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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Boris Johnson is counting on a positive response to his lifting of the UK lockdown restrictions to detract from the ongoing saga of his unwillingness to fire Dominic Cummings for abusing those same vital rules. A Petition for Cummings removal has surpassed one million; it’s still gathering steam, proving that, no, we are not ready to “Move On!” Today our genocidal Prime Minister will make a desperate push to get the second wave of the Covid 19 “Slaughter of the Sheeple” underway before the public become fully aware that the statistics are moving in the wrong direction as revealed in the Skwawkbox Article, “The most damning pandemic summary you’ll read today.” They reveal that, “European death figures shame England’s shambolic and ideologically-driven government.” They add that, “…death numbers, hospitalisation numbers and ICU admissions have all risen in the last few days, at a point that suggests they stem from Johnson’s insane decision to force millions back to work with no warning earlier this month.”

The recent spike in cases was revealed in their May 28th Article posted two weeks after their May 11th Article reporting on crammed tube trains as a result of the ill-advised and frenetic return to work. They documented that, “Tragically, that prediction is now starting to come true. First a hospital in the south-west had to close its doors even to emergencies, after a sharp increase in cases of the virus. Then Bristol reported a surge – and now London has seen a sharp rise in coronavirus hospital admissions.” They add that, “That steepling climb began at the beginning of this week – exactly coinciding with the typical incubation period of coronavirus infections transmitted the morning after Johnson’s recklessness – with a gentler rise last week reflecting the shorter incubation period seen in some cases. The new rate is the highest in around six weeks…”

The alarm bell warning predicting the spike included video footage of crammed tube trains the morning after Boris Johnson’s “back to work” announcement In an Article Tory supporters tried hard to discredit. The Skwawkbox reported that, “Tory sockpuppet accounts and supporters claim undated footage of crowded tube platforms was filmed before lock-down to try to exonerate Johnson – but BBC News and ITV broadcasts this morning confirm CCTV footage was taken yesterday.” The warning called Johnson’s decision, “insane enough” compounded by the disinformation that led millions to believe they were expected at work the next day! There was “no time to prepare and Government guidance on supposedly-safe travel not even published… Johnson’s idea that people walking or cycling to work will solve crowding was a sick farce, as many people are too far from their workplace.”

“Even the government’s own scientific advisers are now warning that it is far too soon to ease the lock-down, yet Johnson continues his mad haste and his disregard for its consequences – except for secretly tripling temporary capacity for storing the bodies of his victims.” This last point refers to a truly shocking revelation made in a Skwawkbox Article posted on May 14th that exposed the horrific reality of what this genocidal Tory Government have planned for the UK. “Creation of temporary mortuary space for 30,000 bodies was reported during supposed ‘peak’ of pandemic. Now, as government relaxes lock-down, sends workers back to work and children back to school, it is more than tripling that capacity and warning funeral directors to prepare for massive new ‘spike’” Skwawkbox claim that, “…the Tories are planning for the actions they are taking – and those they are failing to take – to fuel a huge new spike in cases and deaths.”

“First they came for…” But now they are targeting kids, if not endangering them directly, they realize that the Children returning to school can be utilized as vectors to spread the virus to more vulnerable seniors with whom they live. Due to the chronic shortage of affordable housing and pitifully low wages, working insecure zero hours contract jobs, more and more young families are being forced to move back in with their elderly parents. These are a prime target for the Tory “cull,” their eugenics driven “Slaughter of the Sheeple.” A recent Skwawkbox Article has documented that, “Extracts from reports by the government’s own scientific advisors show beyond doubt that the Tories are well aware that sending children back to school is dangerous – and likely to cause another ‘spike’ in coronavirus infections and deaths, potentially even larger than the first.”

They point to, “A Swiss report by epidemiologists and medical professionals Shedding of infectious SARS-CoV-2 in symptomatic neonates, children and adolescents confirms in its conclusions the role of children in the spread of the virus – to each other and to adults: SARS-CoV-2 infects children across all age groups… it would be naïve not to consider them as transmitters.” Revering to Johnsons dangerously cavalier attitude they say, “He is doing this in spite of a complete absence of meaningful preparations to protect children – and he is not just doing so against the advice of unions and medical professionals, but orchestrating attacks on them for not bowing to his wishes. Ignorance would be no excuse – but he cannot claim it anyway.”

Another Skwawkbox Article elaborated on a more recent row over deviation from “the science” the Tories have continuously claimed is at the very core of driving their policy decisions; more academics break ranks to oppose the Tories reckless behaviour. The are saying that, “Members of SAGE, the government’s scientific advisory group, are breaking ranks to expose the threat to the people of the UK posed by Boris Johnson’s politically-driven haste to lift the country’s lock-down.”

“Last weekend, key members of SPI-B – the group of behavioural science experts who advise SAGE and the government on how to maximise public cooperation with anti-coronavirus measures – spoke out and accused Johnson of ‘trashing’ all their work and scientific advice, going so far as to accuse him and his entire government of not ‘want[ing] to listen to science and saying that the public needs to ignore Johnson for their own safety.” As one of their number, a very vocal Stephen Reicher, tweeted on the 24th of May, “Be open and honest, we said. Trashed. Respect the public, we said. Trashed. Ensure equity, so everyone is treated the same, we said. Trashed. Be consistent we said. Trashed. Make clear ‘we are all in it together’. Trashed.”

In a Sunday BBC news segment, Political Correspondent Chris Mason was featured questioning the Deputy Medical Adviser about easing the lockdown: “What do you say to those scientists and others who say that you are easing the lockdown in England too quickly?” Professor Van-Tam didn’t mince his words when he replied: “I believe I recall I was at the podium when the disease activity was very high in the UK and I said it’s a very dangerous moment. I believe this is also a very dangerous moment.” Mason commented later that: “Professor Van-Tam knows how to turn a phrase and how to make a point.”

Chris Mason also pointed out that, “He was also asked directly about Dominic Cummings, the Prime Minister’s most senior advisor who among other things drove 50 miles to test his eyesight during the lockdown!” Van-Tam was direct and very explicit in his reply saying, “The rules are clear and they have always been clear. In my opinion they are for the benefit of all and in my opinion they apply to all.” “Ouch!” Mason exclaimed, he then commented that, “The Prime Minister’s team had nothing to say when I asked for their response to this. Instead their focus is on how more people in England can slowly edge out of the lockdown.” Do not answer the question; instead offer a completely unrelated piece of positive Tory spin, which was not solicited by the questioner. This ploy helps to shift the focus of questioning into another direction.

This is an extremely well worn Tory Government technique, trotted out whenever the PM or one of his Ministers is put on the spot by a reporter; it is also frequently deployed in response to opposition scrutiny in Parliament. This devious distraction is often preceded by the words: “But what I can tell you is…” This meaningless diversion to announce yet more of the Government’s inaccurate propaganda sound bites, as they drum home their “black is the new white” message, continues to frustrate us all. What we really need on such occasions, is for those asking the questions to release their inquisitorial Rottweiler, sink their teeth into delicate areas of vulnerable Tory flesh and not let go until they have seriously torn apart the Government’s opaque facade!

Can you imagine how confusing it would be if you were to ask a colleague, “Is it true you have just purchased a new gas guzzling SUV?” But the obscure reply offered was, “what I can tell you is, that my son has passed his driving test and he’s been accepted to Oxford.” The person deliberately attempting to evade the truth and any subsequent criticism over their poor judgement will hope that you ignore the environmental impact of their SUV to focus on congratulating them on their son’s success. Robust scrutiny of our Government is vitally important during this time of crisis. Therefore we must learn to recognize this classic blatant propaganda red flag warning of the phrase, “But what I can tell you…” It’s a nauseating preface to a fanciful stream of self-congratulatory verbal diarrhoea that requires urgent treatment by doubling down with a logical rebuttal and the validity of an accurate reality check.

In a recent Article in the Canary they exposed yet another angle on pushing the Tory Propaganda, “Here are the media outlets getting paid to push Tory coronavirus propaganda.” They add that, “If you thought the BBC‘s track record on pushing out Tory government propaganda during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic was bad, think again. Now it seems some corporate outlets, like the Guardian, have gone one step further. Because they’ve been publishing articles paid for by the government.” The Express is also mentioned in this article although their subtle and misleading disclaimer is slightly different from the one used by the Guardian. The British public is being bombarded with an obscene level of blatant Government Pandemic propaganda that is keeping ordinary citizens ignorant and vulnerable to the genocidal Tory agenda just as more critical or balanced BBC programming has disappeared from the TV line-up.

On the 29th of May the Guardian reported that, “The furore over Dominic Cummings’ breach of lockdown rules has prompted tens of thousands of people to flood their MPs’ inboxes in what some described as the biggest outpouring since Brexit, a Guardian analysis has found. As Boris Johnson tried to draw a line under the crisis involving his chief adviser, constituents across the country sent missives to their MPs, with many sharing stories of their own lockdown hardships. Guardian analysis covering 117 MPs found they have received a total of 31,738 emails since a joint Guardian and Daily Mirror investigation a week ago divulged that Cummings had travelled to County Durham and taken a trip to a beauty spot with his family after suffering coronavirus symptoms.” No we are not ready to “Move On;” it is time for Dominic Cummings and your entire shit-show Tory Government to Move On!

The Tories will take a massive risk if they dare to oust Cummings, but the public must demand no less. He is a vindictive man with a huge ego who will not accept temporary demotion; his absolute control of the PM feeds that warped ego so he will undoubtedly seek revenge that provides the gratification of revealing his dark skills. Cummings is in a unique position to cause catastrophic harm to the Tories with his full exposure of the evidence revealing exactly how the Covert 2019 Rigged Election was orchestrated; they would be driven from office even before an investigation fully confirmed all the details of this industrial scale fraud. We must continue to pressure the Government for prompt and permanent removal of Dominic Cummings. With public anger growing over their abysmal handling of the Covid 19 crisis, the blatant hypocrisy of Cummings flouting the regulations with impunity might just be the final tipping point with the potential to bring down this Government.