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    Mark Golding

    I myself believe we have dropped anchor here in Britain with a political system of “inverted totalitarianism” that will eventually descend into despotism provoked by endless wars, increasing surveillance, ecological suicide and secret trade agreements. Treaties that will destroy our education system, privatise our NHS, legitimise animal growth hormones; that will allow genetically modified ingredients to contaminate our food, permit companies to sue governments for loss of profits, our fundamental rights abolished and our taxes wasted on an outmoded political nuclear deterrent .

    We are being sacrificed on the altar of corporate profit and as I predict the only way we have left is to vote with our feet.

    Craig Murray has said, ‘the Red/Blue Tories are no different, as the Labour Party hastened to affirm their love for weapons of mass destruction and their earnest desire to spend unlimited sums on ever greater potential to destroy mankind. Yesterday he warned, British government supports only sectional interest, the emergence of a figure like Crabb from the nutty evangelical fringes is a major worry. In other words our two major political parties have colluded to turn British politics into anti-politics and the Conservative Party to embracing the lunatics of the Christian right.

    Ask yourself, when will Jeremy Corbyn sellout because he is afraid. The signs are there right now in his responses to PM Cameron where he missed the point of embezzling the disabled to ease the purses of the well-to-do.

    Yet there are radicals in Britain, men and woman like Craig Murray who hold fast to moral imperatives, who will fight for the oppressed because it is right, not because it is easy or practical. These humans are willing to accept the state persecution that comes with open defiance. They have the courage of their convictions. They are not afraid.

    Of course there are few mechanisms to wrest back our democracy. We must however I believe reclaim a certain radicalism that will regain credibility and effect change. That intension rests within the true charity of our minds, a passion for social equality and egalitarianism, an involvement for those in society who we perceive as disadvantaged relative to others. We can send a powerful message to the power elites, it is a mirror that reflects back the fear through terror they have rendered on us, the nation, the family. In the whole a new deal or a revolution.

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    Lots to absorb, there.

    Methinks this side of the pond’s got it’s own Chris Hedges types.

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    Ba’al Zevul

    Look out for “authoritarian populists”: the latest meme devised by the Establishment to disparage its detractors. Invented, or at least first promulgated by the BBC…surprise!

    Note the wonderfully all-inclusive nature of the term. If you don’t think about it, and you aren’t intended to, it embraces the ‘authoritarian’ Old Tory as lovingly as the ‘populist’ Corbynesque Socialist. In practice, though it’sapplied to the Brexit tendency and no-one else. Boris is an authoritarian populist: Blair isn’t.

    Words. Don’cha luv ’em?

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