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‘So far one of the most striking features of the pandemic has been the level of uniformity of governments’ policies around the world.’

Utterly untrue. In China, apartment doors were welded closed, people were forcibly taken into quarantine, and in some areas centralised food distribution was implemented. Now, people can’t enter public buildings or use public transport without a QR code. Many countries have done nothing. In others, restrictions were voluntary, or enforcement varied from none to overzealous in different areas. New Zealand closed its borders. Some African countries have used blood sample pooling to make the limited number of test kits go several times further. There is and has been a huge diversity of policy.

‘“immunization plays a key role in eliminating poverty”. Really? Does it now?’

Yes, it does. For instance, it vastly reduces child mortality, which in turn encourages women to conceive less times. Still, get’em all scared of the medics “the sirs” and maybe they’ll turn away from contraception too, eh? Keep’em pregnant all the time, just like the Good Old Days?

‘According to the Big Pharma-owned “WHO”…’

(sigh) Conspiracy theory again! Here’s the WHO website hosting a paper by Ioaniddis, darling of the “it’s only flu” anti-mask, anti-lockdown, antisocial, pro-infection crowd:

‘If any government ever wants to vaccinate me against my will…’

Grief N_, the government hasn’t even mentioned mandatory vaccination. It’s only the conspiracy theorists who ever mention it and boy do they mention it often!

You’ve got MARXIST emblazoned across your daisy but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one bit of Marxist theory from you, just a load of conspiracy theory scaremongering. And Marx didn’t slander everyone with a job like you do; his economic theory teaches that people are motivated by self-interest, and thus capital and profit warp human behaviour. Are you trying to give Marxists a bad name?

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