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The Covid skeptics are not a unified tribe. At one extreme are those who deny the existence of the virus and who also think it is due to 5G and all that Bill gates injecting electronic tags with his evil vaccines. These can be safely ignored as they have little contact with reality. But there is also a lot of the population that genuinely have concerns, because of the conduct of the government and the inefficiency of dealing with this pandemic. At each step the government has messed up and when I started this forum in March, Johnson et al were trying to introduce the concept of herd immunity whilst saying they are prepared for the pandemic which was a blatant lie, as it transpires later with the care home deaths, the lack of PPE and general lack of preparedness. As a result some of the richest countries including US and UK suffered the worst effects of the virus and did not even suffer as badly economically. We are now in a mess and no wonder there are so many skeptic people. Even the role out of the vaccine with delay in the second dose was not handled properly.
But we must make a distinction between the pandemic and its realities and the scientific findings, and the political mishandling of the crisis and the opportunities the government used not only to increase centralized power but also to enrich their cronies with opaque and shady deals to provide PPE and the blatant privatization of track and trace which has never been run properly. Also having made so much fuss about control of our borders, there was no such control where it mattered most and when travelers entered this country bringing in the virus without any checks.