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Kim Sanders-Fisher

SA – I am not the least bit surprised to hear that one of the elitist cabal responsible for dictating abject misery for everyone in the country used his own ultra privileged position to gain access to one of the tests that are in such short supply to gain the peace of mind so readily denied to our courageous NHS staff. I note that the daily propaganda parade still cannot quite bring themselves to fess up to an accurate number for the Covid 19 deaths among NHS and Care staff; the subject wasn’t raised at all. If I had not had by career destroyed as a Whistleblower I know that right now I would have been right in there among the cannon fodder drafted from Surgery into the ICU due to the Anaesthesia component of my sabotaged ODP training.

In reality the propaganda parade that the Tory Government was hoping to manipulate as a constant source of self-congratulatory spin has become an excruciating embarrassment to them as the daily trio of a minister flanked by two discredited “expert advisors” try desperately to avoid revealing the shocking truth. One can imagine key cabinet representatives drawing straws to determine which of them will dance on the head of a pin that day and dodge a stampede from the herd of elephants in the room. While we were told that the ONS data on the total death toll was available to the public it was not to be mentioned on the spin shit show.

Much as Raab tries to claim that the Government is guided by the best scientific advice to do “the right things at the right time” and the lockdown measures are to keep Hospital admissions to a manageable level at any one time, the planned progression so far strongly supports the continuation of their “Herd Immunity” strategy! Is the Tory “Holocaust of Care” proceeding according to plan? One intrepid reporter did manage to pry loose the fact that 92 Care Homes now have Covid 19 cases among their highly vulnerable residents; that is 13.5% of all Care Homes in the UK and up from 10% just last week. The kill rate among the elderly is still increasing, but it’s getting harder to excuse the chronic lack of PPE in those homes; despite counting on the silence of poorly paid staff the word is getting out.

The other day I just couldn’t bring myself to listen to Boris Johnson’s crowing over his miraculous recovery and how grateful he was to the poor bastards charged with saving his sorry arse! How much of the actual seriousness and true progression of his case was massaged and manipulated by our compliant media to engender public sympathy for our universally loathed PM and distract from the huge damage done by his disastrous mishandling of the Covid 19 crisis? Was it really necessary for Johnson to take up a valuable ICU bed in St Thomas’s Hospital? It certainly added drama to his case, not to mention a great excuse for Boris to do what he does best, hole up somewhere where he can bask in the sun and totally ignore the responsibilities of leadership hidden away from public scrutiny.

While the feckless PM’s selfishly deranged team of “sunny upland” Brexiteer dreamers arrogantly refused to countenance even a remote possibility that Covid 19 would go global, the Sizewell B Nuclear Power Station in Suffolk was devising a workable action plan to keep their reactor safe and the lights on in two million British homes. Over two months ago, Sizewell started putting in place its emergency plan, before the first Coronavirus cases had yet to be reported in the UK; well in advance of the PM’s belated call for fastidious hand washing and social distancing. EDF Chief Nuclear Officer, Paul Morton, told the BBC that two months ago they had decided to build up critical supplies and stock levels so that they now had sufficient to last into 2021! What a massive difference it would have made if Mat Hancock had only thought to do the same stockpiling of vital PPE kit for our NHS staff!

Paul Morton explained how according to plan they effectively only had half of their people on site at the moment after deciding to split the staff into two teams. Recognizing that the safe operation of their Nuclear reactor must always remain a top priority, they needed to be able to cope with maintaining vital safety checks even if staff contracted the virus. With one half of their workforce in precautionary self-isolation at home, if a number of staff on the current working team get sick the back-up team are ready to come in to take over. Fortunately for those reliant on Sizewell B for provision of their power supply, the management at Sizewell had not squandered that vital lead-time by recklessly waiting for delusional Tory directives to take the situation seriously.

How many other critical public services across the UK do we need to thank for deciding to plan proactively for the potential Covid 19 crisis by acting responsibly, ignoring warped Tory Government policy and refusing costly, totally inexcusable procrastination? To all of those who were guided by logic to courageously step up to the plate, we genuinely thank you for your mature assessment of the impending crisis situation! It’s distinct probability, that a few of the highly experienced members of the UK Civil Service deadwood that Dominic Cummings is so eager to axe, still managed to get a warning out in time to alert strategic sectors of our infrastructure while the Tory torment squad was still fixating on financial benefits of Herd Immunity in a planned cull of our elderly.

While the Tory tragedy team dithers over the inevitable extension of the current lockdown, the first minister’s of both Scotland and Wales have announced the necessary continuation of confinement. Once again the Government is being dragged towards reality by the pragmatic decisions of decisive leaders. If the Tories had not succeeded in conning the public with the Covert 2019 Rigged Election we would have that bold leadership in place right now. It is not too late to expose the truth through a full investigation into the corrupt result. The “Slaughter of the Sheeple” will continue as planned until we remove this Tory Government from office.