsible for it and Why?


        • Rob Royston

          Hi Tony,
          I imagine that with his military background and training he would have been asked when he left to volunteer help in disasters. From reading what he says he immediately gathered a team and headed for the scene. He then went back himself a few days later to help deal with organising facilities and equipment for inspecting the bodies of the victims.
          He only got involved with investigating the accident report after he begun hearing the evidence that was being presented to the court, maybe twelve years later.

  • Tatyana

    At the bottom I see: speaker Natalya Katser-Buchkovska, Ukrainian MP. She is supposedly poket-minister of Viktor Pinchuk, oligarch.
    You know that type of oligarch, who marry president’s daughter and get into parlament, big fish, close ties, invited to Clinton’s 60 anniversary, Bush’s 80 anniversary etc.
    Pinchuk annualy organised conferences in Crimea to discuss Ukraine’s future. Some names from the guests list – Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Jean Chretien, Tony Blair, Gerhard Shroeder, Javier Solana etc.
    Dominique Strauss-Kahn is in supervisory board at Pinchuk’s bank.
    Ex-director of his conference project is now vice-prime-minister of Ukraine on Euro-integration.
    He also pays another MP Olga Belkova to visit USA to lobby ukrainian gas industry.

    Oh, his grandparents were rabbins.

    • Ralph

      Tatyana, right. Which ukrainian oligarch and MP is NOT corrupt? They have robbed the people, misruled and caused widespread poverty there. Money from Western institutions come in in the form of loans – which the ukrainians will NEVER be able to pay back, and I would not be surprised if, for instance, IMF loans, after going in to ukraine, soon leave into Western bank accounts…

        • Tatyana

          Wiki says she graduated from Lvov University in 2005. She then gets stipendia from Pinchuk’s fund and in 2011 graduates from University College London.

          Her working experience:
          Director of KCG Investment Consulting, analyst in «The European Sting» (Brusseles), department manager in DeVision Group, B & S Holding, law consultant, international relations specialist and control&revision comission specialist.

  • Dungroanin

    Loved this bit
    “interesting that rather than sort code and account number, his invoice gives IBAN and BIC”

    As the now old saying goes – follow the money!

    (In a Nigerian accent – “give me your bank account number sir…)

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