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“One can just say ‘nature provides the cures’”

No. Nature provides chemical elements and compounds, but it has not provided a book that says “willow bark will ease a headache, but foxglove causes heart seizure”. Such facts have been learned by trial and error, or in other words, experiment ie. science, albeit often informal.

Whether a thing is “natural or not” is no guide to its efficacy, nor to its safety. Some of the most toxic substances are made by insects and arachnids. Many supposedly effective pharmaceuticals turn out to do nothing at all, once the trials hidden by the manufacturers have been revealed.

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The other matters on this page are a thimbleful of details cherry-picked from an ocean of data, and consequently this is not an appropriate forum to discuss them. The proper place is the scientific literature, where those with education and experience in analysis can pull claims apart and discuss them. Please read Bad Science and Bad Pharma to obtain a grounding in the skills and methodology required. Until you do, you are inadvertently adding to the vast clouds of fog around medicine, much of which is promoted deliberately to obscure and confuse.