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  • Ex Pat


    Introduce Norwegian social democracy and the US / Sassenach Imperialists’ rage gets murderous. See Hugo Chavez for details.


    ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.’ Except that it was! The coup that attempted to overthrow Hugo Chavez and failed because of ‘People Power’. –


    John Pilger showed that the Venezuelan Reich wing TV and radio stations – barking mad / lying-through-their-teeth – were blaming Chavez supporters for firing on the crowd.

    Instead Pilger’s video shows the truth. Coup elements in the police – paid for by the US – were assassinating civilians – Chavez supporters – by shooting them in the head and blaming the Chavez side. Meanwhile the Reich wing media cut the footage to show the opposite and were broadcasting the lies over and over, non-stop!

    No change there, then! As seen in every US coup since forever … (Teheran’s Neda for one). – @ 23.00



    And why the Sassenach 1% may not be too keen on Scottish independence. Sets a bad example. Gives the natives ideas (above their station?). OR. It’s the money, stupid!

    The, ER, traditional method – GPO 1916 – Michael Collins –



    Followed by three years of British Imperialist death squads – the ‘Black and Tans.’

    – The Wind That Shakes The Barley – Youtube –


  • Cuthulan

    the death of Chavez is a tragedy for South America and a bit convenient for the USA.
    hopefully Chavezs social revolution will continue.

    The western political system is called “Representative Democracy”
    its represents democracy in the same way a transvestite represents a woman.
    It is in fact just an elected dictatorship.
    Political parties are the cheerleaders of the dictatorship
    Once every 4 years we get to choose the colour of the curtains and pom poms

    The social system this represents is State Capitalism.
    State capitalism has various different meanings, but is usually described as a society wherein the productive forces are controlled and directed by the state in a capitalist manner, even if such a state calls itself socialist. Corporatized state agencies and states that own controlling shares of publicly-listed firms, and thus acting as a capitalist itself, are two examples of state capitalism


    Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.
    Benito Mussolini, fascist dictator of Italy (1922-1943)

  • English Knight

    Now I wonder if hundreds of thousands of grown men and women would be crying openly in the streets if the seed of prescott bush or the seed of the irgun,haganah,stern gang that rule israel today were to die?! VIVA CHAVEZ !!

  • Mary - for Truth and Justice

    ZBC this morning, referred to the Golan Heights, where the Syrian rabble rebels have taken UN peacekeepers hostage, as a ‘terribly sensitive area’. That was Naughtie on Radio 4 Today just now. He knows damned well that it is an area that is illegally occupied by Israel.

    Secondly, the SNP were rubbished over and over, particularly John Sweeney for one of his quotes about the state of the economy which they described as jargon.

    Thirdly they have Bliar! WTF on their website saying that history is on the side of the Union. Who cares what this discredited war criminal says or thinks.

    He was speaking to the National Association of Pension Funds (another speaking fee!) and the SNP’s Christina McKelvie MSP said –

    “This is a good development for the ‘yes’ campaign, because the 10th anniversary of Tony Blair’s invasion of Iraq on false pretences is a compelling illustration of the need for Scotland’s parliament to have the full powers of independence.

    “Scotland needs a parliament with the ability to speak with our own voice in the world, get rid of nuclear weapons and build a fair society and strong economy.

    “That is why we need an independent Scotland – and the more often Tory Blair argues for ‘no’, the stronger the ‘yes’ vote will become.”

    Well said Ms McKelvie!

  • Mary - for Truth and Justice

    This is what the BBC don’t like. The fact that the Scottish debt is proportionately lower than the UK’s.

    6 March 2013 Last updated at 15:04

    Gers figures show Scotland’s debt ‘lower than UK level’
    Scotland’s debt represents 2.3% of Scottish GPD, while the UK deficit is 6.0% of GDP

    Go-alone Scotland ‘faces challenges’
    Credit rating cut ‘shows UK failure’
    Scottish economy out of recession

    Scotland spent more cash than it raised last year, although debt levels were lower than the UK as a whole, official figures have suggested.

    Scotland had debt of £3.4bn, or 2.3% of Gross Domestic Product, if a geographical share of North Sea oil was included.

    Equivalent numbers for the UK showed a deficit of £92.3bn, or 6.0% of GDP.

    The Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland (Gers) figures for 2011-12 set out actual levels of tax and spending.

    Scottish ministers, who will stage an independence referendum in 2014, said the UK figures showed Scotland “more than pays her way”.

    Just as they shill for Israel, they are doing the same for Cameron’s Koalition on Scotland.

  • Mary - for Truth and Justice

    How bloody outrageous. Don’t pay your licence fee.

    BBC executive’s £4,000 flight on expenses AFTER leaving the job: Corporation’s taxi claims also rocket by 19% despite drive to slash spending

    Claims for taxi fares have shot up by almost a fifth in the space of a year
    Chief operating officer Caroline Thomson claimed £1,178 fares in last quarter
    But overall expense claims are down eight per cent on last year’s figures


    No wonder the troughers’ expenses are down. The main culprits, Thomson and Thompson have left! In his last year, he had freebies at Glyndebourne, the Royal Opera and the opening of the Limp Ics amongst others.

    Speaking of the Royal Opera, that of course is the current place of work for the incoming DG. All very cosy isn’t it?

    Thomson is the wife of Rod Liddle, one time advisor to Bliar and now Lord Liddle, and is also the daughter of the late Lord Thomson of Monifieth one time Labour MP.
    Did Lady Liddle get her prime position in the BBC on merit or was the NuLabour establishment network in play? She is now finding herself other sources of income although I am sure she does not need to use food banks.


    Another placement. http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/media/news/a438408/caroline-thomson-out-of-bbc-dg-running-joins-digital-uk.html which has presumably now expired as we all have access to Freeview now with its endless shopping channels and Desmond’s mucky adult section.

    She also lined this one up. http://www.broadcastnow.co.uk/news/people/caroline-thomson-joins-cn-group-board/5049564.article

  • Mary - for Truth and Justice

    I see some links why Bliar was chosen to speak to the National Association of Pension Funds. Just saying…..

    This individual is on its main board.

    Michael O’Brien J.P. Morgan
    Vice Chairman, Investment Council NAPF

    Mike J O’Brien, Managing Director, is the global head of J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s Institutional Client Group, based in London. An employee since 2010, he is responsible for overseeing the firm’s institutional client business and is a member of the JPMorgan Chase & Co. Executive Committee and the Asset Management Division Operating Committee. Previously he worked at BlackRock where he was head of Institutional Business for Europe, the Middle East & Africa. During his decade-long tenure at BlackRock, he led a team of institutional client advisors responsible for some of the firm’s largest clients located across 12 regional markets. Prior to that, Mike worked at Towers Perrin for 14 years where he oversaw their UK and European investment consulting practice, managing all aspects of pension planning financial management, and developing new products and service offerings, such as pension financial risk modelling for UK and US corporations.

    Mike holds a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics from Limerick University in Ireland. He is an Actuary (FIA) and a CFA Charterholder.


    Also there is Darren Philp ex UK Treasury for 13 years and Joanne Segars CEO who ‘held the pensions brief at the Trades Union Congress for 13 years’.

    In Bliar’s case, it’s not what you know but whom you know!

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    @ Dougie Scourge (23h58 yesterday) :

    So you have at last come as near as you can to admitting that some people on this blog were using the word “fascist” in an inappropriate way.

    Thank you.

    (As a reminder, the claim was that the USA, the EU and Australia were either fascist or on the way to fascism).


    La vit è bella, life is good! (and Dougie is improving)

  • Mary - for Truth and Justice

    UNHCR are running an appeal on Sky News for funds to ‘help a Syrian family’.

    Suggest they apply to William J Hague, Esquire, c/o HM FCO, King Charles Street, London SW1A 2AH

    After all he has some £millions at his disposal.

    ‘The UK is to provide armoured vehicles and body armour to opposition forces in Syria “to help save lives”, Foreign Secretary William Hague has said.

    It will offer millions of pounds in “non-lethal” equipment, including search and rescue, communications, and disease-prevention materials.

    Mr Hague said it was a “necessary, proportionate and lawful” response to “extreme human suffering”.

    But some MPs said they feared being drawn into a military intervention.’

    Some MPs are spot on.

  • Vronsky

    ” he aint the only one ( Scottish person ) To live where they so choose, remain active with the SNP”

    There’s a London branch of the SNP. It’s the only branch campaigning to have nuclear weapons in its back yard.

  • Villager

    6 Mar, 2013 – 11:11 pm

    “No their inflation rate is only running at 22%, below average for them, in 1996 it was 115% and they have more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia.”

    Thanks for that Fred. Venezuela’s oil reserves stand at the TOP of the table–that was an eye opener for me! And with a population of just 29m, all the country need’s is good management and fairness to all!

    Here are the links to the Oil Reserve and Population tables:

    Browsing through them makes some interesting comparisons, as also the usual reminder of America’s motives and pursuits.


  • Arbed

    Jonangus Mackay, 11.53pm

    The Guardian says its investigation of Steele and Patraeus’ complicity in Iraqi torture centres derives from Wikileaks’ release of the Iraq War Logs, but there’s an even older antecedent. The genesis of Steele and Patraeus’ “dirty war” methods in El Salvador was on Wikileaks’ radar as long ago as 2008.

    US Special Forces counterinsurgency manual analysis

    Wikileaks has obtained the “Petraeus doctrine” the Pentagon didn’t want to show you.


    This document also makes handy background reading to William Hague’s latest pronouncement of UK “aid” to the Syrian opposition forces.

    Teresa Smith’s documentary is excellent. She also did a fantastic one a couple of years ago about the situation in Palestine, but I can’t find it now.

  • Cryptonym

    Quibbling over the meaning of fascist. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s almost certainly a duck. Strictly speaking, by these contorted self-serving definitions, the Nazis weren’t fascists either, not being members of Mussolini’s Fascist Party proper. The meaning of fascist long ago changed, it has come to mean, corporatist and authoritarian. Throw in war-mongering and epic scale mass murder and no room for doubt remains. It certainly applies to the US, UK and many more superficially democratic countries.

  • craig Post author


    I guess I am the Ramsgate branch!

    I was annoyed to find that, resident outside Scotland, I can’t vote or speak at the SNP conference. Not vote I can understand, but I can’t see why I (and others) couldn’t take part in debate.

    I bet they’d let Sean speak!

  • Villager

    Habbabkuk (a.k.a. ‘ONEIL’)

    I see you haven’t submit your homework yet. Feel free to practice the copy ‘n paste trick from Glenn’s tutorial of yesterday, which i recommended for you as a valuable time-saving technique.

    But make certain its submitted by end today. Else there will be detention, in addition to six of the best.

  • Mary - for Truth and Justice

    Some nasty stuff about Hugo Chavez from Crawford ex Amb. At least he has stopped titling his blog a blogoir which I used to jeer at. Blogoir! Moi? Pretentious?

    So. Farewell then, Hugo Chavez

    and some similarly knocking copy earlier about Craig.

    Murray v Crawford – Blog Rankings

    I see the banner has a shining star. Must be how he sees himself.

  • Bert


    Not sure if you are hinting that Alec Salmond should sanction sending someone (yersel?)
    I don’t think Alec would sanction any such thing as he is a privvy councillor & therefore he does what he is told to…
    A representative from Scotland would be a great idea & I’d put in for any such travel fund…

  • Ex Pat



    Why the Scots _might_ assume that the Sassenach 1% are almost certain to use their murderous methods against Scottish independence – Tradition! ; )

    1974 – THE IRISH 911

    ‘Course history did a repeat, sort of, on the 17th of May, 1974, when multiple bombs exploded in Dublin and Monaghan, killing thirty three women and children and men.

    A smart Garda (Irish policeman) followed the driver of a suspicious van whom he saw observing the Talbot Street explosion. He detained the driver at Dublin port as he waited to board the ferry to Liverpool. Who was the driver? A captain in the British army. On leave. What a coincidence! – Shocked, Shocked! to find gambling going on!

    There is no truth to the rumour that he was the UVF bombers’s SAS UK army handler. There is no evidence to suggest that the egg crate found in the back of the van was used to hold the detonators, though it would have been ideal and it was empty. It was purely a coincidence – one of oh so many!

    (UH-Huh. How stupid do they think we are? Wait! Don’t answer that!!! Ed.)

    The Irish police investigation was called off, and still is, to this day. Well, why not? Everybody in the country knows who did it. And it isn’t the UVF. Or the tooth fairy.

    Thirty three women and children and men were blown to smithereens. Which would be 3,000 in a population of 300m, were it 911. The Irish Republic didn’t invade anywhere. The Irish Republic didn’t murder 1.4m Iraqis (ORB study). But we digress.



    UK death squads, state-sponsored assassinations, false flag attacks and terror. No change there, then! –

    “On the Spinwatch site there is an interesting study of the British Army’s use of undercover military units in Northern Ireland in the first half of the 1970s: essentially Brigadier Frank Kitson’s attempt to use the methods developed in Kenya and Malaya – pseudogangs, assassination and false flag attacks – against the IRA. What comes through most strikingly in this account are: the sheer incompetence of it all – again and again these units shot the wrong people and the rest of the state had to cover-up the mess they’d made; and the almost complete absence of curiosity about these events shown by the major media in Britain at the time.”

    – ‘Countergangs – A history of undercover military units in Northern Ireland 1971-1976’ – pdf – by Margaret Urwin, published 2012 – Spinwatch –


    From ‘Dealing with the Bog-Wogs,’ by Robin Ramsay, from ‘The View from the Bridge,’ – Work in Progress – Lobster 65 –


    Lobster magazine –


  • Ex Pat



    But that was then. They’d never do that today. (ER, Malaya, Aden, Cyprus, Northern Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq again, Somalia, Aden again!, Sudan, Libya, Syria, Mali, on and on and on. Ed.)

    SO. Scottish independence? Tell us again how Scotland is inviolable and Perfidious Albion doesn’t do these things anymore? Because to the rest of the world, it looks like they’ve been working overtime for the last twelve years. Or fifty.

    GOT HELP ?

    Do you think Scotland will succeed without struggle as those who have gone before you struggled? Since 1707? Or 1603?

    “You may not like the IRA but they’re the reason you’re writing from Dublin, Ireland rather than Dublin, United Kingdom.” HA!

    – Comment to the War Nerd on the IRA – ‘IRA vs Al Qaeda – I was wrong,’ by the War Nerd, Gary Brecher, 27th April, 2011 – The Exiled –

    Because nothing says “Sorry, old bean, we’d like our independence NOW!” like 2000 pounds of Semtex? Ah, for the old days – 1920 –

    – ‘Get Collins – The Intelligence War for Dublin’ – RTE – Youtube –


    ‘Course things have moved on. What worked then has been countered – these days Perfidious Albion gets its death-squad / torture-to-death / false-flag bombing digs in first. C’est la guerre. (ER, vie? Ed.) See Iraq, Afghanistan Wikileaks for details.

    SO. Good luck with that referendum.

    Lets hope that those Presbyterian Scots remember to use a (very) long handled spoon in talks with Perfidious Albion. Never mind the US Empire!

    A wise man at the UN commented that the air still smelled of sulphur after the US Empire’s chief oik had been there. Foreign Johnny. Hugo somebody. Hugo Chavez! With his head screwed very firmly on, by lots and lots of experience of Perfidious Imperialists! ; )

    Let’s hope the Scots have their heads equally firmly screwed on about Perfidious Albion.

    (Like the English???. ‘Course we like them. We just don’t _trust_ them. Not a millimeter. Or a nanometer. Mostly we like being rude about them and given their Imperial history they have to say “Yes, Sorry!” every time. Works a treat. Try it sometime – it’s great! ; ) )

  • Vronsky

    “I was annoyed to find that, resident outside Scotland, I can’t vote or speak at the SNP conference.”

    Huh? I’ve heard several speeches delivered by members of London branch – that’s where I got the joke about them being the only branch that wanted nukes in their back yard. Check again. There’s also the Donaldson Lecture, usually a high point of the conference. Offer to deliver that.

    You can’t vote unless you’re a delegate put forward by a Constituency Association(CA) – doesn’t matter where you live. I guess you’re a ‘Head Office’ member. Affiliate yourself to a branch or CA instead of HQ. And there’s utterly nothing wrong with trying to start Ramsgate Branch – you might be surprised at the result. Why not have some fun?

  • Mary - for Truth and Justice

    Just checked as I have no knowledge about the Scottish press.

    About HeraldScotland

    HeraldScotland.com is published by the Herald & Times Group, one of Scotland’s most successful and oldest media companies.

    Our newspaper division publishes The Herald, Evening Times and Sunday Herald. Founded in 1783 The Herald is one of the oldest newspapers in the world, whilst the Sunday Herald is Scotland’s youngest (born 1999). The Evening Times proudly and justifiably boasts that no one knows Glasgow better.

    Our magazine stable includes The Scottish Farmer and the popular outdoor specialist publication TGO.

    The group’s printing press at Cambuslang, just outside Glasgow, is one of the most efficient in the UK and produces more than 300,000 newspapers every day.

    The Herald & Times Group is owned by Newsquest, one of the UK’s biggest newspaper and website publishers.


    Oh the old Gannett lot I see under the wing of the Kohlberg Kravis Roberts outfit.


    How independent does that leave Gannett and Newsquest? What input is made or control exerted?

    Not a happy ship, Many links to strikes, NUJ walkouts, protests on pay etc but as in so many companies in this country, OK if you’re at the top of the heap.


  • Mary - for Truth and Justice

    That comment about the Herald Scotland should have been on the Propaganda against Scotland thread.

  • Mary - for Truth and Justice

    I wondered how far the anti Chavez smears would go. This is a good one. Was Chavez worth $1billion? Well demolished by Ken Waldron on Medialens.

    Was Chavez worth $1 billion?

    Posted by tarik on March 7, 2013, 8:43 pm

    Hello people!! Can any of you wise folk tell me if there’s any truth in some of these reports that are coming out in the mainstream press regarding his personal fortune? This figure is being touted by Criminal Justice International Associates whoever they are?
    Re: Was Chavez worth $1 billion?

    Posted by Ken Waldron on March 7, 2013, 9:05 pm, in reply to “Was Chavez worth $1 billion?”


    Jerry Brewer, Sr.President/CEO at Criminal Justice International Associates:

    Over thirty years of professional managerial and leadership experience in the field of Criminal Justice; fifteen (15) years as Chief of Police (3 states); U.S. Congressional and State Senate and House, honors.

    Published Author and Columnist on extensive criminal Justice topics: Intelligence; terrorism/counterterrorism; transnational organized crime; international Border security; domestic and international Policing, and related world events- published archives: (www.scribd.com/jbrewer31 and http://www.mexidata.info).

    U.S. Government-trained counterterrorism specialist and senior trainer, with extensive operational activity in Latin America and the Middle East as an Intelligence Community operative. Fluency in Spanish (Castilian).

    Consultant and Court certified Expert Witness in Police Management/Leadership; Police Liability/Use Of Force; Police Procedures; Major Case/Criminal Investigation Management; Death/Homicide/Cold Case, and Intelligence-led policing. Fifteen (15) Years- Chief of Police (3 states).

    Training specialization in domestic and international policing transition into confronting narcoterrorism and other transnational organized criminal threats. Perspectives in applying advanced law enforcement role in countering intelligence applied tradecraft issues. Consultants on the investigative direction in complex criminal and related transnational threats-:

    Practitioner/Senior Trainer: Surveillance Detection; Countersurveillance; Counterterrorism; Site/Route Analysis; Threat Assessment/Analysis; Operational Security (OPSEC); Force Protection; Counter-Criminal Operations; Narcoterrorism; and counter-espionage/tradecraft issues. http://www.cjiausa.org

    Specialties:International Counterterrorism/Global Threat Mitigation, Policing infrastructure and operational readiness/audit.

    Practictioners, Consultants, Senior Trainers. Speakers.
    PUBLISHED Op-Eds: http://www.scribd.com/jbrewer31 and http://www.mexidata.info


  • Mary - for Truth and Justice

    Some more dissing of the independence movement by the BBC.

    Scottish independence: Pension and welfare plans to be published
    Welfare and pension plans for an independent Scotland are expected to be published by the Scottish government in the next few months.

    Experts have been considering the “affordability of state pensions” in the event of a “Yes” vote in the 2014 referendum.

    Opposition parties accused the government of planning to cut pensioner payments, a claim denied by ministers.

    The plans emerged after a draft cabinet paper was leaked to the BBC.

    Earlier, it emerged that the Fiscal Commission working group had been asked to look at the issue of state pensions.


  • Kempe

    It seems to originate from a report drawn up by the SNP.


    Nationalists can’t go on forever simply dismissing bad news as “anti-Scottish propaganda”. Despite what some people would have you believe independence isn’t going to be a bed of roses. It won’t mark the end of all of Scotland’s problems but a whole set of new ones which will have to be faced sooner or later.

  • Mary - for Truth and Justice

    Operation Condor Trial Tackles Coordinated Campaign by Latin American Dictatorships to Kill Leftists

    A historic trial underway in Argentina is set to reveal new details about how Latin American countries coordinated with each other in the 1970s and ’80s to eliminate political dissidents. The campaign known as “Operation Condor” involved military dictatorships in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. They worked together to track down, kidnap and kill people they labeled as terrorists: leftist activists, labor organizers, students, priests, journalists, guerrilla fighters and their families. The campaign was launched by the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, and evidence shows the CIA and former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger were complicit from its outset. We’re joined by John Dinges, author of “The Condor Years: How Pinochet and his Allies Brought Terrorism to Three Continents.” The book brings together interviews and declassified intelligence records to reconstruct the once-secret events. [includes rush transcript]


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