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Eric Saunders

The point is that you are tying yourself into knots trying to deride “conspiracy theory” writ large while also expounding on the conspiracy theories that you find credible. It is the fault of professional conspirators (i.e. clandestine intelligence services) that we have so many unadjudicated state crimes. The media serves the same class as the spooks so they treat cover stories as objective fact and deride dissenters as “conspiracy theorists.” You are reifying the weaponization of the term by arguing that it is acceptable to deride CT as such.

Elite conspiracies abound. Thus has it ever been in human civilization. The material and cultural assets available to our politico-economic elites is unmatched in human history. Hence: CIA overthrows, JFK/RFK/MLK/Malcolm X assassinations, Vietnam, Iraq WMD, CIA drug trafficking schemes, the 1968 and 1980 October Surprises, stolen elections in 2000 and 2004…maybe 2016 also, the post-9/11 anthrax attacks, US+jihadi wars on Libya & Syria, Russiagate, OPCW fraud… and never any accountability or even acknowledgment of the crimes.

In an understated way, Bratich here addresses some of the epistemological questions here: