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By two minutes later, he’s saying that established media writers frame belief in “conspiracy theories” as a psychological defect in the believers, but he wants to reframe this as, why have people lost trust in the established media?

I have been speculating along these lines for a while; the established media has been losing trust as Internet media has been bypassing it. At first I found this very hopeful. It should be a good thing, because the established media is the corporate media, and it is subject to institutional bias.

But the new independent media is turning out to be a very mixed blessing, I’d say especially over the last few years. I started to get alarmed when the Trump campaign began leveraging “crazy conspiracy theories”. After Bernie Sanders was ejected I didn’t much care who won the presidency; it seemed to me that Trump would be worse for the people of the US but Clinton would be more of a warmonger. What alarmed me was the Trump campaign’s antiscience and anti-rationality, and the support that was getting among the “crazy conspiracy theorists”.