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If you would like to listen to some evil Russian propaganda, here is my new interview on Sputnik News.

The BBC World Service was founded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and funded by them directly for six decades, until a cosmetic change last year. Its specific purpose is to spread British values and the British view of the world abroad. It specifically, on its dozens of different national services, gives an opportunity to dissident voices who cannot get on their mainstream media. The Americans spend hundreds of millions annually on outfits like RFE/RL to do the same. Yet when the Russians do precisely the same thing on a much smaller scale, for example by enabling you to listen to me, this is portrayed as evil propaganda.

Fortunately we have the Henry Jackson Society to defend you from it. The Henry Jackson Society, supported by Liam Fox, Jim Murphy and pretty well every other right wing enthusiast you can name, is of course a great believer in free markets. And its sense of the market has detected that its old product of a constant stream of Islamophobia is becoming dated, and currently buyers want Russophobia. Whatever your phobia, the Henry Jackson Society will have some to sell you, so here we have their new Manual of Russophobia.

Written by Dr Andrew Foxall, Director of the Henry Jackson Society’s so-called Centre for Russian Studies, has by brilliant research exposed the fact that Jeremy Corbyn, Seumas Milne, Tommy Sheridan and Colin Fox have all appeared on Russia Today television. And that a tiny group of left wingers I have never heard of once met in a pub with some Russian nationalists from the Ukraine. Funniest of all is the contention that CND is funded by the Russians.

Given that the Henry Jackson Society is, and always has been, financed by CIA money laundered through American New World Order supporting private foundations, this is rather amusing. This pathetically thin hate manual is now on the desk of every Conservative and New Labour Progress Group MP.

It is of course no coincidence that the overt security service operations operate in close co-ordination with the supposedly covert ones. The same day that the Henry Jackson Society paper was released, the head of MI5 gave an interview to the Guardian about the Russian threat. The Russians are not just coming, they are here! You can’t see them because they are inside your laptop, where the Russian government apparently want to steal all your secrets. Our security services don’t like the competition. That is their job.

Apparently the Russians are out to steal Britain’s industrial secrets, like how the Nissan Qasghqai is built or how the Chinese and French build Hinkley Point. I hope they don’t get the blueprints of the new Dyson. Andrew Parker has of course to work hard as MI5 to find a new enemy. While he has yet again repeated the ludicrous claim that there are 3,000 Islamic terrorists in the UK, he must realise people will query the low productivity of these terrorists when it comes to killing anybody.

Russophobia has of course peaked in the US with Clinton’s claims that it is Russia which is revealing her gross corruption and all her opponents are servants of Russia. She wants to face down Russia in Syria, in order to give it to the Islamic terrorists of whom Andrew Parker worries we have 3,000 in the UK. Clinton’s claims of Russian involvement in hacking her entourage are totally unfounded, hence the lack of evidence. I am however surprised there have been no serious attempts to fabricate some.

Who benefits from this ratcheting up of anti-Russian rhetoric to hotter than cold war levels? Why the armaments and security industries, of course. Expect more donations to politicians and their foundations, and more pesky corruption investigations to be dropped by prosecuting authorities.

The truth is that Russia is not our enemy. There is no chance that Russia will attack the UK or US. It has never happened and it never will. Nor is it remotely likely that Russia will attack any EU member state. The only thing that can make such a contingency even a 0.1% possibility, is the continuing gross anti-Russian rhetoric and propaganda and continued forward stationing of NATO assets. History from WWI to the Gulf shows that military build-up can in itself cause conflict.

The danger to the world is us.

New Book: Sikunder Burnes: Master of the Great Game – by Craig Murray

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236 thoughts on “Evil Russian Propaganda from the Evil Russian Invaders

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  • Loony

    Let us consider the late General France. A man who so loved Spain that he opined that he was willing to kill half of the population in order to gain control of the remaining half. Franco was an ally of Hitler and an acknowledged fascist.

    How strange then to discover that Hillary Clinton would appear to share much in common with the late General. For example she has recently referred to approximately 30% of the US population as being either stupid or irredeemable deplorables. Drilling a little deeper into this identified demographic base we find that black people who intend voting for the Republican Party are either Nazi’s (specifically analogous to Sonderkommando’s) and/or “fucked in the head”

    What I would like to know is how Vladimir Putin was able to manipulate Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party donor Benjamin Barber into saying such things. After all in this era of political correctness (or indeed in any sane era) it does not seem particularly polite to identify a group of black people and label them as Nazi’s or “fucked in the head” on the sole basis that they disagree with your opinions.

    Putin is clearly more dangerous than is often realized.

    • Anon1

      “For example she has recently referred to approximately 30% of the US population as being either stupid or irredeemable deplorables.”

      That’s how Craig referred to 55% of the Scottish population.

      • glenn_uk

        If he did, he was way too generous in his estimation of the Scottish population.

        It goes without saying, this – at the least – also applies to the populations of Wales, England and the rest of the UK. Probably even more so.

    • Habbabkuk

      “How strange then to discover that Hillary Clinton would appear to share much in common with the late General. For example she has recently referred to approximately 30% of the US population as being either stupid or irredeemable deplorables.”

      Any other examples?

  • Republicofscotland

    As for the ludicrous threat of “the Russian’s are coming” from Westminster and Washington, one can draw conclusions from their behaviour, and that of the media, including the justly maligned BBC.

    That, the constant din of Russophobia, eminating from the US/British shibboleths, of Washington and Westminster, are a clear sign that both nations are looking to update their playbooks, in a military sense.

    The virtually non-existent, Russian threat, has been and will continue to be used, to allow governments, (particularly America’s and Britain’s) to spend unpalatable amounts of tax payers monies, on weapons.

    Thus lining, their corporate sponsors, and private benefactors pockets, as they make and sell weapons to both nations, on the threat of a fairytale story that the Russian’s are banging on the doors, with their shashka’s, they’re not, and probably never will.

  • Born Optimist

    Just wondering, Craig. Is the emphasis on Russia in any way a distraction from the realignment of US fleets and other military resources to the Far East and China?
    This never seems to get much publicity though I note that John Pilger has a documentary film on ITV on the 6th December (The Coming War on China) following its cinema release a few days earlier.

  • RobG

    Craig said: “The BBC World Service was founded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and funded by them directly for six decades, until a cosmetic change last year”.

    That is essentially correct, but what’s left out is that until the recent changes, the World Service was separate from the BBC and its funding was part of the MI6 budget.

    Diplomats, ay; and with regard to Craig’s Sputnik interview, he says that “a high-level American politician called for Assange to be assassinated by a drone strike”, without saying that the politician was Hillary Clinton.

    Just nitpicking, Craig.

    It’s a sad indictment of modern society that your excellent interview will be heard by only a small number of people.

    • Shatnersrug

      Rob – Hillary is no fave of mine, but “can’t we just drone the guy?” Is clearly supposed to be a witty(unwitty) aside. I really cringe when people on the left hold that up as some kind of example of just how bad she is, it makes us look like a bunch of humourless pricks and detracts from the very real fact that she and her husband are wanton and bald faced crooks.

      • RobG

        Shatnersrug, I understand where you’re coming from, but perhaps it does have to be taken in the context of her remarks about the death of Gaddafi, and her remarks about war with Iran and Russia, etc.

        She’s either witty or a complete psychopath.

        I’m afraid that I go with the latter.

        • Shatnersrug

          I personally think she has a very poor grip on reality, I also think she’s probably past it and presented as a front person for a lot of behind the scenes sculldugery – I accept that she used to be sharp and cunning but I do wonder if she has early stages of dementia. She behaves like someone who is on a lot of medication.

  • Sharp Ears

    Your book was referred to in the interview Craig.

    Are you appearing at the Edinburgh International Book Festival?

    Archer was just on Sky News. I see that he is at the Festival on the 9th November.

    Not as cocky or complacent as he used to be. He complained about the Sky News description of refugees being called ‘asylum seekers’ and the camp being called the ‘Calais Jungle’. He said that they were human beings who had no home and did not know where they were being taken and that we should imagine ourselves in the same situation.

        • Anon1

          A big, fat zero.

          You expect the taxpayer to foot the bill for every economic migrant on earth who wants to come here for free benefits, free healthcare and free housing.

          You leave it to others to pick up the bill for your virtue signalling.

          • Alastair Northedge

            Oh what a lovely logic. Let’s refuse refugees from a conflict we admittedly played a large part in creating, just because they might be more than 18. Syrians are easy to distinguish from Afghans, or from Eritreans. Any British official who is unable to make that simple distinction should be sacked.

          • Habbabkuk

            It is certainly true that it is easy to support causes which, if realised, have negative effects on others but not on yourself.

            Incidentally, does anyone know how many workers from the other EU countries have come to (1) England and Wales and (2) Scotland?

          • Paul Barbara

            @ Anon1 November 2, 2016 at 19:16
            We happily pick up the bill for all the bombs and missiles that ruin their countries and kill hundreds of thousands or millions of their countrymen.

  • Silvio

    Why do US voting machines count votes as fractions? In no elections are voters asked to divide up their votes such that they might, for example, give a half vote to candidate A, a quarter vote to candidate B and another quarter vote to candidate C. So why do the computerised voting machines need to count votes as fractions instead of whole numbers? When the official reports are produced summarizing the candidates and the number of votes cast for each candidate, the report shows only whole numbers for the votes cast for each candidate even though there is a way to print off the same report showing the totals actually include a hidden decimal point with two digits following, eg. Candidate X got 54,965.43 votes and Candidate Y got 94,357.72 votes.

    Bev Harris of the organization blackboxvoting.org has a video explaining how and why it is done this way.
    See Real Voting System Rigged For Election Theft – Bev Harris

    A real-time demo of the most devastating election theft mechanism yet found, with context and explanation. Demonstration uses a real voting system and real vote databases and takes place in seconds across multiple jurisdictions. Over 5000 subcontractors and middlemen have the access to perform this for any or all clients. It can give contract signing authority to whoever the user chooses. All political power can be converted to the hands of a few anonymous subcontractors. It’s a product. It’s scalable. It learns its environment and can adjust to any political environment, any demographic. It runs silently, invisibly, and can produce plausible results that really pass for the real thing.

    Embedded video at link: http://www.activistpost.com/2016/11/see-real-voting-system-rigged-election-theft-bev-harris.html

  • Anon1

    “We’re gonna drain the swamp.

    That’s right.

    WE are GOING to DRAIN the Swamp.

    The Swamp’s gonna be drained.

    Yes. We’re gonna drain the swamp.



    Great stuff from the Donald. This is the kind of rhetoric the Americans understand.

    • Republicofscotland

      We’ll tell foreign doctor’s, that they’re not needed, and that they must go home. We’ll tell British companie’s they must catalogue foreign workers. We won’t guarantee EU citizens, can work and live in Britain.

      This the rhetoric, the Tories, and the Brexiteers understand.

      I realky don’t know whose the most vile, Trump, or the Tories.

      It’s not great stuff.

      • Loony

        Some might say that rampaging around the world with freshly printed money in order to lure foreign Doctors away from serving their local communities so that they bring their skills to the UK is pretty vile.

        There are 65 million people in the UK – that is a base large enough to identify and train all the Doctors needed. But oh no it is much cheaper to effectively steal foreign Doctors.

        The most amazing thing is that anyone who points out this theft of human resources is somehow branded racist or xenophobic. Those who pervert the language in order to justify their theft from the poor are beyond comprehension.

        • Sharp Ears

          Many doctors and other health professionals are leaving the country or changing careers because the NHS is currently being dismantled around the staff and patients.

          • Loony

            Maybe that is true – but the fact is that the UK has effectively dismantled the health service of multiple third world countries through stealing their Doctors.

            The British have stolen these Doctors because they have convinced themselves that they deserve medical treatment and that it the responsibility of the third world to pay for their self conferred entitlement. Naturally they are too lazy to pay for and train their own Doctors. They justify the fact that they are bone idle by claiming that their very idleness somehow may them pure and non racist.

          • glenn_uk

            Don’t forget nurses. Seems half the female population of the Philippines work in the NHS.

          • Alcyone

            There are at least 3 fresh English Roses at my GP’s surgery, doctors.

            And one day this Brazilian Beauty, intern, wanted to examine my eyes at my amazingly beautiful, and classy (!) eye doc’s clinic. Poor girl, she was so lost.

            I love women who don’t know they are beautiful. Lady doctors are something of a turn-on, especially if they stil have a love-bite on their neck, the morning after.

          • Sharp Ears

            @20.20pm Stay out of it and stick to supporting your best mate. We know who that is.
            Also, we have had sufficient Dylan lyrics.

            Advise asking yourselves why Philippino nurses come to work here. One I know is supporting a family of five in her homeland as many others do also. The poverty in this former US colony is abject.

            The president, Duterte, now wants to kick US out. The US were planning to create five new bases.


          • Laguerre

            re Loony

            “Naturally they are too lazy to pay for and train their own Doctors.”

            British medical schools are full, aren’t they? (except for one which went to UCAS this year). It’s rather a question of British doctors not getting a reasonable deal. When the NHS pays so much into PPI deals, it’s not surprising that there’s not much left for the doctors.

            That said, I’ve long felt that the French system of reimbursement is better than the rather Stalinien system of the NHS. It’s good to be able to choose the doctor you want, even if it means paying more, but of course it ends with the poor being unable to find a doctor who will work at reimbursement level.

          • glenn_uk

            It’s pretty obvious _why_ Philippino nurses come to the UK – question is, are we morally deficient in recruiting them and bringing them over in such large numbers – even as bursaries are eliminated and tuition fees added for British trainee nurses?

            It’s not up to us to correct the deficiencies of the US foreign policies which have impoverished their country, but it is down to us that their scant medical resources are being depleted like this. I doubt if we only take the least capable and worst qualified medical staff.

            Btw – you said “stay out of it” to somebody (who’s name you couldn’t even mention for some reason) at 20:20. Nobody posted at 20:20. To whom did you refer?

          • Loony

            Obviously a lot of foreign medical staff in the UK come from poor countries. That is because it is both easier and cheaper to steal from the poor.

            The thing about stealing from the poor is that it guarantees that their poverty will increase.

            The UK appears to be a fully delusional society. Those on the “right” want to drop humanitarian high explosive ordinance on the poor and those on the “left” want to steal the human capital that exists in poor countries. Just two sides of the same coin – attack the poor and then devise some kind of moral framework to justify your rapacious behavior.

            The UK does not train sufficient Doctors because it is cheaper to import foreign Doctors. Existing Doctors get a reasonable deal – but that deal is under attack and being eroded. It is likely that a lot of native Doctors will emigrate – but that is considered a good thing as it allows them to be replaced with yet more Doctors from the 3rd world who will work for lower wages. They will be happy that their conditions have improved because the RAF/USAF have not yet got around to bombing British hospitals,

          • kief

            Yes sharp eyes/sharp ears.

            I also note the continued presence of the inspirational post which is, apparently collusion with a biased pov.

          • Sharp Ears

            The NHS documentary is now live and ready to watch!

            The NHS is under threat. Squeezed budgets mean services across the country – like GP surgeries and maternity wards – are closing down. [1] We know the story. But what’s often missing are the voices and experiences of people like us – of patients.

            This powerful short documentary was made thanks to funding from over 10,000 concerned people. It tells the story of three people’s experience of an NHS starved of cash and neglected by politicians. [2] It’s a reality that many of us are aware of, but that politicians like Jeremy Hunt don’t want people to see.

            So, together, we need to get this documentary in front of as many people as possible. If everyone receiving this email shares it with just two others, the video could be seen by over a million people by the end of today. Getting everyone you know to watch this documentary won’t save the NHS on its own – but it will get us a step closer. Everyone that watches it is another person seeing the human impact of the NHS funding crisis. That means one more concerned voter, one more supporter of the campaign, one more piece of pressure on politicians to give the NHS the funding it needs.

            Will you watch and share the documentary?

            Our NHS:Hanging on a thread.

            38 Degrees team.

            [1] Across England secret plans are being drawn up for new changes to the NHS, including A&E closures, changes to maternity care, and cuts to hospital beds. For more info on the plans, and news articles about just how serious the NHS funding crisis is, see:
            At the Conservative Party Conference, Jeremy Hunt laid out his vision for the future of the NHS, but didn’t once mention the plans for local cuts. This article by an anonymous NHS whistleblower says that NHS workers have been “barred from explaining our plans to the public”.
            The Guardian: NHS plans could bring benefits but we’re barred from telling the public: http://www.theguardian.com/healthcare-network/views-from-the-nhs-frontline/2016/aug/26/nhs-plans-bring-benefits-barred-telling-public-sustainability-transformation-plans
            [2] The documentary is set in Durham – a part of North East England that’s already been dramatically affected by cuts to the public health budget. The film follows Bahadur, who’s lived in Durham since 1971. He reveals what the NHS funding crisis has meant for the patients at the heart of the health service. It meets other patients in Durham who tell their moving stories about what a cash-strapped NHS has meant for them.

          • glenn_uk

            S.E. : “There was a post at 20.20 from a frequent poster. It has been deleted.

            Fair enough, thought you might have been having a go at me (for posting at 20:24). Didn’t know who this “friend” of mine was supposed to be.

  • J. R. Tomlin

    As an American, I can say that Mr. Murray is one of the few Scots (Brits) I’ve run into who really understands exactly how deeply corrupt US politics are.

  • Habbabkuk

    “It is unusual for you to make silly arguments. But this one is very silly, for reasons so obvious that I won’t insult us by rehearsing them:
    “If Russia is allowed to forward base its weapons, eg on the borders of Ukraine, and now the Baltics, then I think NATO has every right to forward base its weapons in any NATO country. Fair’s fair…””

    We have not yet heard what those “obvious reasons” why the argument is silly actually are.

    Could the writer take a few minutes to enlighten us?

    • Habbabkuk

      I for one am happy to declare that I should in no way feel insulted if the writer would rehearse those “obvious reasons”.

    • Alcyone

      Habby, one thing I’d like to explore is the ‘content’ of NATO.

      How much of Nato is actually the USA? Finance-wise, soldiers/personnel, management of bases, etc the usual metrics. Plus how much of NATO is physically in Europe and how much of that US content is actually in Europe and how many thousands of miles away?

      Then let’s step back and look at the chessboard after doing the same examination for Russia and her allies.


    • RobG

      Yup, we all need another world war, don’t we,

      *We have not yet heard what those “obvious reasons” why the argument is silly actually are.

      Could the writer take a few minutes to enlighten us?*

      I’m sure Habba & Co will be first to be on the front line…

  • Alcyone

    Julius and Ethel
    Bob Dylan

    “Now that they are gone, you know, the truth it can be told;
    They were sacrificial lambs in the market place sold —
    Julius and Ethel, Julius and Ethel.
    Now that they are gone, you know, the truth it can come out;
    They were never proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt —
    Julius and Ethel, Julius and Ethel.

    The people said they were guilty at the time;
    Some even said there hadn’t a-been any crime —
    Julius and Ethel, Julius and Ethel.

    People look upon this couple with contempt and doubt,
    But they loved each other right up to the time they checked out —
    Julius and Ethel, Julius and Ethel.

    Eisenhower was president, Senator Joe was king;
    Long as you didn’t say nothing you could say anything —
    Julius and Ethel, Julius and Ethel.

    Now some they blamed the system, some they blamed the man;
    Now that it is over, no one knows how it began —
    Julius and Ethel, Julius and Ethel.

    Every kingdom got to fall, even the Third Reich;
    Man can do what he pleases but not for as long as he like —
    Julius and Ethel, Julius and Ethel.

    Well, they say they gave the secrets of the atom bomb away;
    Like no one else could think of it, it wouldn’t be here today —
    Julius and Ethel, Julius and Ethel.

    Someone says the fifties was the age of great romance;
    I say that’s just a lie, it was when fear had you in a trance —
    Julius and Ethel, Julius and Ethel.”
    Love the last verse!

    Bless them….

    Find it …as they used to say in the old days, please find enclosed 🙂 embedded in this article, and thank the author too:

    But, listen to this rare gem, with Bette midler…for the connoisseurs only:

  • bevin

    This evil propaganda attempts, by employing statistics, to prove that the US bombing of Mosul is more dangerous to civilians than the Russian/Syrian failure to bomb Aleppo for the past fourteen days.
    It is this sort of stuff using old fashioned facts and pre-post-modern reasoning that is so dangerous given the prevalence, among our uneducated masses, of common sense and rationalism.
    What people need to understand is that the Empire-which is watching everyone of your key strokes and monitoring every word you say on the phone- will define reality, does define reality, which is communicated to us through the approved “free” media. Those listening to RT or Sputnik do so without authorisation, currently your leaders are inclined merely to laugh at your unworldliness and lack of ambition, but the time might come when it will be necessary to round up and re-educate those individuals within the population defying reality. Thus not only protecting society from the confusion they cause butt saving them from slipping even deeper into the abyss of anti-social attitudes.

      • bevin

        I have no idea what you mean. You appear to be a self activated troll unable to bear the existence of a discussion in which you have nothing to say, because you find thinking painful and, for most purposes, unnecessary.

        • kief

          Just asking for a clear explanation for your ‘thought’.

          Do you have a salient point to make to the multitude?

          Of course, if you have none…no need to reply/

        • giyane

          Ah, there’s the skill, making you think that a troll is ” self-activating “.

          Surely the recent challenge to Corbyn by Owen Smith demonstrated clearly that the more educated you are in the UK, the more you are dumbed-down. The crème of the crème of our top universities are hand-picked by MI5/6 to dumb us down, if we stick our reality hats up above the safety of the trenches. Mrs May’s job, Clinton and Trump’s jobs even, as members of the officer class is to lead by example and show us plebs that it’s safe to go ‘over the top’ and be racist and blame others for our own country’s woes.

          That doesn’t mean that we are stupid enough to follow.

  • John Goss

    Breaking. FBI in conjunction with Wikileaks about to demolish the Clinton campaign due to corruption. Doctor Steve Pieczenik was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker.


    In full agreement with Ba’al over the above that some (a few) members of the secret services are honest people with a conscience. Clinton’s days are numbered. Obama’s too.

    • kief

      Obama’s days are numbered….January 20 is about 70 days away. The entire West will feel the love.

    • giyane

      No. No. No.
      John, the security services are by definition never honest people with a conscience. The momentum of opinion in a US election cannot be stopped or diverted in such a short time. They want the US people to vote for a candidate whom they know is a civil-criminal war-criminal psychopathic vampire so that they have nobody but themselves to blame when she uses the Presidency to continue to be so.

      Listen to the honky-tonk piano in the background and you will realise you are inside an epic American movie, your emotions being manipulated every frame of the film. Hollywood bull.

      • John Goss

        Yes, Giyane, I noticed that. Nevertheless Julian Assange, or I should say Wikileaks, promised to release information this month which would make Hillary Clinton unelectable. I do hope so. Trump really bothers me. It is not clear who is pulling his strings. But nothing in the world could be worse than another Clinton. Except perhaps another Bush.

    • Old Mark

      Excellent link Loony, as was the link (from another commenter ?) earlier yesterday deconstructing a piss poor specimen of Russophobia from Tom Friedman

      Some commenters (‘Martinned’ & Kempe at the forefront) have gone down the ‘Putin is a homicidal ex KGB man who must be stopped from becoming the New Hitler’ route, and have used the findings of the Litvinenko enquiry as ammunition. However the reports’ author himself (who has precisely zero scientific expertise), although he is certain Lugovoi & Kovtun (and NOT Scaramella) administered the Polonium, admits that they had no motive for doing so, and simply surmises, in the absence of any other actual evidence, that Lugovoi was acting under FSB orders, and that Kovtun was quite possibly his unwitting assistant.


      Those who comprised the membership of the Litvinenko enquiry included 2 former lawyers who served on the London 7/7 inquiry (O’Connor & Wicksteed) and 2 proud veterans of the Hutton enquiry (Smith & Hughes).


      I think it can be safely assumed that these lawyers & civil servants were far less likely to rock any establishment boats, unlike, say, the St Pancras coroner, under whose auspices the case would have fallen had an inquest been allowed to proceed after Mrs Litvinenko petitioned for one-


  • kief

    It’s amazing how superior culture spawns comments from the masses that shrink the soul down to an offensive gruel of distaste and discord.

    Americans can’t do any worse.

  • Laguerre

    The question for us non-Americans is who is more likely to take us to war. Putin? He’s more interested in defending his territory, if you pass by the NATO propaganda. Trump, he’s a blow-hard. His mouth is bigger than his brain. If he gets into power, he’ll face a lot of difficulties with the NeoCons, and the result will be nothing, nothing done. Clinton, if she wins big, will go to war. However if she only scrapes in, as seems at the moment, she may not have the mandate for a war policy.

    • Loony

      I have been thinking about the best result to minimize the risk of war.

      My current concern is that the corruption surrounding Clinton will not go away anytime soon. If she is elected President then she is likely to face impeachment pretty much contemporaneously with her inauguration. This may mean that she can’t actually do anything as she will be fully occupied with lawyers and reputation management. Alternatively she may seek to deflect attention from her own historic crimes by moving at a fast pace to start a war.

      I still think Trump is the best option for those seeking to avoid war.

      • giyane


        “I still think Trump is the best option for those seeking to avoid war.”

        David Cameron, William Hague, Gordon Brown, Blair, Hoon, all got dumped when they had bloodied their hands up to their eyeballs in Muslim blood. Clinton has been Lady Macbeth 100 times over.
        She has to go and a fresh ghoul be brought into the story. Don’t worry I won’t hold you to your stupid remark in a few weeks time when the US gets Trump, its equivalent of plus cha change plus ch’est la meme fucking chose, Mrs May.

  • lwtc247

    ‘The BBC World Service was founded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and funded by them directly for six decades, until a cosmetic change last year. Its specific purpose is to spread British values and the British view of the world abroad’. – I love you Craig, I really do, but you sometimes confuse me. Your purpose too was to “spread British values and the British view of the world abroad” and indeed you were one of the larger cogs in that. Even to this day, you still speak warmly (in general) about it and some of the “wonderful” people inside of it – with speckles of criticism of a few within it, making the bad element of it seem like an aberration instead of it’s actual purpose. In someways you seem like St Paul on the road to Damascus yet keenly clutching a return ticket.

    • giyane

      One of Craig’s endearing qualities is that he values truthful remarks about himself. His truth-seeking encompasses those who hold a mirror up to him. That’s the purpose of the discussion, to eliminate the whitewash over the medieval wall painting. History, even personal history, helps us to define who we are today.

    • craig Post author

      I think it only puzzles you because you have a false binary view that people are either good people or bad people.

    • George

      “In someways you seem like St Paul on the road to Damascus yet keenly clutching a return ticket.”

      The BBC is an evangelist movement?

  • RobG

    Trump’s speech in Florida today…


    Apart from not speaking about real issues (which none of these American politicians do), Trump refers to the latest FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton, and barely mentions the far more substantial Wikileaks stuff that is coming out (not least the latest).

    If Trump was a real politician running a real campaign, he would milk the Wikileaks stuff for everything it’s worth.

    But he doesn’t, because he’s a stooge.

    I don’t think there will be another US presidential election after this one. They can’t be bothered anymore to put on the pretense and will go into full police state mode, which has now all been written into law by people who are total traitors.

    “But the twerrorists are coming to get us!”

    “But the evil Putin and Russia are going to invade us!”

    How fecking stupid are you people..?

  • Karl Kolchack

    RT, Al Jazeera, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, BBC, the NYT, etc, etc, etc–they all promote somebody’s agenda, and in the case of those that have been around for decades, always have. The difference is these days they are much more open about it than they used to be.

  • Wormwood999

    I can see why some countries ban the media…. it will cause the wars more than anything else…

  • fwl

    CM on Zerohedge yesterday, who also ran Why US Presidential Election Has Entire World Confused last night. Admittedly ZH is the pro-Russian voice of the imminent Western apocalypse, but the post is worth reading. As I have posted before Trump has one thing going for him, namely his experience of fronting insolvency. He is also the perfect patsy for an economic crisis and default.

  • Sharp Ears

    RT is repeating John Pilger’s interview with Julian Assange on Saturday 5th November

    Assange: WikiLeaks did not receive Clinton emails from Russian govt (EXCLUSIVE)
    3 Nov, 2016
    In an exclusive interview with John Pilger to be broadcast by RT on Saturday, whistleblower Julian Assange categorically denied that the troves of US Democratic Party and Clinton work and staff emails released this year have come from the Russian government.


  • Phil Ex Frog

    “Given that the Henry Jackson Society is, and always has been, financed by CIA money laundered through American New World Order supporting private foundations”

    What is this based on?

    You have repeatedly claimed this. I don’t particularly disbelieve it but, having looked, I do wonder what you base your certainty on.

    • Sharp Ears

      Wade through this report on the HJS wherein you will find some answers.

      July 2015

      Today we publish our latest report: The Henry Jackson Society and the degeneration of British neoconservatism: liberal interventionism, Islamophobia and the ‘war on terror’.

      This in-depth study examines the history, activities and politics of the Henry Jackson Society, a leading exponent of neoconservatism in the UK that is grounded in a transatlantic tradition deeply influenced by Islamophobia and an open embrace of the ‘War on Terror’.

      Written by by Tom Griffin, Hilary Aked, David Miller and Sarah Musarek, the report was jointly launched with the Cordoba Foundation as part of the ‘International Conference on Understanding Conflict’ at the University of Bath on 11 June 2015.


      • Phil the ex-frog

        Sharp Ears

        Thanks I hadn’t seen that report. I have only yet skimmed and searched (for example “CIA” only appears twice). so I stand to be corrected, but it seems to say nothing that backs up the certainty and extent of Craig’s claim. Certainly a previous Spinwatch paper I read about HJS, whilst discussing links to the CIA, did not go anywhere near as far.

        Don’t get me wrong. I would be not at all surprised to see the claim backed up. Last time Craig made it I spent a bit of time looking. I couldn’t find it.

        There are a 1000 other actors funding propaganda as part of a business plan. To focus on one because it is so funded by the CIA seems, dare I suggest, to miss the point enough to require backing up.

      • Phil the ex-frog

        There is nothing unique about the HJS. They are just an ugly manifestation that reformists point to as a bad apple that proves war and oppression are born from rogue elements rather then the systematic pursuit of profit.

  • Sharp Ears

    Craig has written about Baroness Scotland several times.

    One article – http://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2010/05/it_is_baroness/
    reported that her housekeeper had been jailed as an illegal immigrant. Craig thought the wrong person had been jailed.

    Google her name in the search box on here for other pieces. She was Brown’s Attorney General and previously held junior positions in Blair’s government. Blair gave her her peerage.

    She is now Secretary General of the Commonwealth secretariat.

    I read this article this morning when out. She has been spending lavishly on her ‘grace and favour mansion’ and the funds are depleted. What a woman!

    Cash crisis for the Commonwealth: Baroness Scotland forced to beg members for money because of the organisation’s ‘dire’ financial state
    Emergency Commonwealth meeting was due to discuss ‘dire’ finances
    It was cancelled only after Baroness Scotland lobbied members to pay up
    Concerns about the state of the organisation’s finances are longstanding

    • glenn_uk

      They were “sub-Saharan” from a report I heard earlier. That means half of Africa appears to be on their way, simply because Europe offers a better life than the hell-holes from which they originate.

      What do you think we should do about it – let them in, which will encourage more? Send over transport ships to save them the perilous voyage, which will provoke an exodus from Africa on a biblical scale? Of course we’re to blame for Libya and getting this mess started in the first place, but what should we do now?

      • michael norton

        First we were told that we had to help the Syrian children, then they added Iraqui children, then Afghanistani children, all fleeing wars.
        Europe does not want all these people, they should shoot their boats out of the water, what the fuck is the Royal Navy for?

        • bevin

          The RN serves the same purpose as the Portuguese fleet once did: it is to assist the US navy.
          As to the refugees think of them as chickens coming home to roost.

      • Old Mark


        I can’t see the Italians continuing to provide a free taxi service in seaborne vaporetti for the immigrants leaving the Libyan shore in their thousands when, on arrival, if their stories are challenged, they go to credulous NGOs who then recycle fake atrocity porn such as this-


        Perhaps the Italian Navy should drop off those it has so beneficiently rescued in Tunisia or Algeria instead? It would be interesting to see how Amnesty would deal with similar reports originating there, and try to ‘apply pressure’ on the relevant governments in Tunis & Algiers.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ glenn_uk November 3, 2016 at 17:47
        ‘…simply because Europe offers a better life than the hell-holes from which they originate…..’

        And why do you think made their countries hell-holes?
        Was it perhaps Western predatory theft of their natural resources (including ppeople, who ‘we’ took as slaves, which built Britain’s capital resources up so we could indulge in even more rapacious ‘adventures’) and destruction of their way of life, giving them ‘The Bible’ and raping, pillaging, and murdering at will, and leaving with their resources?
        But, of course, it was all for a good cause: ‘we’ were ‘civilising’ the natives.

        • Loony

          The countries to which you refer are hell holes for a variety of reasons – some of those reasons are a consequence of western policy, some are a consequence of their own inability or unwillingness to develop functioning societies for themselves.

          There are few natural resources for anyone to steal in places like Rwanda – yet they still managed to genocide themselves. There are a lot of natural resources in Equatorial Guinea yet I am unaware that anyone other than an Equatorial Guinean elite has stolen their natural resources.

          Who could defend slavery – but was it so much worse than the fate that befell English peasants who were herded into the newly industrialized cities of olde England where they were worked to death and left at the mercy of cholera, typhoid, diphtheria and polio. What of those that survived? Why the whine of the machine gun that cut them down in their hundreds of thousands in the Great War/

          And what of their descendants who are left to rot in the vast housing projects that litter the post industrial wastelands. Who will speak for these people? No-one, for as Orwell observed the metropolitan socialists hate the rich but despise the poor – nothing has changed.

          More poor people must be imported to rot alongside the indigenous poor – because after all that way lies virtue. What can be done for the dispossessed billions? Nothing because there are too many of them and too few resources left to support them. But hey who needs logic or reason when we have full spectrum delusion to console ourselves with.

          The media lie and dissemble at every opportunity. In the UK at least they could be swept away in short order. All it needs is for people to either dispose of their TV’s or refuse to pay their license fee. It does not need everyone, it is only necessary to destroy the marginal income basis of the BBC and it will be gone. No-one does this, because despite
          protestations people actually demand that the BBC continue to lie to them, so that the BBC can reinforce the lies people tell themselves. The truth is so sickening that it cannot be tolerated and mythical histories must be created of past crimes committed by people that are not us. Everyone wants to be a victim and no-one wants to recognize that the past cannot be changed but the present could be changed in an instant,

          It is crucially important that the people feel that they have no power and that no-one is personally responsible for anything. This could all be swept away at any moment – and that is the truth that people fear the most. For to recognize that truth would require action and sacrifice – but hey not my action, not my sacrifice. Don’t you know I own a house in a good location and that it is increasing in price at a rapid rate,and that I have a right to enjoy the fruits of those price increases.

  • kashmiri

    Disagree, for the first time disagree fully. Russia is not a threat to the British land. But countries are no longer limited to land which they occupy. Britain’s power comes through an intricate network of connections, interest groups, intelligence, soft power, technological advantages. No, it is not about the ashtray design in Nissan Qashqai. But a possibility, say, to cut Britain off the global internet at whim would be a tempting one for any unfriendly security apparatus. Or a possibiliy to blackmail British energy companies who compete with Russian state-run companies in many countries across the globe. See, Craig, considering land, state, money and politics as separate realms is incorrect: they are tightly intertwined. So tightly that countries can be made fail without firing a single shot.

    Your argument that “UK is safe because Russia will not invade its land” is surprisingly shallow, then. Sorry.

    UK and Russia have competing interests in the world. You need to acknowledge it.

    • michael norton

      Do we think that another United kingdom General Election is now on the cards after the court case today throwing BREXIT into doubt?
      I bet J.C. is bricking it and those clowns in the SNP

      • fwl

        General Election next year if parliament prevents PM May from serving A50 notice, but first Supreme Court. Wouldn’t it be funny if Supreme Court found a point of law to be decided by the ECJ ( that would regalvanise UKIP).

    • Squonk

      “But a possibility, say, to cut Britain off the global internet at whim”

      The Russians can not only do that but you think it possible they will? Any supporting evidence?

    • bevin

      The UK doesn’t have or avow any interests other than that of assisting the US in the pursuit of its interests-which certainly do conflict with those of Russia.
      Were the UK to set out to develop a foreign policy it would become clear that its interests are very much closer to Russia’s and China’s than the US.
      After all, Russia favours a multi-polar world in which, by definition, the UK could pursue its own interests, whereas the US seeks unipolarity, hegemony the first condition of which is that no other nations’ interests matter.
      You need to acknowledge that the UK does what Washington tells it to do or what it anticipates would please the US government, whereas Russia does not.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ kashmiri November 3, 2016 at 18:26
      And you need to acknowledge just what parties are pushing for global hegemony, and it ain’t Russia.

  • mike

    What does Russia think of the US elections?

    The BBC told us last night on the 6pm news – but it didn’t actually talk to any Russians. Maybe they were all down in their bomb shelters and the Beeb couldn’t find any.

    Remember – Aleppo bad, Mosul good. Don’t forget that now.

  • glenn_uk

    “Loony” chastised H. Clinton thus:

    …she has recently referred to approximately 30% of the US population as being either stupid or irredeemable deplorables.

    Is there anyone here, from Northern America or elsewhere, who could possibly disagree with such a statement, other than to say it is a grossly generous underestimation?

    • michael norton

      I heard that ghastly Nick Clegg on Radio 4

      he really, really, really is going to do his best to trash the freedom referendom and make us stay in the hated E.U.
      He should be locked up in the tower of London.
      He and his party are traitors to democracy.

    • Loony

      Now, now Glen – why not quote the whole thing, you know the part that compares black people who disagree with her to Sonderkommando’s and the part that describes those same black people as “fucked in the head”

      In these politically correct times are you seriously suggesting that this is something no-one could possibly disagree with

      • glenn_uk

        You’re all concerned about political correctness? Ah hah. That must be why you’re such a fan of Trump – that paragon of virtue, famed for his respect of women and minorities.

        • Loony

          You have made a false deduction. The question is simple: Do you think that it is reasonable to describe any black person that disagrees with your opinion as being “fucked in the head”?

          If you do consider this to be reasonable then for what reason do you consider it inappropriate or unreasonable to describe any non black person who disagrees with you in similar terms?

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