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“Maybe Dr. Alan McManus and John Goss are crackpots, but you need to listen first and decide after.”

The trouble with that is that there wouldn’t be enough time in a thousand lifetimes. John Goss is just some random bloke near Birmingham; there are literally billions of people whose opinions about covid are as (in)valid as his.

But the whole concept of “expert opinion versus expert opinion” is one that has been promoted by the corporate “MSM” – (I don’t like calling it the MSM ‘cos it seems defeatist – I’d rather it was deposed from being mainstream).

Science is about evidence rather than expert opinion. The scientific community is really quite large, so it’s always possible to find an “expert” with a contrary opinion, and journalists are even trained to seek them out, and place them head-to-head against the prevailing scientific view – it’s called “journalistic balance”. It creates a false impression of equivalence, giving undue weight to the contrarian position. And I do recognise that when it comes to foreign policy and war, the opposite seems to be the case and the anti-war argument gets marginalised, but foreign policy is very different from science – replication and full publication of methods versus “evidence” from spooks and shady deals made in cabinet chambers.