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  1. your perogative.
  2. Why don’t you go live in Russia? Go on then. Send me a postcard. As I said earlier, we don’t have State Terrorism, Russia does.
  3. The main sanctions came in from Russia exporting their ‘democracy’ to Crimea. The West made sanctions against key individuals close to Putin, Putin then made sanctions on food imports from Europe that directly hurt the people of Russia – the collective punishment was imposed from the Russian side.
  4. Again I’m not defending the West, I think our leaders are horrible too. That doesn’t make Putin a force for good.
  5. He might have been metaphorically killed, but he is still alive. Nemtsov is dead. What good are 40 “communists” when the main opposition leader is barred from participating in elections and opposition leaders are murdered by the FSB?
  6. I did watch it and now I’m convinced Navalniy is a Western spy and Putin is a force for good in the World.

Good luck with your new life in Russia.