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Control Orders to be Challenged in the House of Lords

From BBC Online

The government’s controversial anti-terror control orders are set to be challenged in the House of Lords. Ten terror suspects placed under the measures – at least two of whom are on the run – will argue they violate their rights to liberty and a fair trial.

Five Law Lords will also consider Home Secretary Jacqui Smith’s appeal against a ruling which said orders imposed on six Iraqis breached their human rights.

Control orders place terror suspects under curfews of up to 18 hours a day. Opponents say they amount to “virtual house arrest” and are often based on evidence which is not made public.

Eric Metcalfe, of human rights and law reform organisation Justice, said: “We cannot allow the fight against terrorism to compromise basic fairness.

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Ashraf Marwan

I had not realised just what an interesting story I had picked up, when I noted on this blog that Asraf Marwan had died very suspiciously a few hundred yards from the Haymarket car bomb, some 24 hours before. The two events may well be completely unconnected, but I seem to have inspired others to some fascinating digging.


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