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The Israeli state is using a chemical weapon against unarmed crowds.

The use of such weapons is banned in war.

That Al Jazeera article is a masterpiece of pretending to be against Israel but surrounding the “news” with such a load of verbiage as to cause many readers to nod their heads in something halfway between passive agreement and sleep. Get to the f***ing point. Put it in the “lede”. How hard is that to understand? Somebody should tell the editor how to do his job. But of course then he would upset the owners…

“<i>Skunk water is a liquid compound with an overpowering odour that has been described by those who have experienced it as the smell of sewage mixed with rotting corpses. In reality, it is a concoction of chemicals that causes intense nausea, obstructing normal breathing, causing violent gagging and vomiting. The company’s safety sheet also indicates that it can cause skin irritation, eye and abdominal pain. Palestinians have also reported that it causes hair loss.</i>”

I guess one could say the princes in Qatar aren’t quite as friendly with the Israelis as the princes in the UAE are, but that’s about as far as it’s reasonable to go.

Of course tear gas and CS gas are also chemical weapons and they are used by states other than Israel. But they are known. We are supposed to call the new Israeli weapon “skunk water”, but it’s not water and the fact that it smells bad is probably not the most important thing about it if it also causes violent gagging, vomiting, eye pain, and abdominal pain.