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In behavioural conditioning terms, it makes sense to declare the saviour vaccine into existence during a period of lockdown, not during a period of relative “freedom”. See if anyone can guess why.

The revolting Tory minister Gavin Williamson, once sacked from the cabinet for a breach of the Official Secrets Act that might have landed most of the rest of us with a 10 year prison sentence, declared that the reason that Britain is doling out the vaccine before other countries is because Britain is BETTER than other countries.


Yeah, sure. Let’s take this more slowly.

The British elite are about to pump the population full of a totally new kind of “antiviral” vaccine that has never been used before. And they’re doing it before other governments. And the REASON is because they LOVE us!
The British elite love the British plebs far more than the elite of any other country in the world loves its plebs, even Sweden. Right?

So THAT must be why they school their offspring behind 12-foot thick centuries-old walls. I knew there was something special about them! It’s because they love the “townies” so much!