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The shocking death of Lee Rigby quite naturally appals us all. The intention of the crazed little group who conceived this killing was to make it as horrible as possible in order to scare people.

Horrible, sociopathic violence happens to people from time to time. They have done since Cain killed Abel, metaphorically or literally as you choose. Here is another headline today, just as horrific:

A British soldier has been jailed for stabbing a 10-year-old boy after getting drunk on vodka while serving in Afghanistan.

Both that obscene attack and Michael Adebolajo’s appalling actions are borne out of the same conflict. But it is reasonable to suppose that both these incidents involved people with, for whatever reason, a pre-disposition to murderous violence.

Such people have always been with us and will always be with us, but fortunately they are very, very few. In a nation of 60 million, involvement in violent crime is very low. If you are the victim of criminal violence, the odds over the last decade are about one in twenty thousand that the violence inflicted on you will have any linkage to political or terrorist causation. And the odds that you will suffer any kind of violent attack are thankfully pretty remote.

We should not panic from theatrical violence, just deplore and take sober stock. Sadly if a lunatic on the bus decides to strangle you tomorrow, there are no pre-emptive laws that can stop that. We should stop pretending that the state can always prevent.

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  • MJ

    “If there was any reasonable intellectual curiosity you would not be spending your energies opposing my views with nothing except ad hominem attacks and blatant lies”

    There are some here who are clearly most comfortable with the following quote cited above by April (28/5 at 4.22pm). There is probably little point trying to engage at a rational level.

    ‘Two black savages hacked a man to death while shouting Allahu Akbar; that’s really all you need to know, isn’t it?’

  • Jesuit Atheist

    I hear you MJ but these things remain for posterity for others to pick up on later so it’s worth the effort.

    One day they will ask Boya Dee how he saw a man’s thumb (approx 2 inches long) get shot off by a gun that was ‘rusty’ (pictures show it’s silver/grey) when he was at least 45 meters away and while the suspects where running at full speed towards the ‘officers’ in a highly chaotic scene.

    For now we will be kind and just ignore the fact that he did not see a man’s head being cut off with a machete because he’s not a liar – he’s just a right little luvvie, that’s all.

  • April Showers

    Just for the record those words about savages were Rod Liddle’s and not mine. He had earlier used the word ‘black’.

    ‘I was slightly puzzled by the early media reports of the appalling murder in Woolwich and particularly the wrangling over whether or not this could be called ‘a terrorist attack’. Does it make much difference? Two savages hacked a man to death while shouting Allahu Akbar; that’s really all you need to know, isn’t it? In a sense calling it an act of terrorism somehow dignifies the barbarism. The media will now go into crowd-control mode and tell us how all Muslims are as shocked by this attack as are the rest of us and how Islam is a peaceable religion. No, it isn’t.

    All credit to the woman police officer who shot the scumbags, although I suspect we will soon have an inquest into why it took the ‘boyden’ (that’s ghetto slang for police, apparently, dear readers) took 20 minutes to arrive.

    UPDATE: To avoid the ludicrous phrase ‘men of Muslim appearance’ I originally used the word ‘black’ to describe the appearance of the knifemen. If anyone took that wrong way, I’m very sorry.’

  • Jemand

    Well, you’ve convinced me Jesuit Atheist. Apparently, a good theory should have lots of questions, lots of negative statements and not one answer – yours has all of these.

    Now for a poem –

    Fiddly Dee,
    I did see,
    Blood in the street,
    What could it be

    Not a man dead,
    Nor a crime to see,
    But evidence of,
    A conspiracy

  • Dreoilin

    I fail to see what 38 Degrees, Jeremy Hunt and GPs have to do with this thread, or what has been going on here.

    Why didn’t you dump that on the top thread like you normally do?

  • Kempe

    “The said forces cannot add up to the shock loading of a vehicle impact, ”

    Really? How much smaller would they be?

  • Mark Golding - Children of Conflict

    The Syria – Iraq – Lebanon Triangle

    A recent email exchange with a doctor in Iraq who treated an injury to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has broadened my thinking towards the now ten year statement made by Colin Powell in his address to the UNSC when he suggested Zarqawi was trained and indoctrinated in an MI6/CIA sponsored training camp in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    We recall After the Powell address, the BBC leaked a top secret British intelligence document that disclosed Iraq’s hatred of the Western promoted and Saudi bankrolled al-Qaeda ‘information system’ listing key mujahideen.

    The al-Zarqawi (al-Qaeda in Iraq) which evolved in Iraq, surfaced violently in Lebanon, and was transposed into Syria with the return of many Syrian Salafist veterans at the “end” of the Iraq massacre.

    According to the Iraq doctor, Chatham House would use to their advantage the ongoing ‘war’ between the Shi’ite al-Assads (Alawites are an orientation within Shi’ism) and the Sunni heartland that had been usurped for the last 40 years.

    Britain, France and US governments and Saudi royalty would use well financed exiled groups that use the Salafist insurgents for their own ends. Cross checking some of this information was confirmed in 2009 cables from the US Embassy in Damascus and revealed how a number of these groups and media outlets linked to them have received tens of millions of dollars for their work from the State Department and UK/US-based foundations.

    Iraq’s former prime-minister, the Western puppet Ayad Allawi was interestingly undermined by Assad and prime minister Malaki would deliver Iraq to the Shi’ites. That is why we are witnessing the continuing violence in Iraq and possibly Lebanon now that the Assad facilitated Hezbollah, that eroded Lebanon’s Sunni character, is fighting against the Western backed terrorists in Syria.

    Britain and her promoted exiles still hope a Salafist insurrection against the state will polarized a majority of Syrian people, provoked into hostility to the state, and ultimately Western military intervention in Syria would become inevitable – ideally following the Libyan model in Benghazi.

  • April Showers

    30 May 2013 Last
    Nick Clegg rejects rethink on web data plan after Woolwich
    Mr Clegg said the police already had more powers to track suspects than in many other parts of the world

    Related Stories
    Woolwich murder suspect in court
    Calls grow for ‘snoopers’ charter’
    Data bill ‘pact’ to defeat Lib Dems

    Nick Clegg has warned against “knee-jerk” reactions to the murder of soldier Lee Rigby as he restated his opposition to plans to retain records of all Britons’ online activity.

    The deputy prime minister said measures in the aborted Communications Data Bill, dubbed the “snooper’s charter” by critics, were “disproportionate”.


  • fedup

    Britain and her promoted exiles still hope a Salafist insurrection against the state will polarized a majority of Syrian people, provoked into hostility to the state, and ultimately Western military intervention in Syria would become inevitable – ideally following the Libyan model in Benghazi.

    The opposite has come to pass in Syria. The majority Syrians are turning on the “rebels”. The same destructive bunch of mercenaries who are digging up the sacred graves and displacing the centuries old content within; based on their Wahhabi imperatives.

    Notwithstanding the grave robbing and destruction of the sacred shrines, the “rebels” under the influence of exotic substances (narcotics) indulge in their brutal pastime of torturing their captured prisoners before killing these in the most heinous methods (the numerous numbers of video clips of the mutilated and tortured bodies of the victims of these savage mercenaries).

    Further, the Libyan psyop operation regards the “rebels” gains and successes, having been fully analysed by the Russians and others in the area. In Syrian theatre have singularly failed to pressure Assad into submission. Also notable is Putin’s statement made during a private meeting; even if the fighting reaches the suburbs of Moscow, it is worth keeping Syria.

    The high stakes gamesmanship of the Western gamblers:

    “This is a moment to seize. The kaleidoscope has been shaken, the pieces are in flux, soon they will settle again.

    “Before they do, let us reorder this world around us.”

    This no longer cuts any mustard. The world and the Russians (not the usual handful of imperial satellite countries) have been pushed too far, and the pieces are not to settle to “reorder this world around” the desired Western parameters.

  • fedup

    BTW the grave robbing was taking place whilst one of the stenographers present was busy orating away (cannot recollect for bbc or sky). However the grave robbers activities in the back ground was explained away as; “these rebels are looking for mass graves of their comrades killed by the Assad regime”.

    However, why would “Assad regime” want to sanctify the murdering mercenaries by burying their remains in the mosque/shrine that the stenographer was reporting from, somehow was not of any consequence? After all the hamburger munchers viewing the package won’t have a clue about facts concerning Muslim practices. The viewing food wasters hardly could discern their elbow from their butt, is the assumption of the stenographers and their masters.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)


    “A gunman opened fire in a building in the Langstrasse area in the Swiss city at 15:00 local time (13:00 GMT), local media say.

    Police say they are searching for a suspect who fled the scene. The motive for the shooting remains unclear.

    They cordoned off the surrounding streets, according to the Tribune de Geneve.

    The men, both Turkish nationals, are believed to be in stable conditions in hospital.

    Police have evacuated four people from the building, according to Swiss media. The Langstrasse, a major route in the centre of the city, has now reopened to traffic.

    Marco Cortesi, a spokesman for Zurich police, said: “At around 15:00, we received a phone call that there was a shooting here at Langstrasse.

    “We sent our troops here and they’ve found two injured people, which have been sent to a hospital. The two are Turkish, middle-aged and I can confirm that they are out of mortal danger.”

    Reporters say the Langstrasse area is mixed – many immigrant communities live there and it is known as an area affected by the sex trade and crime.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Conflict

    We will never ever forget:

    MI6 and the CIA The New Enemy Within

    By RAYMOND WHITAKER, New Zealand Herald, February 9, 2003

    by Larry Ross, 15/10/03

    It is eight months since this article, exposed that Bush and Blair were cherry-picking their intelligence agencies reports to justify war with Iraq. After the war, many more damning reports have come out that Bush and Blair, not only cooked and altered intelligence to frighten their public into supporting war, they actually invented lies to further frighten them. For example Tony Blair said (Press 25/9/02 that Saddam Hussein “was building upstocks of chemical and biological weapons and was “ready to use them.”

    He said “His[Saddam] military planning allows for some of the WMD to be ready within 45 minutes of an order to use them.”

    Blair issued a 50 page so-called dossier giving what he called was “evidence” of Saddam’s hostile intentions “to win over sceptics within his own Labour Party who are reluctant to back military action against Baghdad”

    Now it is a year later, and the truth as come out that this “dossier” is nothing but a tissue of lies and exaggerations designed to persuade the British politicians and public to support Bush’s war.

    So is Tony Blair forced to retire for lying to Parliament and the public? No, he was applauded at the recent Labour Party conference.

    This suggests that the British Labour Party accepts and condones their Prime Minister’s lies and the thousands of casualties, both British and Iraqi which were a result. Well it looks as if there are enough people in the UK who see through his lies, as the polls show his declining popularity. Although the Conservatives have shown that they are not much of an alternative, they may yet win the next election and consign Labour to another long period of exile from power.

    However Bush has indicated that he may have more wars on his agenda(The Bush Empire link). Will the poodle try more sincerely delivered lies to persuade the British to join in those as well?


  • Kibo Noh

    On-Topic for once.

    Mental Excercise No 1.

    1. Open Photo Link

    Visualise yourself as an artist.
    This is your work.
    Your canvas: As in Photo
    Your paints: a. Red Liquid b. Clear Liquid
    Your Brushes: a. Blue Car in photo b. Human Body (not visible in photo)

    Describe how you achieved these effects.


    How did you impact the car to do that kind of damage?

    Where is/are the impact object(s)? Describe how you used them.
    If you used the sign-post, provide receipt for tungsten carbide or similar post.

    In which direction did you lay the liquid stains?
    Explain the varying rates of application of each liquid.

    Observe the clear liquid trail from right to left.

    Did you lay clear liquid from left to right or vice versa?

    Explain roughly parallel trails?

    Why did you not lay tyre-marks?
    Assess your Grade your awswers.

  • Jemand

    Dreoilin – “wow”

    Don’t you just love it when the page turns and puts your comment out of context?

    Agreed. Wow!


  • Flaming June

    Yes WOW indeed. The Woolwich Barracks visit was on her diary. Yeah right.

    The royal seal of approval has been given to her brave boys there. It is noticeable that this little old lady becomes very animated in their presence. She shines just like the coins coming off the press at the Royal Mint. There was an item on the BBC about her portrait on the coinage over her reign. P Philip is chair of the Royal Mint committee that decides on the images used.

    The BBC put this little piece together to remind us that it is the 60th anniversary of the coronation this weekend. As if we could forget.

    How Queen Elizabeth II Coronation footage was re-mastered

  • Dreoilin

    “The BBC put this little piece together to remind us that it is the 60th anniversary of the coronation this weekend. As if we could forget.”

    We’re hardly likely to be allowed to forget, given that you’ll post about it repeatedly, with numerous links to the BBC.
    Why, I cannot imagine.

  • MJ

    Jesuit Atheist: hop you’re still around. A couple of days ago you linked to the following site and wondered why the suspect’s right arm appeared to be blurred in some of the pictures:

    Someone’s got a theory about that. Can’t say I’m convinced but there are a few interesting points made nonetheless. The url contains the gist of the theory:

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