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1) When you eventually recognise conspiracy theory as a phenomenon, you may come to understand why I am angry at Yeadon; he exploited the human susceptibility to conspiracy theory for his own greed. He encouraged the social behaviours that are causing the second UK wave, because upon that wave his company’s stocks might rise. Despicable. ET’s digging revealed that Yeadon knew all along that there would be a second wave, but he used his technical knowledge to mislead the general public, including the politicians. The right-wing media does this all the time.

2) It’s not hatred, it’s anger. I do hate the corporate media, but that’s a system, not a class of people. Remember that being a toff is just another accident of birth. My own perspective may be unusual in that I was adopted; I have no idea of my own ancestry.

3) Look to yourself; your comments are laced with hatred for the “ruling classes”, but they’re entirely scatter-gun.

4) Yes, maintaining good health and a strong immune system are important, but they’re not a panacea, and they’re important at all times, not just now. And many people can’t, no matter how well they eat. Among the commercial activities you hold suspicion for, beware the dietary fads and supplements industries too. Read Goldacre’s Bad Science; it is the corporate media that has given these “entrepreneurs” false legitimacy, while conditioning their audiences to regard science not as assessment of evidence that anyone can practice, but as impenetrable announcements by “experts”. But the corporate media cannot afford to properly educate their readership, because it is dependent for its income upon the effectiveness of advertising; critical thinking itself is a threat to the corporate media’s income.

5) Yes, it’s entirely regrettable that use of the term “coronavirus” has caught on, also conflating the new SARS virus with the illness it causes. My heart sank as I saw this happening, for I could see the lack of clarity it would produce, and I expected that confusion to be exploited.

6) Yes, dominance and subservience are a major problem.

7) It is not always easy to get decent food. I’m lucky; there’s an old fashioned market in Chelmsford. Kirkcudbright had diverse, thriving independent small shops. A supermarket chain wanted to build a “superstore” there. Local residents campaigned against it; “their” council sided with the superstore. Soon, the supermarket chain encountered economic contraction and closed Kirkcudbright superstore. Most local shops had been put out of business and Kirkcudbright became a “shopping desert”. Happens all the time.

Happy New Year to you too, N_.