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    Mary Bennett

    To begin with, Epstein, an unqualified and undistinguished high school teacher was set up as a pretend billionaire, complete with luxury NYC apartment, Arizona dude ranch, pricey digs in Palm Beach, and a private Caribbean island, not to mention private plane, staff of servants and hangers on and other billionaire accessories. By someone. A certain businessman, owner of the Victoria’s Secret chain of overpriced sleazy underwear stores, has been mentioned. The CIA does not have that kind of money, and what they do have is spread far too thin to support anything like Operation Epstein. One of the reasons for the celebrated incompetence of the CIA, besides good old boy recruitment, is that it can’t concentrate resources on a single target. The finding and elimination of Bin Laden is an exception which happened because Obama ordered it. Obama as president had the power to remove CIA directors and when the big boss gets fired, assignments and titles get shuffled. Don’t forget that when the CIA is not being Mossad’s junior partner it functions as the president’s pretorian guard, more or less.

    La Maxwell, daughter of the well known and unlamented Robert, who received a state funeral or something like that in Israel following on his mysterious death at sea, was brought in as handler and brains of the op., Epstein by himself being not very bright. I suspect the present media focus on clueless and hapless Andrew is intended to distract attention from other, more consequential targets of the Epstein op, and from Maxwell’s trial which has now just begun. USA media is cover to cover Rittenhouse! and nary a peep about La Maxwell.

    Guiffre was approached by American and then Australian law enforcement as well as members of the press. I would guess, not being among her acquaintance, that her motives are several. One would be a quite natural desire for revenge on someone for her wretched childhood and youth. Another might indeed be financial; she does have children and why shouldn’t they have better than working class prospects in life? I note with some admiration that she had the sense to hold out for managerial class status as director of her very own NGO. Rather like Amy Barrett when offered the chance of a lifetime because Trump thought she would look good on TV, Guiffre saw her chance and figured somebody owed her. I can’t find it in me to blame her.

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    The full history of Maxwell snr and these who ran Epstein has been done in great detail by Whitney Webb here condensed into a long video


    I do think Guiffre is the red herring that the defence and all the accused are relying on.

    The whole case and story would have disappeared into the memory hole years ago if it hadn’t been for three things – honest cops, honest judge, and honest reporting by the Miami Heralds Julie Brown and colleagues.


    The nearest we will get to honest reporting of the trial by MSM.
    It certainly isn’t happening here by our media. Quelle surprise

    Ghastly Ghislaine is more the organ grinder to Epstein’s dancing monkey and this goes back decades.

    Glad you started the thread.

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    Mary Bennett

    RT is covering the trial. To your honest list we can add someone in the FAA, who is undoubtedly being quietly disposed of even as we type. https://www.rt.com/usa/541798-ghislaine-maxwell-pilot-lolita-epstein/

    I read the Whitney pieces when they were first published. There is a good article about the trial, how it is being pared down to the most minimal of possible charges and witnesses–only four of the (alleged) hundreds possible, Guiffre not to be called on– by John Pilger at Strategic Culture and his own website. Pilger is a recovering spook himself and knows how that world operates. Pace the otherwise brilliant Malcolm Kyeyune, Americans are not “reeling” from the Rittenhouse verdict; folks are allowed to defend themselves. That trial was being hyped, I believe, partly for the purpose of distracting attention from Maxwell, about which coverage has been minimal in the MSM, with nary a peep that this could have been a Mossad operation, banish the thought.

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    The flight logs are nearly all here

    The pilot himself gave just a few high profile names there are many hundreds more. He disingenuously claims all women were over not children. He should have been asked about the name Lolita Express – I bet he announced it many times. There was a padded floor in one of the aircraft and as the captain of the plane he would have had to do pre and post flight checks and paperwork for international flights.

    There is tons of this stuff – but most will never see the light of day like in Janner and the never beginning child abuse inquiry set up by Cameron well over a decade ago.

    There must be any number of Indy bloggers who could spill it all but they would end up in Slaughton, Belmarsh or Gitmo. Let’s see how much makes it out – I am grateful that at least it’s a jury trial.

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    Gordon Bennett

    So many conspiracy theories to choose from!

    A selection here:


    #4 has merit, but Epstein wasn’t that clever. Supplying upmarket brothel services with an added dash of blackmail seems to fit better, given the ravishing Ghislaine’s needs and talents. She was looking for a replacement father-figure (for all the confident image she projected, she was very much Daddy’s little girl) probably had a lot more money from Dad than anyone including HMRC and the IRS, knew about, and wanted more. Superbly manipulative, charming and well-connected from birth; whether she recruited underage girls or not,she was equally adept at recruiting billionaires and our dimmest Royal. A perfect match.

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    Mary Bennett

    Mr. Bennett, I wish you would try to understand that for Epstein’s and Maxwell’s victims, none of this is remotely amusing. Nor is it at all amusing for millions of mothers of attractive teenaged girls, who have now learned that nicely dressed, well-spoken upper class women who take a friendly interest in our daughters are not to be trusted. “Cockburn” is beyond such understanding. Which Cockburn is he? Alex, I presume, Patrick being, I gather, a more or less reputable journalist?

    I, an American, would like to ask a favor of you, a Brit. Could you Brits please keep your third and fourth rate Oxbridge graduates, the Browns, Derbyshires, Cocksures, not to mention Hitchens the Unspeakable, who arrive in NYC with a letter of reference from Lady So and So or the Right Honorable Somebody Else and get shunted right onto perches at (formerly) prestigious journals, at home. You raised these insolent guys and gals; you deal with them. You owe us for taking Meghan Markle off your hands, and since you failed to reciprocate by taking the Eurotrash Barbie off ours–surely some superannuated fellow with title and dented tiara could have been found for her, you might at least keep your own journotrash at home.

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    Gordon Bennett

    What a wonderful response! But it seems to assume that I approve of people like Epstein and Maxwell – I most assuredly don’t. Perhaps you don’t do irony. And as to the trauma suffered by their victims, I don’t want to prejudge the outcome of the case, but there are two views as to their blue-eyed innocence. Claude Cockburn is a commentator of some standing here, but no doubt his non-left views disqualify him from expressing his opinions. Diversity of opinion, eh? Can’t be having that.

    I think the solution to the likes of Hitchens (and Piers Morgan) probably involves a reciprocal deal. You could perhaps accept the return of all the female New Yorkers telling us about white privilege and institutional racism, to say nothing of those who want us all to kneel in memory of a convicted criminal who fell foul of the law once too often. Sample:


    But thanks for taking the Halfblood Prince. He’ll be a great FP(erson…pronoun It)OTUS no doubt, when his scheming wife supplants Joe and Hillary, and you can’t fault his woke credentials.

    Have a nice day.

    PS “Gordon Bennett” is a pseudonym.

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    Mary Bennett

    Guilty on five counts out of six. That is with one of those “female New Yorkers” presiding. I don’t care about the innocence or not of her victims/special friends/what have you. You don’t offer an alcoholic a drink and you don’t take advantage of already mixed-up teenagers. No doubt she is waiting for Mossad to cut a deal to get her out. It had better not include her ever again being able to live in my country.

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    Delighted to see that the jury system is alive and well in the USA. And I have never opined that <i>all</i> women from NY are woke hysterics, although some of them obviously are. I digress, gleefully.

    Probably the right outcome, and how refreshing it was to see that no undue influence was exerted. But…is that right? The prosecution truncated its presentation and offered a sketchy case, to which the defence, equally short of time, offered a weak defence, based on assertions which could equally have been made about its own witnesses.

    If I were promoting a conspiracy theory, it would state that all comers had been heavily leaned on to provide a resolution acceptable to the tabloids asap (within the bounds of public credibility). While it is indeed possible that Maxwell, like her father, was well placed to sell her influence and information to Tel Aviv, I think it is unlikely that Mossad will ride to her rescue. It could not prevent, and possibly accomplished Cap’n Bob’s demise, and a funeral on the Mount of Olives would be cold consolation for being dead. Instead, I think the threat of further revelations will ensure that once the synthetic outrage has abated, Maxwell gets a 5 stretch with time off for good behaviour under the bisexual wardress of the pleasant custodial facility to which she is about to be transferred. Who knows, she may know the location of enough skeletons to obtain a Presidential pardon. The last few POTUS have set some fine precedents…

    Awaiting with interest the embarrassment of Ponce (sic – Anglicism) Andrew by the Roberts woman. I don’t expect that will get too far, but we shall see.

    Let me stress once again that none of the characters in this farce appeal to me, but I can at least claim to be reasonably impartial.

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    The BBC statement said: “The interview with Alan Dershowitz after the Ghislaine Maxwell verdict did not meet the BBC’s editorial standards, as Mr Dershowitz was not a suitable person to interview as an impartial analyst, and we did not make the relevant background clear to our audience. We will look into how this happened.”


    But the BBC is always presenting biased parties as impartial analysts; this example is merely obvious to anyone who’s been following the story. I guess it happened just because Dershowitz’s name was on the Green List and not the Black List, and that was all anyone bothered to check – just standard procedure. We know Facebook get their lists from Ben Nimmo’s mob (the Atlantic Council?); I wonder who supplies the BBC’s lists?

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    Mary Bennett

    Komodo, as far as I am concerned, and I think but can’t prove that I am not alone in this, she either needs to be in prison or deported and never permitted to come back. You are probably right about Mossad. See Pilger’s article for what the prosecution left out.

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    Post good links 🙂 It helps to raise those pages’ search rankings etc.

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    Mary Bennett

    Pilger’s final thoughts on the Maxwell trial: https://www.unz.com/pgiraldi/ghislaine-maxwell-convicted/

    A few years back, a group of independent seed companies sued (pre-Bayer) Monsanto for various policies in restraint of trade. For some incomprehensible reason the suit was brought in a NYC court in front of another female New York judge, who predictably ruled against the plaintiffs. Why they did not file in some Midwest court, where folks have direct and personal experience of Monsanto’s rural cleansing policies I will never know. The case went eventually to the Supreme Court, who also ruled in favor of Monsanto, with that company having to make an “undertaking”, I believe that was the term used” that it would cease suing organic farms. That, of course, means any farm who didn’t want to be sued for pollen drift of seeds it had never purchased had to be certified organic. The recent personal injury cases in which unanimous juries found that glysophate, active ingredient of Roundup, does indeed cause cancer, were not filed in NYC courts. Anytime a high-profile case comes before a NYC judge, you can be pretty sure that a fix is in somewhere.

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    That’s not by Pilger, it’s by Philip Giraldi. And personally, I wouldn’t want to boost the ranking of Unz Review.

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    Mary Bennett

    So it is. I do beg your pardon. Unz can be interesting at times, as can other places in the wilder reaches of the internet.

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    I’ll give my pardon with enthusiasm if you post the right link.

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