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Evidence submitted by the British government in court today proves, beyond any doubt, that Boris Johnson has been point blank lying about the degree of certainty Porton Down scientists have about the Skripals being poisoned with a Russian “novichok” agent.

Yesterday in an interview with Deutsche Welle Boris Johnson claimed directly Porton Down had told him they positively identified the nerve agent as Russian:

You argue that the source of this nerve agent, Novichok, is Russia. How did you manage to find it out so quickly? Does Britain possess samples of it?

Let me be clear with you … When I look at the evidence, I mean the people from Porton Down, the laboratory …

So they have the samples …

They do. And they were absolutely categorical and I asked the guy myself, I said, “Are you sure?” And he said there’s no doubt.

I knew and had published from my own whistleblowers that this is a lie. Until now I could not prove it. But today I can absolutely prove it, due to the judgement at the High Court case which gave permission for new blood samples to be taken from the Skripals for use by the OPCW. Justice Williams included in his judgement a summary of the evidence which tells us, directly for the first time, what Porton Down have actually said:

The Evidence
16. The evidence in support of the application is contained within the applications
themselves (in particular the Forms COP 3) and the witness statements.
17. I consider the following to be the relevant parts of the evidence. I shall identify the
witnesses only by their role and shall summarise the essential elements of their
i) CC: Porton Down Chemical and Biological Analyst
Blood samples from Sergei Skripal and Yulia Skripal were analysed and the
findings indicated exposure to a nerve agent or related compound. The samples
tested positive for the presence of a Novichok class nerve agent OR CLOSELY RELATED AGENT.

The emphasis is mine. This sworn Court evidence direct from Porton Down is utterly incompatible with what Boris Johnson has been saying. The truth is that Porton Down have not even positively identified this as a “Novichok”, as opposed to “a closely related agent”. Even if it were a “Novichok” that would not prove manufacture in Russia, and a “closely related agent” could be manufactured by literally scores of state and non-state actors.

This constitutes irrefutable evidence that the government have been straight out lying – to Parliament, to the EU, to NATO, to the United Nations, and above all to the people – about their degree of certainty of the origin of the attack. It might well be an attack originating in Russia, but there are indeed other possibilities and investigation is needed. As the government has sought to whip up jingoistic hysteria in advance of forthcoming local elections, the scale of the lie has daily increased.

On a sombre note, I am very much afraid the High Court evidence seems to indicate there is very little chance the Skripals will ever recover; one of the reasons the judge gave for his decision is that samples taken now will be better for analysis than samples taken post mortem.


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The state and corporate media now have evidence of the vast discrepancy between what May and Johnson are saying, and the truth about the Porton Down scientists’ position. I am afraid to say I expect this to make no difference whatsoever to the propaganda output of the BBC.

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  • Sean Lamb

    A little more on the Nick “work accident” Bailey scenario. This is just to flesh out the scenario I raised above that Nick Bailey’s poisoning may have been a “work accident” where traces of A-234 were sprayed across Salisbury leading to the Skripals’ front-door in order to direct attention away from the actual crime scene and obfuscate the investigation.

    It may be the plan was originally to be like the Alexander Litvinenko investigation, where a tell-tale series of secondary A-234 traces would be discovered across Salisbury with the actual poison to be placed in Julia Skripal’s luggage. Because Bailey and colleague(s) at that point couldn’t gain access to the residence, the actual item to contain the poison would be planted or contaminated later. It was to be another triumph of British rara Science over the sinister Slav. However, it came unstuck when Nick Bailey also fell ill, because it was considered that getting ill from a secondary deposition would be a bit of a scientific stretch. Hence the police are stuck at the moment with the rather unlikely scenario of Russians sneaking up at night and planting “Novichoks” on the door. And I rather doubt they have any convenient Russians lurking around in Salisbury that they can shoe-horn into the guilty party. So I wouldn’t be surprised if ever-so-discretely the police don’t tip-toe back to the idea it was planted in Julia Skripal’s luggage (perhaps by the vengeful mother-in-law) in the near future.

    Either way, I still am not inclined to think the Brits actually did the attempted assassination themselves, they don’t like to get their hands dirty in quite so an overt fashion.

    • Bayleaf

      “Either way, I still am not inclined to think the Brits actually did the attempted assassination themselves, they don’t like to get their hands dirty in quite so an overt fashion.”

      Of course. It might be farmed out to a friendly agency who might subcontract it to a group of hired hands. There will certainly be cut-outs, false trails and plausible deniability. It’s standard spycraft. It might also be a Gladio-style operation undertaken either at the instigation of the Brits or with their full knowledge and agreement.

      What’s fairly plain by now is that the police are making no serious effort to identify and apprehend the villains. This speaks volumes about British culpability,

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I find it extremely difficult, to work out a real motive for this most bizarre propaganda event. All it serves to do, is to completely discredit the British Government, and all The mainstream media in the eyes of almost everyone, who has taken any real interest in it.

    So who is responsible for it? Was it The British Government’s idea, or did they simply do what they were told, by for example, the head of Nato, The CIA or someone within the highly divided US Government?

    On the face of it, the British Government, have not only become a laughing stock, they are almost certain to be blamed for this nonsense, by everyone including Nato. Absolutely no one with any intelligence can take it seriously.

    Or is there another motive, that no one has yet seriously considered?

    The British Government, does not normally make itself look completely ridiculous on purpose. They actually have highly intelligent people working for them, who gameplan, and predict the likely effect of their actions.

    The gameplan, does not include going to war with Russia. We wouldn’t last an afternoon. It also almost certainly does not include antagonising The Russians to such an effect, that Russia turns off all their energy supplies to Europe.

    Assuming that the British Government, has not gone completely insane, there must be another powerful motive.

    Is the British Government somewhat independent, from American control? BREXIT would not have happenned without powerful forces within The British Government wanting it. The American’s most certainly didn’t.

    So, is this a plan, that these powerful British forces, can both sweep away the incompetent May Government and perhaps have one led by for example Jacob Rees-Mogg who does give the impression of being highly intelligent, and of independent thought, and also discredit the neocon lunatics in Washington?

    Some country has got to break away, from this current insanity of totally counter-productive propaganda, lies and war, leading civilisation to its own self destruction.

    Maybe BREXIT was just the first step, and the next step will make the UK much more Independent from these American lunatics.

    It wouldn’t be the first time that this has happenned in a European Country. Even France did it. “In 1966, all French forces were removed from the integrated command and all foreign forces told to leave France. Since Nato’s military headquarters were near Paris, these had to be moved to Belgium.”

    France was independent from NATO for 43 years. They didn’t rejoin until 2009.

    If France can do it, I don’t see why The UK can’t.

    Within the last few years for the first time (more or less since Victoria Nuland issued her infamous words (“Fick The EU”) the Americans, by economically attacking Russia (which has had very liitle effect), were in reality economically attacking Europe.

    If your friends behave like that, they are no longer your friends. If they can’t behave, tell them to get lost. The Russians aren’t the problem, its the Americans.


    • Ultraviolet

      “Assuming that the British Government, has not gone completely insane, there must be another powerful motive.”

      Looking at the past three years, I genuinely think we are looking at the most incompetent Government we have ever had. I really don’t buy into any claims of some sort of Machiavellian plan here. Just an utter cock-up from start to finish.


    For an interesting analysis situating the Skripal incident into a geopolitcal context linked to developments in Syria:

    Developments in Syria have registered substantial gains by the government of Syria and its army versus Western terrorists. The terrorists are tools in the regime change game. The Skripal incident comes at a time when Russian assistance on the battlefields renders significant victories. Thus, it is arguable that Skripal incident and anti-Russia campaign is a pysop linked to Syria and the ME situation.

    • Tony_0pmoc,

      Yes, we all get that, but in my personal experience of meeting, mainly ex-British military forces (even Ex-SAS), they exhibit a high degree of morality. They joined when they were teenagers, for the excitement, to serve their country, to do their best, to get their energy and adrenaline off. They knew nothing – just kids, thought they were protecting us in the killing fields in some foreign land, and find themselves killing, in order to survive. They are not all mental wrecks, but some have cried all over me, and those have still got their arms and legs.

      With this current level of propaganda, I find it almost impossible to defend anything “British”, on the international internet.

      As British, this nonsense has discredited me too.

      I am ashamed.



        TO, the post related to the Syrian situation and timing of the Skripal incident in the latest phase of the anti-Russia campaign. We are not anti-British and greatly appreciate Elizabeth 1, Sir Walter Raleigh, Walsingham, and all that. The Stuart tyranny is another matter.

  • Dave54

    Just looked at this week’s Private Eye 23rd march, page 7, the number crunching box says 1 day given by prime minister Theresa May for Russia to explain Skripol poisoning but 1 YEAR taken by Theresa May as home secretary in preventing public enquiry into Litvinenko death fearing the effect on relations with russia (finally granted by high court after 1 year). What could have changed? Elections in may perhaps?
    P.s. what has happened to craig murray…no more posts?

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Craig, has done the most Brilliant Research work here, and his ISP are amazing, at defeating the attacks to silence him. His blog on this subject, is being linked to from all over the world. So faras I can tell, he is the Number One Authority in The World, on Countering the ludicrous British Government claims, who he used to work for.

      He takes his holidays seriously, and has probably gone fishing in a Scottish Loch.

      Unlike others who have posted here for the last 10 years, I have never met him.


    • Un individu louche

      ” what has happened to craig murray…no more posts?”

      D Notice?

      Just a thought

      or just an easter break. Have a good Easter Craig.

      • Sebastian

        When the D notice arrives this article and comments are gone. I’m hopeful that someone who knows how has taken up Craig’s suggestion, made during his DOS problem of some days ago, and mirrored it in some other jurisdiction(s).

    • Stephen

      If the plane at Heathrow is the plane Yulia came here on then it must have been here and back a few times since she came before the attack. The only difference I can think of now is the fact that Yulia is supposedly awake and talking. So what could Yulia have said to make the police raid an international flight at least a month after she could have been on it. If it was just to take samples then surely they would have known which flight and seat she was in before she awoke. It would be interesting if the plane had been out of service for any unusual period since the attack.
      There is always the chance that the police were planting something, but to what ends. It has been reported that some of the Russian embassy staff could be leaving today. Could they be booked on that flight.

      I know this is all a bit out there, but there’s not much to gone at the moment.

    • Stephen

      The MET have responded.

      We are aware of a story circulating on social media. Please be advised that Metropolitan Police are not conducting a search of an Airbus inbound from Moscow at Heathrow.
      — Metropolitan Police (@metpoliceuk) March 30, 2018
      Could it be a different police force at Heathrow or maybe spooks ?

    • Stephen

      Update from Foreign office via BBC

      In another development, Russian media reported that British police had boarded a plane belonging to the Russian airline Aeroflot at London’s Heathrow Airport on Friday to carry out a search.

      An unnamed source quoted by the Interfax news agency said the Russian airliner had arrived from Moscow and, after passengers had disembarked, police ordered the crew off so that the plane could be searched. The pilots refused to leave, the source said, but the search went ahead.

      The UK Foreign Office told the BBC that customs officers had boarded a plane in London, but gave no further details.

      Russia’s foreign ministry spokeswoman called it “the next provocation”, following the fallout from the Skripal affair.

        • Paul Barbara

          @ Emily March 30, 2018 at 22:55

          ‘…A plane by Russia’s Aeroflot has been searched by British authorities at London Heathrow airport who gave no reason for the examination. Russia’s Foreign Ministry called it “provocation” as international rules were breached.
          The British officials went aboard an Aeroflot plane, which arrived from Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow to the British capital on Thursday. The officers said they needed to inspect the plane without explaining the reasons for the action and demanded the crew to leave the plane. The captain refused to abandon the aircraft as it’s against regulations to inspect an aircraft in the absence of the crew. Yet the authorities proceeded with the search without releasing the commander from his cabin….’

          Diplomacy? Evidence? International laws? Wot, we worry?
          We’re British – we’re exceptional!(-ly good at warmongering and lying).

      • Ray



        Maybe you could answer the following questions.

        Embassy Press Officer on unanswered questions regarding the Salisbury poisoning

        Question: At yesterday’s briefing, the Official Representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Embassy had asked quite a few questions that remain unanswered. What are those questions?

        Answer: Indeed, we are witnessing a blatant violation by the UK of its international obligations under the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and the 1968 bilateral Consular Convention. We have not received a response to our multiple questions and requests made through diplomatic notes. Failure by Britain to engage in normal diplomatic exchange with the Embassy on this matter is regrettable.

        The questions to which we are awaiting answers are as follows:

        1) What is Mr and Ms Skripal’s exact diagnosis and condition?

        2) What treatment are they receiving?

        3) Is that treatment the same as that provided to Sgt Nick Bailey?

        4) Is it true that Yulia Skripal has regained consciousness and can communicate, eat and drink?

        5) Mr Bailey has been discharged, Yulia Skripal is getting better, but why is Sergei Skripal still in a critical condition?

        6) Did Mr Bailey, Mr Skripal and Ms Skripal receive antidotes?

        7) Which antidotes?

        8) How were the right antidotes identified?

        9) Did they actually help or harm?

        10) The Embassy immediately informed the FCO that Mr Skripal’s niece has been enquiring of her uncle’s and cousin’s health. Why have the authorities ignored her?

        11) Why are there no photos/videos confirming that the Skripals are alive and at hospital?

        12) Did the Skripals agree on Salisbury CCTV footage to be shown on TV?

        13) If not, who agreed on their behalf?

        14) Can that person also agree on hospital photos/videos to be published?

        15) Why are consuls not allowed to see the Skripals?

        16) How are doctors protected against chemical exposure?

        17) Can consuls use the same protection?

        18) Where, how and by whom were blood samples collected from the Skripals?

        19) How was it documented?

        20) Who can certify that the data is credible?

        21) How can we be sure that the chain of custody was up to international standards?

        22) Through what methods did experts identify the substance so quickly?

        23) Had they possessed a sample against which to test the substance?

        24) Where had that sample come from?

        25) Nerve agents act immediately. Why was it not the case with the Skripals?

        26) Leaks suggest the Skripals were poisoned at a pub, at a restaurant, in their car, at the airport, at home… Which version is the official one?

        27) How to reconcile quick political moves with Scotland Yard’s statement that the investigation will take “months”?

  • Godfrey Hutchins

    I’m sceptical of any information coming from this government as I was over Blair’s WMD’s. This gongoistic rhetoric coming just before the local elections is no surprise. who benefits most from this fiasco certainly Mrs May and get cronies. It’s Thatcher all over again as with the Falklands raising her standing in the eyes of the brainwashed right wing media and it’s followers.
    For me it stinks of an inside job. Wouldn’t be the first false flag attack I’ve heard of. So many conflicting bits of supposed evidence that we’re supposed to accept without question.

  • bj

    Here’s the story on the Aeroflot searhc:

    Also, I’d like to reiterate a question I posed earlier:

    After the alleged attack, and since the theory was that it was a fast working nerve agent, did the UK ever seal its borders, in an effort to apprehend possible suspects that might be fleeing the country?

    If not, why not and wouldn’t that have been standard procedure in a case like this, that has also been described as ‘terrorism’.?

    Questions, questions…

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Sorry, which bit didn’t you get ? Was it The Lamb on Easter Saturday or The Chocalate Bunny on Easter Sunday?


    “Last Act Of ‘Novichok’ Drama Revealed – “The Skripals’ Resurrection””


    “It seems that the ‘Novichok’ fairy-tale the British government plays to us provides for a happy ending – the astonishing and mysterious resurrection of the victims of a “military grade” “five to eight times more deadly than VX gas” “nerve agent” “of a type developed by” Hollywood.

    Happy Easter!

    Yulia Skripal no longer in critical condition, say Salisbury doctors

    The condition of Yulia Skripal, who was poisoned with a nerve agent in Salisbury along with her father, is improving rapidly, doctors have said.

    Salisbury NHS foundation trust said on Thursday the 33-year-old was no longer in a critical condition, describing her medical state as stable.

    Christine Blanshard, medical director for Salisbury district hospital, said: “I’m pleased to be able to report an improvement in the condition of Yulia Skripal. She has responded well to treatment but continues to receive expert clinical care 24 hours a day.”

    Her father’s condition is still described by the hospital as critical but stable.

    Only yesterday the Skripals chances to survive was claimed to be 1 out of 99. Nerve agents are deadly weapons. A dose of ten milligram of the U.S. developed VX nerve agent will kill 50% of those exposed to it. The ‘Novichok’ agents are said to be several times more deadly than VX.

    It seems less and less likely that the British government claim about ‘Novichok’ poisoning is actually true. Way more likely are other explanations, for example food poisoning or an allergic shock soon after eating out at a fish restaurant.

    The claims of a nerve agent and ‘Novichok’ seem to have been taken from the script of the British-American spy drama Strike Back (clip) which recently ran on British and U.S. TV. The sole purpose of the ‘Novichok’ drama is to implicate and damage Russia.”

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Reply ↓ Tony_0pmoc March 31, 2018 at 02:27

      Another extract from the MoA article:
      ‘…The Skripals were said to have left their home at 9:00am in the morning. They collapsed relatively sudden at 4:00pm in the afternoon. Is this seven hour delay consistent with being severely affected by a “military grade” highly toxic nerve agent? I doubt it.
      But even if a nerve agent of the ‘novichok’ type was involved the jump to allegations against Russia is completely baseless. David B. Collum is Professor for Organic Chemistry at Cornell University. He really, really knows this stuff:
      Dave Collum @DavidBCollum – 12:54 AM – 27 Mar 2018
      I will say it again: Anybody who tells you this nerve agent must have come from Russia is a liar–a complete and utter liar. They are simple compounds.
      The Skripals are getting better. Good for them. But their resurrection from certain death is a further dint in the British government’s claim of ‘nerve agent’ ‘of a type developed by Russia’.
      The whole anti-Russian campaign constructed out of it is just ridiculous and deeply dishonest. The five page propaganda handout the British provided to other governments is a joke. It provided no solid facts on the case. To respond to it rationally, as Russia tries to do, makes little sense…..’

  • Ivan

    It has been four weeks since this story broke, yet all we have from the Russians is a hysterical display of – how dare you accuse Ceaser’s wife of adultery. As the successor nation of the old Soviet Union, (with the right to nuclear weapons, veto power in the UN etc.) they have the moral obligation to clear the air in this matter. The British may well have their own agenda, but all the Russians are doing here is spreading FUD. For all their denials initially that they knew anything about a ‘Novichok’ programme, it has now been clearly shown that there was such a programme, Engaging in semantic games about ‘Russia’ and ‘the Soviet Union’ is not going to cut it. The scientists who had worked in it have spoken out, surely the Russian state authorities know about this matter it least as well as them. That shows to me, the workings of a guilty conscience. All the factual information has come from either the independent media, or some of the Western papers, with nothing at all from RT or Sputnik save useless theories on how the West is using this for their own ends.

        • bj

          The ones spreading FUD is your beloved Theresa May, in her poorly choreographed comedy capers.

      • Ivan

        Emily, earlier you gave links to one Captain Ajit Vadakayil’s blogsite. Did you have a look at his blog, where he blames everything under the sun, including happenings in India, and even what he considers subversion of Hindu religious doctrines on Jews and Zionists? I found it highly entertaining. And don’t fool yourself further into thinking that there are no Indians named Kennedy, Newton, Clinton, O’Brien or even Ivan. Come out of your shell for your own good.

    • StephenF

      ” all we have from the Russians is a hysterical display of – how dare you accuse Ceaser’s wife of adultery. ”

      Couldn’t be further from the truth. Quite the opposite: May, Johnson, Nikki Haley et al., in their ire, repeatedly characterized Russian response as snarky and disdainful. In Parliament, May said the Russians reacted with “sarcasm, contempt, and defiance” to her allegations. Russian dignitaries and missions made a number of mocking statements highlighting Britain’s complete lack of evidence and improbability of accusations. It was nowhere near “hysterical”.

      In fact, if anyone’s “hysterical”, it’s the UK: so far we’ve seen nothing even approaching evidence, but the degree of their rhethoric has been climbing by the hour, culminating with Johnson comparing Putin to Hitler while in a sitting of British Parliament.

      As for “”Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion”, prime example is to be found with U.S. and UK reactions to Russian allegations that they might be behind the incident: there’s complete disdain, contempt and defiance in heaps.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    As none of our British politicians, nor our CIA controlled Media, has said a word about the Massive Fire Disaster in Russia last Sunday, and I wouldn’t know anything about it, except I read Dmity Orlov’s blog…this is what he said about it…

    (What the hell is wrong with You British psychos?)

    Have you no compassion. Do you just literally hate Russians?


    I am disgusted with you.

    Our English Children are just the same as Their Russian Children


    “Kemerovo and the Circles of Ugliness ”


    “You may have heard of the tragic event I am about to describe, or not. If you have heard about it in English, then, chances are, what you have heard is part of a programmatic anti-Russian hatchet job. Normally, I would be reluctant to write about it; it is generally best to make celebrations public and tragedies private. But in this case a great number of people, at different levels, have attempted to profit and to extract benefits from this tragedy, generating a gigantic cloud of black smoke far greater than that generated by the event itself.

    This truly ghastly tragedy unfolded last Sunday, March 25, in Kemerovo (stress is on the first syllable), Kuzbass Region, Siberia. A fire at the Winter Cherry shopping and recreation center claimed the lives of 64 people, including 41 children. Only 27 bodies have been identified; others await genetic analysis. The injured number 79, 12 of whom remain hospitalized; 67 have been discharged and will be treated as outpatients. Victims’ families and each of the injured have been given 1 million rubles by the regional government (17350 USD). In addition, the major owner of the center, the entrepreneur Denis Shtengelov, has promised to pay out 3 million rubles for each deceased. All victims have also been assigned a doctor and a psychologist to follow their case to rehabilitation.

    Russians are inured to tragedy. The harsh climate and the long winters, accompanied by snowed-in, icy roads, frequent whiteout conditions and the like cause a lot of transportation accidents. Terrorist attacks have claimed their share of victims. But this incident really shook people to the core, and the outpouring of grief has spanned the entire country; first, because its cause wasn’t nature or war—it was a man-made disaster—and second, because so many victims were children, who simply showed up on Sunday for a day of fun. Spontaneous memorials went up all across the country, from Vladivostok in the east (5400km from Kemerovo) to St. Petersburg in the west (4100km), and across the world. Along with the outpouring of grief and support, respect was been paid to the heroes of this tragedy, both dead and living. Tatiana Darsalia, an English teacher, led her own daughter out of the burning building, then ran back in to save other children; she did not survive. Dmitry Polukhin, a cadet in the Emergencies Ministry, managed to grab a hold of and carry outside three children at once—a boy and two girls; he survived.

    This, then, is the core of the tragedy—all perfectly human and understandable. After a great deal of grief, and much support from the outside, Kemerovo will eventually heal. But around this tragedy, as soon as it occurred, was set in orbit a veritable asteroid cloud of human ugliness: beastly soulless predatory humanity attempting to derive some scant personal or group benefit from the deaths of children. English lacks good words to describe such people; all it has is vulgar Anglo-Saxon expletives and mealy-mouthed imitations of long-dead Latin. Just labeling such people won’t work; instead, I will sort these orbiting human flaming turds into orbits—Circles of Ugliness, I will call them—the way Dante Alighieri famously assigned sinners to circles of Hell—and perhaps I will even bestow upon them some some suitably medieval eternal torments.

    At the very center of this set of Circles of Ugliness may lie a black hole: the fire may have been arson. (It may also have resulted from an accidental short circuit; the investigation is not complete). But if it was arson, a leading theory is that it started in a play pit in a children’s playroom. The pit was filled with styrofoam blocks, and someone (no suspects yet) may have set one of them on fire. The fire then quickly spread to the entire pit, the synthetic ropes that hung over it, the burning ropes spread it to the walls and the rest of the space, and from there throughout the structure.”

    • Ivan

      The Western countries did send messages of sympathy. I don’t know what Orlov is carrying on about. The suffering of children is unbearable for almost anyone in the world. Why was styrofoam used in the play pen, after its horrific role in the Grenfell Tower burning? All they needed was to fill the play slides and so on with air. I am afraid it points to gross corruption in Siberia. And Putin with his all knowing pose cannot escape responsibility. After all the Tsar knows, Stalin knows etc…

      • Tony_0pmoc

        Russians are humans like us. We all make mistakes. The important thing, is to recognise this, and to correct the mistakes, so it doesn’t happen again. I sometimes have got really annoyed with the management of the venue, when I can’t go outside to have a smoke – because they have locked the doors to escape. I go right up to them. Why is this door locked, so I can’t go outside?

        You have got to take these people on, and test them to ensure they comply with basic safety regulations.

        I even do it in my Mother-in-Law’s house.

        How do I get outside, if your house is on fire?


        • Ivan

          Exits were blocked, fire sprinklers did not work and no doubt there were dodgy electrical wiring. I am an Indian, the first thing I do when I get into a shopping centre is to look for where the exits are. It seems to me that Russians have fallen for the glitz of modern looking buildings without taking into account how dangerous things can be, This points to incompetence or worse.

          • Ray


            May I ask, when you are visiting a shopping centre, how do you ascertain that the smoke and heat ventilation systems
            (SHEVS) are in working order and that all the final exits are unlocked ?

          • Ivan

            Ray, did I say that I can ascertain these matters? I merely take note of the exits, and point it out whenever they are blocked. My point is these structures can turn into firetraps. For that reason all will have to be cautious, and it would appear especially so in Russia given their corruption and incompetence.

    • Mary Paul

      I mainly read news online these days and I have read about the dreadful fire in Russia in some detail and it was certainly covered there by western media.

  • Paul Barbara

    ‘British authorities searching Russian plane in London without giving reason is provocation – Moscow’:

    Emily posted this link above, but it’s worth a boost.
    I think it’s about time that Putin took the gloves off, and disclosed some of the information Russia must have about the Clintons and MK-Ultra, Mena Airpot/drugs importation, the Clinton Foundation and child traficking/abuse, and of course the CIA and American Military’s links to all the above.
    Then they could release what they know about paedophilia by our renowned Parliamentarians, Judges, police and Social Services.

    If you know anything about the Cathy O’Brien/Mark Phillips case, Mark Phillips, ex-CIA operative, only learnt of Cathy’s plight from a Chinese intelligence agent when he was on a business trip to China. The Intel guy also had all of Mark Phillips CIA dossier, which he showed him! So the Russkis must have a good deal of info on our ‘Pervs in Parliament’ and the Establishment.

    • Ivan

      The authorities at any airport are empowered within limits to search aeroplanes, without having to clear it with the nations whom the aeroplanes belong to. The Russians should quit this high drama and focus on how they intend to explain their persistent denial of a Novichok programme, when it seems every self-respecting chemist in Russia knew about it.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Ivan March 31, 2018 at 08:57

        ‘…A plane by Russia’s Aeroflot has been searched by British authorities at London Heathrow airport who gave no reason for the examination. Russia’s Foreign Ministry called it “provocation” as international rules were breached.
        The British officials went aboard an Aeroflot plane, which arrived from Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow to the British capital on Thursday. The officers said they needed to inspect the plane without explaining the reasons for the action and demanded the crew to leave the plane. The captain refused to abandon the aircraft as it’s against regulations to inspect an aircraft in the absence of the crew. Yet the authorities proceeded with the search without releasing the commander from his cabin…’

        What part of ‘…international rules were breached…’ don’t you understand?

      • StephenF

        “how they intend to explain their persistent denial of a Novichok programme, when it seems every self-respecting chemist in Russia knew about it” – Russians from the outset said there was no such thing as “Novichok” developed in Russia, and it appears they are correct, that “Novichok” is a name cooked up by defector Mirzayanov that became known in the West, while Soviet research went by alphanumerical codes and concerned an entire array of different compounds. So Russians were correct. And their reaction was not surprising considering May gave them 24 hours to “prove their innocence” in an ultimatum. No wonder their first reports were that no such thing as “Novichok” existed in USSR.

        Take into account also that OPCW looked into Mirzayanov’s allegations twice, in 2011 and 2013, and still declared Russian chemical weapons successfully destroyed in 2017. Nobody objected then, not US, UK or anybody else.

    • Emily

      Clinton body count
      Mike Rivero at What Really Happened posts some excellent stuff
      Here is some of his Hillary ‘library’..
      If you look at the top of his site – you will see a lot of special headings you can click into – including these – but a far wider range of topics.
      Clinton’s mess
      Clinton spying
      Vince Foster

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Emily March 31, 2018 at 13:34
        Another very good info source re the Clinton’s is Gary Webb’s ‘Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras and the Crack Cocaine Explosion’.
        He supposedly ‘committed suicide’ not long after the book came out…..

  • TJ

    Now we have an interesting Clinton-Novichok connection –

    “on Apr 3 2009, Hillary Clinton, as SecyState, sent instructions to US chemical weapon negotiators to “avoid any substantive discussion of the Mirazayanov book” on novichoks and “discourage substantive discussions” if issue arose. Why?”


  • Billy Bostickson

    @TJ, I posted this a few days ago, must admit it’s difficult to keep track and know what has been posted or not here as the forum structure is quite limited and unsearchable.

    “That is simply their business,” says an initiate. „The properties of all potential toxins are investigated.” A chemist like Julian Perry Robinson assumes this. „For years, it was only about two things: novichoks and peptides”, he said in an interview with this newspaper in 2014. In February 2006, the then chairman of the scientific advisory board of the OPCW, the Czech Jiri Matousek, said it plainly: in Edgewood, novichoks are being developed.

    It appears from ‘secret’ classified telegrams (WikiLeaks: Cablegate) that the Americans have made sure that he would not dare to say that again.
    (cable links here: and here: noticed it is signed by CLINTON!)

    The article itself by Karel Knip on March 21st which revealed that is very interesting and well worth a read:

    My take was that they were trying to avoid information getting into Terrorist hands as it is relatively easy to make and inexpewnsive as well as being deadly (in some cases :)) But, it could be for other reasons, that’s open to conjecture.

    • StephenF

      If the US were so concerned about novichok “information getting into Terrorist hands”, they would not have allowed CIA asset Mirzayanov to publish his book in the USA in the first place.

      In fact, if novichok was real, then publishing the formula could amount to chemical weapons proliferation, something explicitly prohibited by the Chemical Weapons Convention. And such a publication should have led to an active investigation by the OPCW. Instead, we have State Department actually stifling all discussions on novichok. So the US allowed the formula to get out, but didn’t want any measures taken. Smells highly fishy to me!

      • Billy Bostickson

        Mirzayanov claimed at the time that a lot of pressure was put on him by “Washington” not to publish the formula in his book, but he chose to do so. That may help to explain why the book was “buried”.

        “…some people from Washington persistently advised me not to include the formulas of the chemical agents of the Novichok series in my book. I reminded these people that the formulas of VX gas, sarin and soman have already been published. In some books it is even possible to find the basics of the production technologies of these agents.

        • StephenF

          You’re saying an ex-Soviet defector turned CIA agent would publish formulas for a deadly chemical weapon without leave of his American handlers? Publish in USA no less? The book itself is still available on Amazon, including a Kindle version. Don’t tell me that could happen without CIA approval and direction. No way Mirzayanov could have withstood pressure from “people from Washington” if said pressure was in any way serious.

          Much more likely that he published the book at direct instruction of CIA. Maybe he didn’t even write it (or its important parts, at least).

          • Sean Lamb

            To be honest Stephen, we have no strong reason to believe A-234 is a particularly potent chemical weapon. Just the word of a person who wants to sell a book. And who wants to buy a book or intelligence from a defector who says: “You know, we investigated with a range of compounds that showed acetyl-cholinesterase inhibitor functionality. But none of them were as effective or easy to produce as VX, so we never took it much further.”?

            If you want to sell a book, it has to be secret, it has to be Soviet and it has to be utterly utterly deadly.

    • StephenF

      As mentioned by Craig, novichok and in particular Mirzayanov’s book was actually a subject of inquiry at OPCW. In 2011 the organisation reported “that there has been no confirmation of the author’s claims”, reiterating this in 2013. So either novichok is not real (i.e. not an actual military chemical weapon), or the United States succeeded in stifling its investigation and OPCW is not to be trusted in any future novichok-related pronouncements.

    • John Goss

      The most interesting part of the discussion, apart from the west deliberately denying the existence of nerve-agents of the Novichok family, was something I have read nowhere else and found in the short chronology at the end. Of the Skripals it says:

      “Incidentally, they showed all the symptoms of contamination with nerve agent: foaming around the mouth, silent vomiting, spastic draws with the limbs becoming stiff, and loss of bodily functions.”

      Certainly some of those symptoms can be applied to the death of Dr David Kelly. But how does the author know that the Skripals suffered these symptoms when we have heard nothing from the medical profession about their condition. Foaming at the mouth has been ‘reportedly’ mentioned in highly reliable news outlets like The Sun. But where has the author got the silent vomiting and loss of bodily functions from? Or does it just fit the nerve-agent scenario?

      • Mary Paul

        There were some early interviews with passers by which were recorded on film (see for example Matthew Frie report on Depatches on C4) and in the press before it was all silenced. At least one person said they saw Skripal vomiting, others that he was waving his hands in the area, and another that only the whites of Yulias eyes were visible. The female doctor, who is recording as working on Yulia (reports vary over where: some say in the park, some on admission to the hospital emergency department,) said she had lost the use of her bodily functions. The BBC reported that Yulia Skripal was unconscious, seizing, vomiting, and had lost control of her bodily functions; Sergei Skripal had gone rigid and immobile, according to CBS News. These were all comments made before a curtain of silence descended.

        • John Goss

          I don’t doubt it could be true. The trouble is Mary Paul we don’t have a name for the female doctor and the rest is emotive hearsay which supports a government meme that they were poisoned by a nerve-agent. Of course such symptoms could be created by any number of other causes, including drunkenness.

          • Mary Paul

            No I don’t have a name for the doctor but the BBC claims to have interviewed her and some of the symptoms are described on film as eye witness accounts from locals. You can see one young man describing the vomiting in Matt Frei’s Dispatches film for Channel 4 (catch up on All 4) and I saw one eye witness describing to a news team how Yulia’s eyes only showed the whites and how Mr Skripal was waving his arms around in the air. This was immediately after it happened, before the news black out and they seemed like local young people describing what they had seen. The symptoms could of course be some form of poisoning, just not a novichok nerve agent. But I assume evidence is being lined up for the OPCW. The hospital too seems to be maintaining a degree of integrity in all this.

    • StephenF

      Here’s a possible way to solve this puzzle:

      – U.S. picks up Soviet research on deadly new agents while dismantling Nukus lab in Uzbekistan;
      – CIA acquires Mirzayanov and possibly other scientists involved in Soviet chem programs;
      – U.S. secretly develops “Novichok” in violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention;
      – CIA instructs Mirzayanov to publish a book describing how “Novichok” was developed by USSR;
      – U.S. stifles any attempts to seriously investigate “Novichok”, so that their own program wouldn’t be exposed, AND so that the substance wouldn’t officially become subject of verification measures under CWC;
      – “Novichok” is normalized through mass media as linked to Russia (television spy show, various publications etc.)
      – U.S. is now free to use “Novichok” in clandestine operations while framing Russia as “developer” and “only possible source” of the agent
      – After some “test drives” with Sarin accusations in Syria, the “Grand plan” of implicating Russia in “grave breaches of international law” is ready to set in motion.

      Makes sense to me!

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Billy, Your blog is brilliant. I really like the layout and design, but there has only been one comment on it, and you made it 3 years ago. I do have a disqus account. Maybe I will try and post there and be your friend. Thanks, Tony

      ” What is Rage University?
      δολοφόνος φάκοπάδια δελφινιών Ατλαντικού 26 February, 2014 12:03

      Rage University is proud to offer a free online University for global and local activists. Rage University, ten years in gestation, was officially established in 2011. Since then, Rage University has progressively expanded its scope from the People’s Republic of China to offer access to activists worldwide. Rage University is devoted to improving its content such as texts, manuals, videos, Moodle courses, and discussion forums. With further expansion of our operating scope, we will enhance direct, high quality and free educational resources to activists and other students all around the world.

      Rage University will also further cooperate with other activist resource websites throughout the world to offer simple, clear and excellent instructional guides and manuals to fully to satisfy the needs and expectations of global and local activists. We aim to create simplified, clear instructional manuals and guides which will be translated collaboratively by students into all world languages and eventually available for download in comic book format. We greatly appreciate your continued interest and support!
      Rage University Mission Statement
      πιθήκους δολοφόνος φάλαινα-κοπάδια δελφινιών Ατλαντικού 26 February, 2014 12:03

      Rage University’s mission is to advance the tactics, tools and techniques of radical activists, empowering them to use information, direct action, media and communication to help communities and individuals to achieve social, environmental and political change, as well as to protect them from State Repression and Violence.

      Log in with or sign up with Disqus

      Avatar Billy Bostickson Mod • 3 years ago

      No current access to PDFS with Firefox, only IE or Chrome. 1000 Apologies!”

      • Billy Bostickson

        Thanks, Tony, quite a lot of people visit and download documents but seem to keep their mouths shut….
        Also on Facebook if you would like to connect!

  • Passerby

    A noticeable omission from May’s impossible ultimatum to Russia, was a demand for an antidote.

    • StephenF

      Had they issued such a demand, they’d have no way of backing out of the situation. Absent “miraculous cure”, the Skripals would have had to die in order to support the Novichok theory. Apparently, London didn’t want this avenue closed – as to why, we might soon find out, considering Yulia’s “regained consciousness” and “started talking”.

      • John Goss

        The only trouble is StephenF now Yulia has allegedly started talking she will not be talking to the general public except through the lying megaphones of MSM. Remember they have both been conscious before, then unconscious, now one has regained consciousness, and that is the one incidentally who is a Russian citizen.

        • StephenF

          That’s exactly what I meant – the only reason for a Skripal to survive would be for him/her to fling accusations at Russia, thus supporting UK’s weak case. Therefore, London didn’t want to cut off avenues to an eventual “recovery” of a victim. And for that reason, they had to have a “cure”. Asking Russia for an antidote equaled admitting that a) a special antidote was necessary to treat from Novichok, b) UK didn’t have one. This would have put Britain in Russia’s hands: should Moscow have refused, Skripals had to die, otherwise it would have been clear that there had never been a Novichok in the first place.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Passerby, What could be an antidote to Alice-in-Wonderland? Maybe The NIST report or an Easter Bunny?

  • TJ

    US rejected accusation by Scientific Advisory Board Chairman Jiri Matousek of developing and weaponizing “Novichoks”, wanted to kill discussion.

    “7. (C) Drawing on the points provided in reftel, del rep met with delegates from the UK (Mark Matthews), Switzerland (Ruth flint), Austria (Hans Schramml) and Czech Republic (Jitka Brodska) to discuss the recent ill-considered comments made by Scientific Advisory Board Chairman Matousek to the Western Group. All of the delegates appreciated the clarification that the U.S. did not develop or weaponize NGA, including “Novichoks.” They also agreed with the U.S. that it is a bad idea to have a discussion on whether to add NGAs to the CWC Schedules of Chemicals. Finally, they all also stated that they had not heard of any interest by any delegation in pursuing such an effort, and the issue has not/not resurfaced in WEOG. “

    Stratfor thinks Cuba has “Novichoks”

    “Cuba is believed to have developed these chemical weapons: tabun, sarin, soman, yellow rain, novichok, phosgene oxime, arsine trihydride, and hydrogen cyanide. “

    Mirzayanov wants Tatarstan independence

    “The Republic of Tatarstan produces approximately 30 mln tonnes of crude oil per year, which is 6.7% of the Russia’s total. “

    US government supports it-

    • StephenF

      Googling Matousek led me to Edgewood:

      Googling Edgewood led to this:

      “Furthermore, I would like to point out that extensive research involving these toxic agents was conducted at the Edgewood Arsenal facility of the US Department of Defence. I cannot say that this research was based on the data provided by Professor Matousek or other scientists. Here is the database for one such toxic agent, with the spectra of toxic chemicals, which was a novelty at that time. Professor Matousek did not have this information; he only had the toxicology data. It is an official database for one of such compounds. It dates back to 1998 and comes from the Edgewood Arsenal.

      Vil Mirzayanov did not have these formulas in the early 2000s. Trying to earn a living and to improve his finances, Mirzayanov published a new book, probably in cooperation with the Edgewood Arsenal, titled “State secrets [An insider’s chronicle of the Russian chemical weapons programme].” This book included some formulas. Naturally, he implied a Russian connection for political reasons, as he would not have benefitted from this publication otherwise.

      Why didn’t he write this before, if he knew about it? Because he had to provide proof, which was only available in the above database. The US sent the book to the OPCW Technical Secretariat. The OPCW’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) carefully analysed the problem and ultimately presented its conclusions.”

      It’s from the Russian Foreign Ministry’s meeting with ambassadors, translated into English, and itself a worthwhile read:

      Seems like Russians were quite baffled not only by the accusations, but by realizing how deep this rabbit hole actually goes. They’ll certainly be aiming for a strong response, probably at the upcoming OPCW conference next week.

  • Billy Bostickson

    Big News update coming via Лев Сперанский and Екатерина Свешникова of mk,ru

    Julia’s future mother in law is an ex- Director of Russian Federal Reserve, Central District, who is married to a Russian general of the chemical warfare battalion which dealt with the Chernobyl disaster.

    Sources speak of connections with ultra-conservative Felix group of ex-KGB criminal gang and Leonard Rink.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Billy Bostickson,

      Thank you for your contributions, and your detective skills. I particularly thank you, for bringing to my attention, that some Russians write a complete load of bollocks too.

      Are you an American Billy?

      Do you live in Boston?


    • StephenF

      This seems to be complete crockery. Probably some kind of pulp tabloid taking a story and running with it. Wouldn’t be surprised if their “detective work” was done by skimming the Web for particularly juicy tinfoil theories.

      But just for the fun of it – can anyone seriousbly believe that a “Russian general of the chemical warfare battalion” (general commanding a battalion? nonsense) would implicate himself with a murder on foreign soil, in Britan no less, and with an ultra-rare nerve agent that “points directly to Russia” (according to May and Johnson)? He’d have to be batshit insane to even consider it. Not to mention that if he was a general back during Chernobyl (i.e. 22 years ago), he’d be long retired by now.

      And of course, it’s completely pointless to wait until Yulia travels to England, when there is all opportunity to deal with her in Russia.

      • StephenF

        My mistake – Chernobyl was not 22, but 32 years ago. Considering average lifespan in Russia, someone who was already a general 32 years ago is probably already deceased.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ StephenF March 31, 2018 at 19:32
        Talking about Chernobyl, I suspect that was a Western (US/IS) attack that caused that; Chernobyl fuelled the ‘Russian Woodpecker’, which perforce closed down after Chernobyl ‘occurred’. So, the Russkis didn’t want to expose how they had been ‘had’ into using US software, perhaps to save money. They came up with an unlikely story of some geezer trying to shortcut something or other, or test a theory. As I said, a ‘likely story’.

      • John Goss

        There are quite a few, or rather were quite a few, familiar western companies cooperating with MK.RU including, if I remember correctly, Doughty Engineering. At least two of the pictures, the one it calls her office is from her Valet profile, and the one in a bikini is on her Russian Facebook page. Nevertheless MK.RU has provided more pictures than our media which seem to run with the main Valet profile picture which is also on her Russian FB page.

        I agree that the articles are sensationalist.

    • Artsem

      To Billy Bostickson.

      Sorry, but this artikle in doesn’t contain info about any ‘generals’ at all. Where did you get this info?

      You’ve improperly translated the ex-position of the woman: “предприятие Федерального агентства по государственным резервам по ЦФО” means “the enterprise of the Federal Agency for State Reserves in the Central Federal”. It isn’t the same as Russian Federal Reserve Central District, which has a complicated structure with a plenty of subordinated enterprises. She was at the head of the one of them.

      • Billy Bostickson

        as I said, it is ROSREZERV,central district, same link you posted, If you want to find her name just check the annual awards for 2008,

        The article states that they use a pseudonym for the boyfriend, “Stanislav”, although they know his name.

        Who is Stas?

        He is an economist by training, graduate of the State University of Management.

        In 2014 he defended his thesis at the Moscow State University at the Department of Economic Sociology and Marketing of the Faculty of Sociology.

        Later he published a number of articles on social investment.

        However, Stanislav writes not only scientific works, but also poems .. On the Internet there is a whole collection of his works. Verses here for every taste – there are philosophical, and love lyrics, and even religious.

        Stanislav’s mother before the country was marked by the government’s honorary diploma in 2008.

        she was in charge of the enterprise of the Federal Agency for State Reserves for the Central Federal District.

        since 2014, she heads an NGO with an authorized capital of 5 million rubles.

        area of ​​activity is development in the field of corporate security systems, integrated technical control, as well as scientific research in the core field.

        In the same structure, Stanislav himself works.

        We do not pretend to assert, but it is very likely that the enterprise is closely connected with the power structures.

        mother did not really welcome the son’s relationship with Julia.

        friends called Stas. He prefers not to discuss the situation and limited communication – his phone does not answer calls from unfamiliar numbers, he also ignores the messages from the journalists of “MK”.

        We visited the family of Stanislav in Podolsk near Moscow,

        Stanislav’s mother, as she told about herself, works as a chief accountant.

        Every morning at exactly 7.00 near the entrance it is waiting for a jeep with a personal driver.

        father had surgery on the heart, he sits at home. Now, probably, they are at the dacha.

        – What can you say about Stanislav?

        “A fine young man!” Helped us to repair the computer.

        The last time he was seen on March 20 in a black “Land Rover” on a paid parking near the house.

  • Sean Lamb

    My rule of thumb is you can always tell what your own government is doing by what they or there National Security officials say hostile nominated countries are doing.

    Rule in thumb: Have you ever wondered why the US government is forever hysterically accusing Russia on penetrating their electricity infrastructure with malware?

    It all goes back to the August 2009 Sayano–Shushenskaya power station accident

    Suddenly a massive turbine came off its moorings and plunged through a floor, killed 75 power plant workers.

    James Bamford describes what happened like this:
    “what happened to that turbine is a digital device that was meant to control it gave it commands that it shouldn’t have given it accidentally, and it caused the turbine to vibrate back and forth by going very fast and then very slow, very fast and very slow. That broke the bolts holding it to the floor, and that made it explode. Well, those are the exact same type of commands that were given to the centrifuges during the Stuxnet attack. ”

    Indeed it is exactly like the Stuxnet attack, according to the Institute for Science and International Security report:
    “The attacks seem designed to force a change in the centrifuge’s rotor speed, first raising the speed and then lowering it, likely with the intention of inducing excessive vibrations or distortions that would destroy the centrifuge. If its goal was to quickly destroy all the centrifuges in the FEP [Fuel Enrichment Plant], Stuxnet failed. But if the goal was to destroy a more limited number of centrifuges and set back Iran’s progress in operating the FEP, while making detection difficult, it may have succeeded, at least temporarily”

    In fact it appears the power plant “accident” in Russia was just before the partially successful attack in Iran:
    ” VIENNA – In an underground chamber near the Iranian city of Natanz, a network of surveillance cameras offers the outside world a rare glimpse into Iran’s largest nuclear facility. The cameras were installed by U.N. inspectors to keep tabs on Iran’s nuclear progress, but last year they recorded something unexpected: workers hauling away crate after crate of broken equipment. In a six-month period between late 2009 and last spring, U.N. officials watched in amazement as Iran dismantled more than 10 percent of the Natanz plant’s 9,000 centrifuge machines used to enrich uranium. Then, just as remarkably, hundreds of new machines arrived at the plant to replace the ones that were lost. ”

    In fact General Keith Alexander of US Cyber Command specifically refers to Sayano-Shushenskaya to illustrate the danger that cyber warfare represents.
    Of course, there is no PROOF that Sayano-Shushenskaya didn’t just totally coincidentally suffer the exact same malfunction that a few months later the US would be deliberately attempting to inflict on Iran.

    But lets just say it you ever wonder why the US Government seems so paranoid about Russians putting malware on their electricity grid, that might be your answer.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Sean Lamb March 31, 2018 at 18:38
      Makes perfect sense. By the way (given your first name), it was Bloody Sunday that set me on course to get at the truth.

    • Ivan

      It is very hard to believe that the engineers would not have taken into account the possibility that the controls would malfunction in this way, since it is a standard mode of failure. The possibility of sabotage cannot be ruled out.

  • Stephen

    I would just like to thank you to Craig and the community on here. In the last couple of weeks I have learned more important snippets of news than I ever have from MSM. I would even go so far as to say Zerohedge and “From the trenches” wouid be improved if a lot of you posted your very well researched information on them.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Crackerjack

    France enters the fray

    This would be the France that concluded that Assad was responsible for the Sarin attack in KS by comparing samples with the still unattributed attack in Ghouta.

    The fact that both attacks occurred in areas controlled by Nusra and at a time that would be of considerable damage to Assad (the infamous red line and just at the point where Trump was about to pull the US out of Syria) seems to have passed these clowns by

  • Canexpat

    Two apparently poisoned in UK, no evidence whatsoever of Russian State involvement = international outrage, expelling of numerous diplomats from many countries.

    Meanwhile, 17 unarmed protesters in Gaza murdered by sniper fire from the IDF…. Crickets.

    Are the majority of the population of the ‘West’ seriously this brain dead?

    I despair!

  • mark golding

    Since the murder of Diana, Princess of Wales the French intelligence service DGSE has responded to requests from British SIS and are known to be involved in the Skripal poisoning specifically to bypass our own Porton Down scientists. It is known that at a ‘mole’ may be associated with Dstl and it’s activities are somewhat watered down these days after media attention in the last few decades.

  • John

    People like Boris Johnson Don’t appreciate the difference between such words as Novichok and Novichok-like. When they use such terms indistinguishably they are not lying. They are being stupid (especially in the case of a diplomat). The perennial dilemma of mendacity vs. stupidity in such situations was solved by Napoleon long ago, who came to the conclusion that when this issue arose among his troops careful investigation nearly always proved that stupidity was responsible for the issue. In other words people generally actually believe the BS they spew in these instances. If you argue that Boris Johnson is an idiot because he doesn’t understand this case beyond a third-grade level (“Russia bad”) then you will get very little debate from people who are actually following this, and Boris Johnson will have a very hard time suing you for slander (in site of his intelligence, training, and education he IS an idiot). Some friendly advice: given your recent legal troubles it would be wise for you to be careful about who you call a liar. Most of these people are just idiots.

    • StephenF

      Johnson was very specific, in official statements and interviews, that it was a Novichok, that Russia was responsible, and that there was no alternative explanation. May has also dropped the “highly likely” qualifier it seems. They are going tangibly beyond what their own experts were saying under sworn testimony. So yeah, it’s a case of lying, all right. Unless, of course, they have some extra “intelligence” they’re not sharing with the public nor their allies… but let’s not kid ourselves here.

  • Durak

    Very surprised at the Yulia situation.

    1. She turns against Russia, if that is the case I’d expect significant pre-coaching from the UK, bribery but unlikely coercion (never works well), this would take some days if not weeks, and explains in part the complete lack of communication from the Hospital, in fact this lack of communication in itself is hugely suspicious, no staff member (except a lone Consultant) has made ANY statement. Extremely suspicious. Was she even ill? We simply don’t know!

    2. She returns to Russia (or at least to the protection of the Russian state in the UK) – this outcome could *destroy* any UK case if she is coached (or otherwise) by the Russians to implicate the British.

    The British would likely never allow the latter, but if the former transpires it even looks dodgier.

    Everything, but everything stinks about this case, rotten.

    The Russians don’t even have to lift a finger, the British have created this all by themselves, deliberate or otherwise. And frankly, Boris Johnson – who the heck, and I mean who would ever trust this man?

    • Ultraviolet

      I was so encouraged by that thread. Two lone trolls desperately trying to say that everyone questioning the official line is from St Petersburg, even though they have been regular posters on the Graun for many years. And apart from them, pretty much everyone agreed that this whole story stinks to high heaven.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Durak April 1, 2018 at 07:17
      Yeh, they pulled the Comments about 7 am. They always pull them quickly, on the odd occassion they even allow them at all on controversial subjects.
      Again, the Independent is a good paper for commenting on, and virtually always shows a majority of progressive comments.

      • Durak

        They have NOW deleted all the comments…. pure censorship….. the narrative must be followed…

        Were getting hundreds of likes on comments stating the whole thing stinks….

        Deleted all the comments… what country are we living in???

        • MightyDrunken

          Looks to me like the comments are back. The comments reminds me of a “Labour is anti-Semitic” article(which there many) on the Guardian, from a few days ago. It was the single article I saw on the topic where they opened comments for a short time , the comments were almost as critical.
          The propaganda is deep and wide at the moment, at least some are noticing.

  • Billy Bostickson

    Breaking News from MK.RU, they have just published a photograph of Julia Skripal’s future mother-in-law and her husband who have now been formally accused by the Russian FSB of attempted murder of Julia.

    She confessed! Seems I was right all along!

    She claimed her husband, a retired commander of the chemical warfare battalion, sprayed slow acting “novichok” compound A12018 onto a wreath of plastic flowers which were then sealed and swapped with an original wreath in Julia’s suitcase in Moscow,

    In her defense, she claimed: “I did it for my dear son, so he would not bring shame on the family by marrying the traitor’s daughter”

  • Pyotr Grozny

    I’ve just returned to Britain from Russia and been able to talk to family and friends and sadly do not approval/disapproval ratings on comments are a reliable guide to public opinion in Britain. That doesn’t mean they are manipulated by bots but rather that those who comment may not be representative of the population as a whole. The prevailing sentiment I get from people who are middle class liberal/conservatives is that Putin has previous therefore he is guilty and in the unlikely event that he isn’t guilty of this it doesn’t matter because he is guilty of so many other things. So I think Boris and Teresa have guarded the public mood correctly on this. I find it very depressing and think it no way to be conducting international relations in public. It also means that if we who discuss this do help to come up with something which shows that Putin didn’t order it may not have that much impact.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Pyotr Grozny April 1, 2018 at 16:28
      You are right that the commenters are not representative of the public as a whole – the public as a whole tend to believe any BS that the government and MSM tell them.
      And there is a difference in tone between the pro-government commenters and those who question the government narrative – the former tend to be far more vitriolic and abusive, whereas the latter tend to use logic and to give their reasons for doubting it, often with relevant links.
      In reality, pro-government commenters are much more likely to be bots or paid by the State – HMG has acknowledged they have a military unit whose job is to make multiple comments using various programs, and to disrupt truth and peace campaigns. I forget what the unit is called.

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